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  1. woodchuckvt added a post in a topic Opening Models   

    There is nothing more satisfying than opening that box and reviewing the part trees and pondering the build sequence. And then of course, the details to be added. Need to order the photoetch detail set. Hmm, this car would look great in metallic blue, must order the paint. Do I have enough bare metal foil. Best order some. If I get the body cleaned and primed, I can probably paint outside in April when it's warm enough, but not too humid.

    Or you could look at the pretty pictures on the box and wonder what's inside.

    So much plastic, so little time !
  2. woodchuckvt added a topic in General   

    And Another Newbie
    Greetings folks. Just joined the group. It's building season up here in the woods of Vermont. I'm currently cursing, er building, the Testors GT-40 kit. Picked up the Fujimi Ford GT40 Mark II kit last week as well.
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