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  1. Roncla added a post in a topic Why use 2k instead of 1k Clear?   

    2k ' off the gun ' does dry  smoother  than 1k which usually dries with a characteristic egg shell  finish that is polished to get the same result. 
    A real issue I found with 2k is it dries so hard it can be a mission to sand out and polish any imperfections that inevitably  appear when I paint.
    Whilst I do have 2k here I find that having grown up with 1k its ease of use, less toxic and being considerably cheaper makes it my  choice.
    I can't see any difference in the shine between my 2k and polished 1k paint jobs therefore the only benefit I can see from 2k is it could save some elbow grease if you laid it down perfectly.
    " Why bother with 2k " ..... I don't bother with it anymore as it has more negatives than benefits for me.
  2. Roncla added a post in a topic New from Fujimi   

    Studio 27 have just announced a new decal sheet 

  3. Roncla added a post in a topic Good source for Studio27 PE and decals?   

    I purchase my Studio 27 off Hobby Easy    http://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/category/CAR/index.html?t=1504919968
  4. Roncla added a post in a topic To glove or not to glove   

    I've always used a disposable glove on the hand I hold the part with. Make sure to dispose of the glove at the end of the session though and start with a new one.
    I once reused a glove I'd had on the day before and started to get crud in the paint which turned out to be bits of paint flaking off the old glove
  5. Roncla added a post in a topic Flames   

    He sells them on Ebay under the name of 65square. I've bought several off him and each deal was quick and smooth.
  6. Roncla added a post in a topic Caliper/micro-meter recommendations   

    I've got a Mitutoyo digital here thats been in constant  use since the early 1990s and other than battery replacement its performed without issue.
  7. Roncla added a post in a topic Clearly Scale   

    I only ever placed one order with Clearly Scale not long after they had opened but I never did receive that order.
    He had emailed me a photo of the post office receipt at the time he said he had shipped it so the order looks like it went missing in transit.
    These days I've been placing my Clearly Scale orders with Randy at Model Builders Warehouse who ships immediately and has provided me with an excellent service 
  8. Roncla added a post in a topic New from Fujimi   

    I'd be confident that  the aftermarket that have done decals and p/e sets for Fujimis' 911GT3R will be bringing product for this RSR to market in due course.
  9. Roncla added a post in a topic New from Fujimi   

    Fujimi are releasing a Martini liveried version in November.....
  10. Roncla added a post in a topic AMT '39 Wagon Rod   

    Thanks for the photo of the decals Bert. I'd been looking everywhere for an image of them without success.
    I believe this is the original sketch Jairus did for Scale Auto some years ago....

  11. Roncla added a post in a topic I was not really sure to post this car   

    Its certainly got presence. Its a movie car that was actually made in to a kit by Wave

  12. Roncla added a post in a topic AMT '39 Wagon Rod   

    Does anybody have a photo of the new customizing decal sheet that AMT have been advertising as being included in the new issue of this kit ?
  13. Roncla added a post in a topic 1956 Foose Ford pickup   

    That has come together well and looks a treat. This new Foose kit looks like a home run in a variety of colors and is hopefully a sales success for Revell.
  14. Roncla added a post in a topic New from Fujimi   

    My one arrived the other week from HLJ. Its in the same pattern as their  911GT3R and I can't see any reason it wont build in to a decent replica.
    I've never viewed the real car so I couldn't comment on its accuracy. 
    The instructions and contents are online at Hobby Search
  15. Roncla added a post in a topic How much have you spent on a build?   

     I'm with  Steve. Ignorance is  bliss for me. I'm confident though that many of our hobbies manufactures and retailers will have a comfortable retirement  when I look at my stash.