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  1. Looking forward to following your build.I have 2 of the original issue. I opened one and the other still sealed. Plan on buying at least one of the new ones.
  2. Nice work. Are those kit exhaust pipes?
  3. I have ordered from Chris at least a dozen times. Great guy to deal with, good prices. If you're looking for something he doesn't carry, he'll find it for you. Shipping to Fla. usually 3-4 days. But twice I've have had issues with USPS, one time my order took 3 1/2 weeks. Just recently the USPS took 5 weeks to deliver my package, it got lost between Indiana and Memphis for 4 weeks. Had a tracking # but my local PO said they didn't know where it was. Efficiency at its best.🙄
  4. Nice save. Thats my Holy Grail kit, if I can ever find one without having to mortgage my house. Lol. My first car was a 71 Impala.
  5. Thanks for the link Hector. I have found most of those pictures, but that link has better interior shots. I'm going to attempt the roll & tuck interior with some half round styrene. Always loved the 58 Impala, my dad had one when I was a kid. Baby blue with the 348.
  6. Thanks, Steve. I've bought a bunch of stuff from Norm in the past. Quality parts for sure. Didn't think to look at my last catalog. I not only ordered those but another $40 worth of stuff also. Once you start looking through his list, you cant help it. Also getting an updated catalog.
  7. Trying to replicate the American Graffiti 58 Impala. I would like to do the tuck and roll interior. Any tips on an easy way to do this? Using individual half round styrene is way to tedious, trying to find something in styrene sheet that would be close in appearance. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I would too. I love that show, he's got a bunch of very talented craftsmen. I'm amazed at the metal work and attention to detail.
  9. Thanks Brian. His stuff looks good. I'll give him a try.
  10. Nice looking tail lights. Do you have them in stock or are they made to order? I notice in your avatar you're in Germany. How long would it be to get them?
  11. I'm trying to replicate the 58 Impala from American Gaffiti. I need 6-59 Caddy taillights. Anyone out there know of a source for either 3D printed or resin? Thanks.
  12. Nice build. Love 58 Impalas. My dad had a baby blue 58 w/348 like this one.
  13. Looking forward to seeing the finished build. On a different note, I was stationed just up the road from Permasens at Zweibrucken AB from 76-78. Loved Germany, was stationed there twice.
  14. Nice Job. Very clean build.
  15. Replaced my 2012 Accord SE with a 2021 Accord Touring 2.0. Love driving it, very quick for a 4 cyl turbo sedan.
  16. F1 is getting ridiculous with all the winglets. I like Indycars better. They use a spec chassis which uses more driver control and skill.
  17. Model Motorcars. They have a large selection of small hardware.
  18. Nice job, I have currently started the 47 Coupe. I have a question, did you paint the body and firewall all separately or after you glued them together?
  19. Like what you're doing with this kit. Do you think those leaf springs would work on the Revell LWB? Where did you get them from and how much were they?
  20. I thought about trying that, I also thought about trying the same thing with Revells 63 Snap kit.
  21. Nice job. I have built that kit, its very crude by todays standards. I wish someone like Revell would come out with a new tool with better and more detail.
  22. Nice kit, but WOW thats a lot of separate body panels. Thats going to be some serious painting.
  23. Wow, unbelievable detailing skills. Nice work. Question, where do you get your nickel sheet from?
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