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  1. new for 2018

    This has showed up on Hobby Designs Facebook page. Its a Resin kit with PE. I'd imagine it will cost bundle but Bugatti seem to have been overlooked by the plastic kit manufacturers
  2. Perfect modelling day.

    You fellas are doing it tough. Its the middle of summer down here and I'm just in from a stroll up one of the local mountains. 76 degrees F today with a nice cooling 14mph wind. If only it was always like this. There was a big storm at the week end that caused havoc across the nation.

    The Parts Box in Australia lists product #1070 in their tyres section. The rears are described as originating from the Monogram Lincoln https://www.thepartsbox.com/store/index.php?page=details&prod=57&cat=33&group=14 I have a set here and they are nice quality. I measure the outer diameter as 1.27" and the inner as .68" They have grooves to represent the tread I have never purchased off this resin caster direct so i can't comment on how quickly orders are processed. I have always purchased his products off BNA Model World who are a bit dearer but have always provided me with an excellent service and have a real time inventory of stock levels. https://www.bnamodelworld.com/the-parts-box
  4. paint retarder tip

    I've only used Tamiyas' own retarder which was satisfactory too.... http://www.tamiya.com/english/products/87114paint_retarder/index.htm
  5. Revells new 1/16 Porsche 356

    I've just got an email from revell.de listing their 2018 releases and amongst them I see a new tool 356 Porsche Cabriolet in 1/16 slated for November release. I'd prefer the Coupe but surely it will follow
  6. I find my H is the best all round airbrush of all the different types I have here. So easy to use and clean and is always my go to airbrush for priming. Follow Jasons' advice of agitating the bottle to prevent settling and you will master it in no time.
  7. I've purchased several sets of wheels of these chaps and the quality I've received is as good as the other top casters and delivery times have been better than most.
  8. buying Zero paint

    I have made several purchases of Zero Paints off Spot Model in Spain in the past. I guess it would be around 12 months or longer since my last purchase so I'm not sure what the current state of play is but my orders were dealt with quickly and arrived well packed and without any issues. http://www.spotmodel.com/index.php?cPath=260_263_481
  9. Drag racing parts sources?

    X2 on dealing with Ted. As another who lives well outside the USA I'd have no hesitation to recommend him. My orders have been filled quickly and arrived well packed.
  10. Life with cats. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

    An empty kit box is a magnet for Missy and must be filled even if it isn't a good fit.
  11. 1/12 Italeri '68 Fiat 500F

    That little character was known as the Fiat Bambina in our market. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bambina I remember being taught to drive in one way back in the 60s and thinking I'd never learn the coordination of steering the car and working the stick shift at the same time.
  12. Life with cats. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

    My lady has been told she isn't to set paw in my hobbies room but she never listens and given the opportunity will be straight on to the desk and in my face.
  13. 36 Ford - MADE IN BRAZIL

    Taking your ' bad kit ' and turning it in to sweet build must give you a real sense of satisfaction making the project one to be extra proud of.
  14. wire wheels???

    I've got a pair of Machined Aluminium Specialists front wire wheels I bought years ago I believe this business changed hands a while back and Teds Modeling Market Place is now carrying some of the line but to date the front wheels aren't shown as available Their is a definite void in the market for these rims as the kit plastic parts always look so crude. http://www.tedsmodelingmarketplace.com/machined-aluminum-specialties/
  15. Just the instructions ?

    Down here its showing shipping as US$20.28