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  1. Roncla added a post in a topic Gravity Colors...anybody bought from them lately?   

    I've made several purchases off Gravity and they all went like clockwork. I tracked the order all the way from US to NZ with out an issue.
    On more than one occasion from several different companies I have been given tracking numbers that didn't add up.
    Everything to date has eventually arrived here so I've never worried about it too much.
  2. Roncla added a post in a topic Any better idea how to remove Tamiya TS-XX paints?   

    I've always used 99% Isopropyl Alcohol on Tamya TS. Just drop the body in a plastic container full of it and it lifts the paint off easy as.
  3. Roncla added a post in a topic Hi guys, looking for a source of these wheels in 1/25   

    Competition Resin makes this one
  4. Roncla added a post in a topic 55 Chrysler Mild Custom   

    I live out in the colonies but have dealt with Hiroboy in England who carries a big range of aftermarket/ paints ect  and  has always given me great service
  5. Roncla added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I just had this happen with a seller off our local auction site called TradeMe. The seller had just put the kit inside a plastic shopping bag and wrapped it with  tape.
    Beyond all odds it arrived at my place undamaged. 
  6. Roncla added a topic in General   

    Bathurst 12 hour International Endurance Race
    This one starts early tomorrow, my time,  with a free International  live feed. Support races are currently streaming.
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  7. Roncla added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    These Mazda 3s are really  popular over here. Mazda NZ has just had its best sales record ever for 2015. I just took delivery of this new 2016 Mazda 3 SP25 ' Limited ' auto on Thursday. 
    The ' Limited '  version over here is the top of the line with all the fruit. I'm not sure if all the driving aids it comes with are really necessary if you are paying attention to your driving.
    The only reason I never got the Soul Red paint  is I have had a red car in the back yard since 1978 and it was time for a change. This Mazda is joining my HSV GTS 6 speed.

  8. Roncla added a post in a topic Modelhaus email response   

    Modelhaus isn't alone in having long wait times. I placed an order with Repilcas and Miniatures back in Oct of last year.
    Norm emailed  on Ist Nov saying he had received the order and it would be 4/5 weeks and that he was a bit behind. Its now 30 Jan and I haven't heard any more. 
    I was told by Clearly Scale my order was sent on 1 Dec but I have yet to receive it.
  9. Roncla added a post in a topic Modelhaus email response   

    I placed my last  order on the 16 October  and it was shipped on 8 January and I received it 5 days later.
    They sent me the wrong body that I had ordered but after I told them I would use it on another project  they made me the replacement immediately and I had it in another 5 days and I was only charged for the new body, not for postage.
    Over the years I've always found the Modelhaus to have excellent communication and product.
  10. Roncla added a post in a topic Monogram 1955 Ford F100   

    Very sharp. You should be proud of that one.
  11. Roncla added a post in a topic Is there a good source for a sheet of underhood decals?   

    Slixx make a number of different mini sheets covering oil filters, radiator/ valve covers ect Listed under Goodies on their homepage
  12. Roncla added a post in a topic Orange paint search(video added)   

    This is so true. I painted a Porsche with Zero paints Gulf Blue and Orange yet when I photograph it and look at it on my monitor my orange has turned to red.
  13. Roncla added a post in a topic 1/12 Caterham Super Seven BDR, what's in da box:   

    These photos just rub it in that I should have grabbed one when they were in production.
    There were three different versions of this kit if my memory is correct.
  14. Roncla added a post in a topic After 8 years of searching: my holy grail found!   

    I've always hoped Tamiya will reissue that one. i shouldn't have dithered about buying it back in the day.
  15. Roncla added a post in a topic POCHER F70 FIAT UPDATE 1/14 ALMOST Done   

    Could you tell me where you sourced the brass nuts and bolts ?. I've got a K77 here I'll be starting  soon.
    The Paul Koo DVD for the Fiat is well worth the price of admission as a reference tool.