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  1. Roncla added a post in a topic Nurburgring 24   

    I've been watching  the Nurburgring stream live on motorsport 2017. Excellent coverage and the stream has been flawless. 
  2. Roncla added a post in a topic One-Stop Shop for All Things Aftermarket?   

    Such a shop is something I've been looking for without success. A one stop shop would sure cut back on the exorbitant costs of shipping these days 
  3. Roncla added a topic in Truck Kit News & Reviews   

    Revell Foose F100
    Revell have put up the instructions for their new Foose pickup. Of interest I've noticed it has a metal axle at the front which is unusual for a modern kit plus the roof is a separate part
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  4. Roncla added a post in a topic Ford Focus WRC (crashed) - Rally Cyprus 2002   

    Thats creative and its turned out a treat. Well done.
  5. Roncla added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    My courier dropped off package from Tower Hobbies containing a Moebius  Plymouth Belvedere. While the Moebius box is in perfect condition the body shell of this kit has a warped roof from what looks to be too much being stuffed in to a box thats too small.
    I had already read a lot about others having a similar  issue so it was a roll of the dice to buy this kit. All I can do now is run the hot water and try to get it back in to shape.
  6. Roncla added a post in a topic Hiroboy   

    Steve has always provided me with a first class service  out here in the colonies.
  7. Roncla added a post in a topic Revell 32 ford 5 window with Zed frame (another update with paint on now)   

    I'll join the chorus for fenderless
  8. Roncla added a post in a topic Z'd, ZEED FRAMES SIMPLIFIED TUTORIAL   

    Thanks for the bump Ace. Its an a easy to understand tutorial and it simplifies the process for a future project i've got planned
  9. Roncla added a post in a topic Is this typical ?   

    The example I have here looks the same as Jons'  Its definitely a bit scruffy round the edges compared to some other casters but the outside of my casting is nice and smooth and dead square with no flaws anywhere.
    I think the picture of the front makes it look worse than it really is. All that flash on mine is paper thin and will clean off with little effort.
    I have a number of Jimmys' bodies here and provided you aren't averse to some clean up I see them as decent  value and perfectly useable.

  10. Roncla added a post in a topic Round 2 March 2017 Product Spotlight   

    That Larsen Vega release date has been bounced back a number of times so far and its now a year way. Makes you wonder what the issue is.
  11. Roncla added a post in a topic Scenes Unlimited   

    I just placed another order last night and its already been shipped with a tracking number. I've waited months for other vendors to get around to shipping inferior product.
  12. Roncla added a post in a topic 37 Ford Coupe   

    I'm old school and would go for No1. Street rods need big rubber to my eye.
  13. Roncla added a post in a topic Stripping Paint From Resin Items...... What's Best and Safest To Use..???   

    I've just used lacquer thinners on a rag and wiped the paint off resin in the past without issue.
    I'd avoid Isopropyl alcohol though which is my usual go to paint remover for plastic. I had a resin part from Norm at  RM turn to rubber when I soaked a part in it.
  14. Roncla added a post in a topic Scenes Unlimited   

    I've purchased off them several times too and the quality  is always top notch.
  15. Roncla added a post in a topic ROUND2 SUPERBUG GASSER/ 57 FORD ISSUE   

    Tower Hobbies is listing both in stock as well, in limited quantities.