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  1. I've just came across this MPC kit on a Japanese hobby shop website. I'm guessing that its the long awaited Vega that was originally announced a couple of years ago in a different livery but never eventuated. It's saying June release in Japan. I can't find any information about it it on American websites yet. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10698514
  2. That looks like the old Trumpeter box thats been reprinted. It's now called a US Sports Car instead of a Ford and the manufacturer is stated as Magnifire https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10696114 Meanwhile Meng have gone quiet on their 1/12 version they said they have coming to market
  3. Hobby Search are now showing it on their site for pre order. From what I've been reading it is a reissue of the Tamiya kit with a basic p/e sheet included https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10690672
  4. I'll second that. My orders from Gravity Colors Spain have always arrived all the way down here within a week and I can't notice any difference in the paint between the two companies.
  5. I've checked my one and I've got the Benz in the box. I'll be following along as you build your one.
  6. I just got the same kit and it looks very good to me. Mouldings are nice and crisp and with photo etch wheels included it will build in to an unique model.
  7. I saw this at one of the local auto parts stores. I don't know what it is but I'd feel vulnerable inside it.
  8. While we are talking about Petty Blue I recently got some from Gravity Spain which is a different shade altogether from the Gravity America Petty Blue. Both share the same GC-126 ref no. Computer monitors and photos will throw the shades around but the Gravity Spain paint looks more like what I see on my monitor of photos of the cars back in the day. Did Petty ever run more than one shade of blue on their cars ?
  9. That looks very nice. Lets hope their GT40 will be to the same standard. Meng have a Facebook page but their last post regarding the GT40 dates back to 6 December.
  10. I've got the exact same Dremel here and have never had any kind issue with melting plastic. it works a treat and I find it well balanced and easy to use. I'm sure you could melt plastic with it if you ran it flat out and had a heavy hand though. It all comes back to how you use the tool .
  11. Your mexican rug is the perfect finishing touch.
  12. Diecast cancer is an issue that has afflicted many different brands over the years. I had some Revival metal kits here in the past and their pre painted bodies started to bubble, Thinking it was the factory paint I stripped them only to find it was the metal that was bubbling beneath the paint. I sanded some parts smooth and resprayed them but within a few years the metal was bubbling again. Getting back to resin issues I have several sets of C1 Models resin wheel & Tire sets I purchased a few years ago which are no longer fitting together.
  13. I really hope my resin bodied 1/12 Model Factory Hiro kits don't exhibit this behaviour in years to come. It's well documented that some die cast models suffer from what's referred to as ' die cast cancer ' as they have aged.
  14. Take these measurements as ball park. Because of the curves and shapes being measured it's not possible to pin the measurements exactly. A. 23.70mm B. 55.90mm C. 43.80mm D. 14.00mm E. 26.00mm F. 35.35mm G. 62.60mm H. 47.40mm
  15. I would definitely be buying the kit if your serious about critiquing its shape. Having the kits shell sitting on my bench and looking at my IPhones screen at the same time its surprising how the shape can appear subtly different on the screen. The one thing I will critique myself is the sill and door line on the kit appears to have a more accentuated raise from front to rear than my images of the real cars.
  16. Looking at my shell and comparing it to the top photo I think it comes back to camera angles and lenses changing perception.. I'd say mine is the same shell but I can't see the slightly award shape in that photo in my own shell. My shell looks to be an accurate enough representation when comparing it to photos I've download though I have never seen one of these cars in person. Looking at all the photos I have downloaded you can see the cars were changing from race to race and car to car so I won't be the one to be saying what's right or wrong. When taking the photos of the K2 and K3 below it was easy to make one or the other look different from reality just by moving the camera in and out/ up and down/around.
  17. The newly issued 935K3 from NuNu has just arrived from Hobby Easy. NuNu are really setting the standard for others to follow with this release.
  18. I came across this yesterday. I really don't know what to say...
  19. Hobby Designs RWB 964 Porsche just arrived from BNA Model World. This is a full multi media kit and looks to be excellent.
  20. The courier just rolled up with half a dozen bottles of paint from Gravity Colors Spain. Ordered and shipped on Thursday and at my door in New Zealand on Monday. Thats pretty good going considering its Xmas but that's the normal service I receive from Gravity Spain.
  21. I've placed my order and got the confirmation. What I need now is a set of Apple livery decals. Hopefully the aftermarket will come up with something.
  22. I don't have any Meng kits here myself but I've read that their military models are to a high standard. Their Facebook page is saying this new GT 40 kit will be pre- coloured and snap fit which hopefully doesn't mean this is just going to a quick to market toy to cash in on the recently released movie.
  23. That sounds like some pretty serious shaking going on there Randy. I have heard of Zero Paints bottles which come with a ball bearing included actually breaking when they are given a good shake up. The resulting mess can only be imagined so I always follow the advice of putting the bottle in a zip lock plastic bag before proceeding.
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