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  1. Acu-Stion make a cutting tool set in 0.1 photo etch. The circular cutters work with my Dremel a treat and being so fine they cut a very fine line. https://www.mediamixhobby.com.sg/shop/acucut01-acustion-0-1mm-cutting-tools-set.html
  2. Started my paint booth

    That funnel was from an old kitchen range hood
  3. Started my paint booth

    I took a filter i had here from one of those small fold up spray booths every one sells in to a filter specialist and he just matched that sample. The filter material is nothing special and the business I purchase it off sells it by the square metre then I just mark it out with a sharpie and trim it out with scissors. Just about everything I spray is Lacquer and the overspray is dust by the time it gets to the filter so I just run a vacuum cleaner over it after use.
  4. Started my paint booth

    I'm using the same 270 cfm bilge fan as you are Brian though I have mounted mine at the back just because it was far easier for me to set things up that way and I can sit at the desk and the booth is at the right height for me. I'm lining my bin with paper so its quick and easy to keep clean and I bought a bulk roll of filter material off a local supplier which I just cut to shape and change as needed. I find it all works without any issues and even when using a large spray can all the fumes and paint are completely drawn outside.
  5. ATTENTION! Gravity Colors Customers Dear Customers of Gravity Colors USA and Gravity Colors Europe, please read the following important information below: It came to our attention that Gravity Colors Europe owner Antonio Caballeras is spreading disinformation and telling lies about Gravity Colors USA business, using a fictional name as "Encarni Funes". He is trying to mislead our customers by telling them that Gravity Colors USA is a "fake" business and selling "fake" Gravity Colors paints "without the permission" of Gravity Colors Europe. He is also advising our customers to open claims with PayPal on recent Gravity Colors USA orders to get their money back and re-purchase their items on his website in Spain. This kind of disinformation and false accusations are unacceptable and totally unethical. Gravity Colors USA decided to address this issue by replying to these false accusations to let Gravity Colors customers know the truth and expose the lies and dishonest business tricks of Mr. Antonio Caballeras of Gravity Colors EU. Gravity Colors was introduced to the public worldwide in 2015 as a joint European and American company selling scale model airbrush paints on the internet. Gravity Colors paints were unknown to the public before 2015. In 2015 two websites were launched, designed and hosted in the United States. The original official domain GravityColors.com was registered in the state of Florida, by Mate Mayer, who was also the graphic/web designer of both Gravity Colors US and EU websites. He is also the deisgner and copyright owner of the original Gravity Colors logo still as of today. The Gravity Colors logo, original domain and design is a registered trademark and copyrighted material, owned by Gravity Colors USA and Mate Mayer in the state of Florida. This can be verified and looked up at USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark office) at www.uspto.gov. Anyone can do a basic trademark search on that website by looking up Gravity Colors name (serial number 876846770) https://www.uspto.gov/trademarks-application-process/search-trademark-database WHOIS records of the original official GravityColros.com domain can be checked and verified here on https://whois.icann.org/en/lookup?name=gravitycolors.com Gravity Colors company image and marketing was created by Mate Mayer at Gravity Colors USA in 2015. Without his work and dedication Gravity Colors paints and brand would not be known to the public. The ridiculous statment from Gravity Colors EU that Gravity Colors USA is just a "former distributor of the company" is far from reality. The truth is that Gravity Colors products and brand would not be known to the public in it's current form if it was not up to Gravity Colors USA.and Mate Mayer. Gravity Colors EU is using the original Gravity Colors logo on their European website without our permission, commiting copyright infringement. Our customers need to know the truth and realize that they are being mislead and not told the truth. Gravity Colors USA broke up with Gravity Colors EU in September 2017 and stopped doing business with Gravity Colors EU, due to quality issues, and color accuracy of their paints sold in Europe which were not up to Gravity Colors USA standards. This break up of Gravity Colors company divided many Gravity Colors customers all over the world, who were mislead by disinformation that they are getting the same quality products on Gravity Colors EU's new website. Unfortunately many customers are under the impression that the same high quality premium paint products are also sold in Spain on Gravity Colors EU's new website. Unfortunately this is not the case. Paints being sold in the USA and in Europe are very different products. Color selection is also different. The quality difference can be easily verified by comparing Gravity Colors USA and Gravity Colors EU paints products by doing a simple quick spray test. For those who are in doubt and disbelief, we highly reccommned performing a paint spray test to validate the information disclosed in this newsletter. We have many Gravity Colors USA customer's testimony stating that Gravity Colors EU paints they purchased on Gravity Colors EU's website are definitely not the same quality products they have purchased on Gravity Colors USA website at www.GravityColors.com. This is one of the testimony from our customers: "...the paints that I got from the EU gravity turned out to be very coarse, even after sanding and polishing I couldn't get them to look smooth and was very disappointed. They didn't seem to match the reviews I read online about gravity paints. Because of the bad experience with using gravity EU’s paints I basically just gave up on gravity and wrote the products off. I ordered a whole bunch of paints from the EU site and the guy was very communicative at the time, but after receiving them and trying them I found they sprayed terribly. I contacted gravity EU about it a few times and never heard back any response and figured I got scammed..." It's truly unfortunate that we have to send out a newsletter with this kind information, but our customers have the right to know the truth and realize that they are being misinformed by the current owner of Gravity Colors Europe. We have contacted Mr. Antonio Caballeras in Spain and asked him to stop with these accusations and gave him a 1 week notice to get back to us before we release this newsletter. We have not heard back from him, leaving us no other way to reply back to his accusations and defend the truth. You can read more about these issues at this FAQs page at https://www.gravitycolors.com/faqs/ Thank you for your time and attention! Gravity Colors USA www.GravityColors.com Find Out More
  6. I have just received quite a long winded email from Gravity USA too sticking needles in to his Spanish namesake. I've ordered from both and found the Spanish paint better in that a couple of the colors I'd received from Gravity USA were more like tinted thinners than paint. With all the negativity you hear about getting orders fulfilled from Gravity USA I was thinking the time that was spent writing that email would have been better spent shipping orders.
  7. New 1/24 Tamiya kit?

    Well it is a Porsche 911 GT3 but its R/C.
  8. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol has always worked on any paint, including nail polish, I've thrown at it without effecting the plastic. Tamiyas' Plastic Friendly lacquer thinner is another more expensive alternative which works a treat when you want to remove paint quickly. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/finishing/lacquer-thinner-250ml/
  9. Little Motor Kar Co.

    I was just reading this on Spotlights' forum..... 1-6-2019 Dear fellow modelers, After Chrome Tech announced their closing many people recently found that the Little Motor Kar Co. does chrome work for the modeling community. We have been recently inundated with new customer inquiries. The Little Motor Kar Co has been doing chrome work since 1995. We have never advertised nor pushed to increase our footprint since it was never intended to be a full-time business. That should not be viewed as a small success as it is quite the opposite. One of the features we have always prided ourselves upon is the turnaround time for processing. We have always tried to keep it to two or, at the most, three weeks. We do not believe that it is fair to our loyal, long time customers to wait an extraordinary time for their work to be completed. At seventy-nine years old I have no intent on this becoming a full-time job. We have always done all our work in-house and that will continue to be so. Bearing this in mind any new customer work will be done on a “first come, first served” fill in basis AFTER our established customers are served. So, if you just found Little Motor Kar Co. please be aware of the priority your work must be given. It could possibly be a long wait. Now would be a great time for a younger enterprising person to seize upon the opportunity to find a processor in their area and start a chroming service of their own as others have done. There seems to be room for two. Dale Horner Little Motor Kar Co.
  10. I placed my first order with Gravity Spain last week. It was shipped four hours after placing the order last Thursday and arrived all the way down here in NZ on Monday morning. In my order was a box of Ferrari Rosso F1 and when I scan that box with my phone it takes me to the Gravity America website which I thought was odd with the apparent bad blood between them. I presume its just old stock from back when the two were connected.
  11. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    My courier just arrived with my order from gravity-colors Spain. I ordered this on 29th Nov, got an email it had shipped 4 hrs later and it arrived at my door in New Zealand today the 3rd Dec. This is the first time I've purchased from Gravity Spain and their service has been impeccable.
  12. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    And what about the Bruce Larsen Pro Stock Vega ?. Round 2 website is still showing it as coming in 2017..... Its certainly on the slow boat from China.
  13. X2 on everything Bill has said. A proper clean of the resin, a good quality automotive primer and your good to go with whatever paint takes your fancy. The only thing to be wary of is stripping paint off resin as brake fluid and isopropyl alcohol can have negative consequences.