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  1. I believe there were pics of built ups ( maybe early runs ) at the hobby trade show back then. But, they never made it,....so I assume they have molds to these ? I could be wrong, its been a long time. Sure would be cool.
  2. After messaging Revell on their site, they got back to me yesterday. I was told to keep the wrong body. I was told they will send me a new body as soon as they get them. They come from China ( where else ) and it may be a few weeks.
  3. it appeared to be factory shrink wrap,...plus reading the other posts here, I guess Revell knows. And the guy I purchased this from is a dealer, and also has a Hobby Shop.
  4. Last weekend a friend of mine picked up the reissued 57 Black Widow for me at a local swap meet. He dropped it off to me the other night. Upon, opening the kit, I find the body to the Belair sedan, not the 150 Utility Sedan. Everything else in the box is Black Widow, just a wrong body. Has anyone elese found this yet ? I'll be calling Revell later today, and hopefully they send out the right body.
  5. I believe it can represent anything 68 on. Being it has side markers.
  6. I picked up mine today, great kit, love the open grille, and hood/cowl vents, and the working spare carrier. Now, my couple complaints, I wish the windshield frame was molded tot h body, and the side window glass wasnt attached to the vent windows. I know I can score those and snap them off, but still kinda weird looking if one leaves the top off. And speaking of the top, Id prefer it molded on. As, I build a lot of just bodies for the slot car guys, and while test fitting the top, I noticed, that theres no real lip or any kind of positive attachment. It looks like Ill be adding a "sill/lip"or a guide from plastic strips. Since even casual handling looks like it would pop the top loose, and slot car guys will be handling it even more. Other than those thinks, I see no other real issues on my end. I did notice that the pics on the box, must be from an earlier mockup, as the the side gas tank is on the wrong side, opposite side from the fillers.
  7. Box art aside, I'll buy a few, love the 150 post.
  8. The only thing about some, not all, of the 3 packs, is that theres always at least one " not so great kit" in there. But the prices were always right.
  9. Sweet ride, nice color combo,..makes me think its a sales rep car for Good N Plenty Candy.
  10. Yaaaa Bronco !! And love seeing the Black Widow/150 Sedan back. Now if They'd only do a 210 sedan.
  11. LOL, true,..Id love to see a new version of a 53/54 post car. Im a really a big fan of the post cars of most ay make or model, heck, Id be happy with a 4 door or a wagon version too.
  12. Same old crappy kit,...and the older it gets the worse it gets. But, its the only choice for a 53/54 post car. I've built quite a few as body only for the slot car guys. It has no stock headlight bezels, or tailight bezels. The body side mouldings and stone guards are very faint. The rear window on most of the ones I built barely fir the rear opening. The glass is molded too small, and there is barley any thing to glue the window to. In fact one of the kits i had, the window would fall through the opening completely. Luckily I had an extra parts kit lying around. And I was building all these as beaters. Oh, and not only are there no headlight bezels, theres no reflectors behind the lenses. You can see the front tires through them. I used baremetal behind them. Its a workable kit, I guess, as a custom/gasser. It would take a lot of work to make it showroom stock.
  13. Thanks,...i was hoping that was the case.
  14. I noticed in Revels pics that there's no vent windows,....i hope this was corrected ?
  15. I built one of these as a slot car body, I noticed that theres no front parking/turn signal lights molded to the body or grille. I wonder if thats been corrected.
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