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  1. A steal at $1.8m ? I only came across this one today but Singer had premiered it a year ago. https://www.carscoops.com/2018/08/singer-bringing-jaw-dropping-dls-porsche-911-pebble-beach-na-debut/
  2. I've got a couple of those V dubs here and the only the only item included is that tiny metal transfer sheet in with the clear parts.
  3. I'm happy with my purchase of the DVD. I first started buying the mag in 1986 so its given me access to the earlier issues I would never have gotten to otherwise see. The only issue I have is that I followed the instructions and downloaded the DVD to my new iMac running the latest OS Mojave 10.14.5 and whenever I open it I'm getting a message saying the app is not optimised for my Mac and needs to be updated Its currently working fine but worryingly its saying the app won't work with future versions of Mac OS.
  4. Both of those are probably more likely to appear in resin from some one like Alpha Model.
  5. Italeri have a new tool 1/12 scale Alfa Monza coming later this year. Hopefully other versions like the Spider will follow.
  6. Thats very nice work James. Having fought the Monza Muletto version together I can appreciate the amount of work thats gone in to your build and all of the extra effort that would be required to get the full body assembled and everything lining up. Well done.
  7. That sounds like just the ticket and with free international shipping it's worth trying out for sure. I've just ordered some.
  8. What everyone has said. I remove the paint bottle if I'm going to leave it for 5 minutes or so and flush the airbrush with thinners so its good to go when I return.
  9. Thats all true Mark. I've always been perfectly happy with every Flintstone body I have purchased and at his price point I wouldn't be complaining about a little clean up on the inside which in most cases will not be seen once everything is together anyway. All of the bodies I have purchased are perfectly acceptable on the outside and every one is nice and square with no twists to them.
  10. I think I'd describe my 34 as thick and a bit slushy inside. It's perfect on the outside which is the important thing. I have had it for years and the more recent Flintstone products I have purchased are cleaner inside.
  11. I got mine last week and it looks like injection moulded plastic the quality is so good.
  12. That was Bandai that made the 1/16 kit. I'd imagine it would be pretty rare today and likely to have tire rot like my Bandai Miura.
  13. That's not a color for a shrinking violet for sure. It's certainly an eye catcher and suits the car well.
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