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  1. Overlook Raceway Park

    I'm not eating in the basement, yet. Actually, my slot track is the most finished part of our basement. The rest of it is probably not fit to eat in. Not enough spare time to work on the track and keep the slot cars running, let alone clean up the rest of the basement.
  2. Here are some photos from yesterday at the 17th annual car show in Neffsville, PA (c;lick on the link for more pics): https://photos.app.goo.gl/wi7g261z2X9GWPRz7
  3. I was a spectator at the Super September Showdown in Boyertown, PA last Sunday, Sept 9. Lots of great models on display and even a few that have been featured in model car magazines. Here's a few photos and a link to my Google Photos folder that includes many more photos. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMtwGVgINI80CBQy9_C49tHxoq10JxK_mMX14jDSAtry8WQb_Tgid1jJCr4OpQcPw?key=SFhLZHBpZXRXanpVajJSdlNuUWdhWGxWQy0xYVRn
  4. Overlook Raceway Park

    Thanks for the comments. Shoopdog, it is 1/32 scale.
  5. Thanks for your comments. If you are interested, I just posted some photos of my slot car race track, here's a link: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/135658-overlook-raceway-park/
  6. I just posted some photos of my slot car race track, here's a link: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/135658-overlook-raceway-park/
  7. Overlook Raceway Park

    Here are some photos of my model car racing set up in my basement. It's 4.5 ft wide and 16.5 ft long, each lane is 62 ft long. The track is a mix of plastic Scalextric Classic and more modern Scalextric Sport, all analog. It has been under development for over 3 years and I'll probably be doing upgrades and improvements for several more years. To me, construction and adding scenery is just as fun as building and racing the cars.
  8. BC native, now living in Pennsylvania, still a Canadian citizen .
  9. I bought a cheap ($5) 1/32 VW bus toy and converted it into a broadcast van for my slot race course. I took the toy apart and then added bits and pieces of plastic, wire, odds and ends from the inside of an old laptop and stereo receiver and ended up with this van. The satellite dish is a clear plastic suction cup painted flat white. The interior control center is cobbled together from more odds and ends from all over my basement. The broadcast van is now in place next to the TV tower behind the hairpin curve at Overlook Raceway Park, my basement slot car track.
  10. Phirewriter, High octane and Gramps46, thanks for the comments and questions. I found the truck at a tourist place in Lancaster County, PA, I'm sure you can also find it online if you search for inexpensive 1/32 scale die-cast. I will try to post some photos of my track in the slot car section in the next few days. I did already post about my F150 Racing Truck a few months ago. Here's a link: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/121280-f-150-race-truck/
  11. I needed a race safety truck for my slot car racetrack so I found a cheap ($5) 1/32 scale die-cast 1950's Ford pickup and converted it into a race-ready safety truck. It's just a static model, I did not convert it into an actual slot truck. The Safety Truck adds just a little bit realism on my slot car track. The safety workers are from a Marx toy set that were called NASA workers. I will restyle them to look like race track safety personnel. The jack and part of the fire extinguisher are from an old Scalextric pit box set. The light bar is from a rally slot car. The broom is cobbled together from bits of wood and a slice of foam sheet. The gas can is a rectangular piece from an electrical board with some wire insulation for the filler neck. The hose in the truck bed is some insulated wire with a scrounged metal fitting on the end that I thought looked like a hose end. Balsa wood push bars were added to the front and rear bumpers. The race flags are made from bits of stiff wire with shiny paper flags in red, green, yellow, black and white. The truck is getting pretty full of safety gear. Our safety truck is now nearing completion. Now we need to hire some workers to operate the truck. The truck is pretty much ready to go but the new crew members are still a little bit up in the air while their uniforms get the finishing touch. They don't look too happy right now. The safety crew members are finally on the job. Ready for action at the highest point of Overlook Raceway Park. The no. 38 Mustang is leading the no. 88 Camaro as they fly by the Safety Truck and crew.
  12. Great model car show at the Super September Showdown in Boyertown, PA on Sunday, Sept 10. Here are a few photos and a link to more on Google: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPl4oGn5ok3hdmr_BtY6Fn2CtdPvaBID-z_x2AmKU_kHizVTIzplTRowXJvfKhbWQ?key=Q3gyNFdUbXNLWmFoZld1dFVDOUpBcWNDZ3RrV1F3
  13. Since I will not be able to attend NNL East this year, I thought I would look at the photos I took last year. I think you may enjoy looking at them too. There are over 1,000 photos at the link to Google+. https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/109795296019003728412/album/6394813194677595297?authkey=CLmR6f6CsNrzuQE
  14. F 150 Race Truck

    Thanks, Draggon and Cobraman. Some folks tell me that the driver looks a bit like Cal Naughton, Jr. from the Talladega Nights movie. Maybe? By the way, since he is driving this truck, he really should be afraid - never know what may go wrong given the amateur construction and dodgy materials used. Here's a somewhat amateurish composite photo of my basement slot car track (I used Microsoft PowerPoint): I'll add a few more photos of my track in the next while.
  15. F 150 Race Truck

    Got some work done on the chassis for this F150 Race Truck. AMT chassis ready to put under the truck. The front tires are from an AMT 1/25 plastic kit (Dodge Caravan, I believe), sanded down to a lesser diameter. Chassis mounted under the pickup body. A couple of button magnets were added to help with road holding in the corners. Decals and stickers were applied and soon we'll be ready to race. Some of the decals were a bit old and look rough around the edges. Oh well, they'll get really banged up once we start racing anyway. Almost ready to go - seat belts on, window net up, time to fire her up. Finally, we're on track and rumbling past the pits at Overlook Raceway Park. Hope the photo of our new race truck turns out okay. Our truck looks okay and the fans seem to think so too but handling is still pretty shaky - need some serious tuning to get lap times down into respectable territory. I'm not sure that this AMT metal chassis is really all that good but we'll give it a try.