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  1. Roncla added a post in a topic Fujimi EM series 1971 Ferrari 365GTS4   

    That is coming together nicely. EJan make a comprehensive upgrade kit for this Daytona which includes P/E wire wheels with aluminium rims. I believe EJan is actually Model Factory Hiro by another name.
    A lot of these Fujimi EM kits are being reissued in new cartoon type boxes and don't carry the price tags demanded for the original EM boxed issue
  2. Roncla added a post in a topic This could provide a more durable chrome finish than alclad...   

    I'm a convert to Spaz Stix after using Alclad for years. Its worth trying out shades of dark blue as a base instead of black.
  3. Roncla added a post in a topic ´50 Ford Sedan Delivery.   

    Well shaken Toni. Everything has blended together to create one very well proportioned custom. First class  workmanship.
  4. Roncla added a post in a topic Mixed up my air brush needles   

    I can't really add anything to what Doug has just said. Most of the different airbrushes i have here have the needles marked in some way to identify which is which.
    I  do have to look very closely at some of them with my reading glasses to see the markings though.
  5. Roncla added a post in a topic '49 Mercury Woody Wagon   

    She is a real looker. Everything just looks right. Well done.
  6. Roncla added a post in a topic Pocher 1:8 gluebomb '31 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza
    And manuals for other Pochers
  7. Roncla added a post in a topic Nurburgring   

    Making it safely around is a job well done. I subscribe to  the YouTube channels that cover Touristenfahrten and see way to many being unsafe and ending up with damaged cars.
    I've read where you are liable for any damage you cause to the barriers plus the down time if the track has to closed for the repairs. 
  8. Roncla added a post in a topic Painting/priming over a Red or Yellow molded body?   

     When I have run in to bleeding problems and plastics sensitive to solvents or where I have done bodywork I always use Barcoat Isolator or BIN Sealer.
    I use auto paints which have hot solvents so I need a reliable effective barrier.
    I have found both to be equally effective with the BIN being white and the Barcoat beige in colour.
    Both of these  are shellac based and I use  methylated spirits to wash up my airbrush.
  9. Roncla added a post in a topic Masking for Flames   

  10. Roncla added a post in a topic Nurburgring 24   

    Thanks for the links. I was just about to go looking for them.
  11. Roncla added a post in a topic Fujimi Ferrari F12   

    She is ticking all the boxes. A real eye catcher.
  12. Roncla added a post in a topic Rubbery resin from paint remover?   

    I soaked some Replicas & Miniatures resin in isopropyl alcohol some time back to strip the paint and the parts were like rubber when I removed them.
    Over a period of time though they did eventually re harden  to their original state. 
  13. Roncla added a post in a topic The Modelhaus Website will open on May 15th.   

    You have to admire their work ethic when they know they will be deluged with orders and yet will be retiring shortly.
    It would be so much easier for them to simply call it a day now and cruise in to a well deserved retirement.
  14. Roncla added a post in a topic Round 2 new releases for 2016   

    Tower Hobbies is now showing an estimated release in Dec 2016.