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  1. I've always understood it to be early cadillac. It doesn't say anywhere on the box or instruction what it is.
  2. Tamiya make a decal adhesive which may help. I've got some here and found it effective. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/87176/index.htm
  3. I've got the last release here and its got the slicks and only the drivers seat. At some point in the past Tamiya was offering the treaded tires separately. The missing Dunlop and Shell decals in the latest release are available from Tabu Design
  4. I was just at Gravity Colors USA website and saw this notification....
  5. Detail Master also make photo etch surfer pedals.... https://www.detailmaster.com/collections/etch-parts/products/dm-2200-custom-foot-pedals
  6. That one is 21 and a half inches wide/ 13 and a half inches deep/ 17 and a half inches high. It has three shelves with each shelf taking up to 6 cars side on and 2 face on.
  7. You could have a look around for acrylic food display cabinets as they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The one I have here is completely dust proof and when you work out the number of cars that can be fitted inside it worked out far cheaper than buying individual cases.
  8. I have only ever air brushed Molotow myself and was always perfectly happy with the results but once it turns grey I've found its no longer fit for purpose
  9. We had a thread running on this topic recently. Myself and others have experienced Molotow going off.....
  10. ebay seller crazycar19 sells a set of 5 hand laced wire wheels for $135 to suit this kit. I believe this vendor is Fernando Pinto of FPPM model kits. I have a set here and while expensive they are excellent quality quality and a vast improvement on the kit supplied rims.
  11. Some rims have just rolled in from eBay seller oleks-dmitr. Excellent quality and quick delivery
  12. Molotow going off has occurred to others on this board and I've experienced it myself. I had bought both of these refills together about 18 months ago and while the one to the right had never been opened the left one had been partly used and has turned to a gunmetal grey.
  13. Not my video Josh. All I did was link it here. All thanks goes to the Barbatos Rex You Tube channel which has dozens of similar comparison videos. It's well worth checking out. I obtain my E7 clear off Ebay and placed an order just last week for their chrome and specialty paints. Tracking is showing it has shipped but delivery time will be uncertain especially living down under.
  14. This video that compares all the clear coats has just gone up on YouTube. I had always found Alclad and Molotow both reacted the same to clear coating.
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