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  1. Nice work Mike, I will say the emblem looks off centered to me.
  2. Its always awesome to get an email about a thread from long ago. Great job Mike!
  3. My kids would hate me if I used their Legos for this. Hell 99% of them were mime anyway
  4. We have been in country for about 3 weeks. Already been to one model shop and it's not disappointing.
  5. Awesome job Casey. I love me some Studebakers
  6. What also works is Testors fabric paint. I use it then paint it to match everything else. They have blue, black, gray, and red. They may have more but I've only seen these.
  7. Do you mind if I use your design?
  8. That's awesome IRA!but one question, how does the car get off there, other than you picking it up?
  9. Gotcha. Then put me for impala and cobra. I am currently away from home so they will sit there for now.
  10. Nick, throw a Cobra 427 in under my name. I'm leaving for three weeks but it will be done. Here are some pics of it. Whats done to it is how I got it. It may take me a while with this one, no instructions.
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