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  1. Like us on our Facebook page and get a code for 10% off your next order! https://www.facebook.com/VinylNationDecals
  2. Thanksgiving sale! 1/2 off of single sets of White/red/blue/goldlines and whitewalls from now until 11/30/13 at www.vinylnationdecals.com! Check it out!
  3. Hmm, I don't think I did get them, I would have gotten the pics up! Well heck, if you'd like to resend them sometime, I'll glady get 'em up!
  4. Looks great! Would you mind if I steal a pic to put up on the website?
  5. I just pick them up with the tip of an xacto knife blade and line them up, then press the opposite end of where the blade is and press the decal onto the tire and go around it, it should fall right into place and retain its shape. Most of the decals I have are for tires that have some kind of raised area that you can use as a guide for the decal.
  6. Not a problem! You were one of the first people to order from me, so I'm more than happy to have your builds posted up. If you want me to add anything more to the descriptions of your pics, Id be glad to.
  7. Some of you may have seen these and some may have not, I've been making them since last December and finally got a website up. check it out at www.vinylnationdecals.com
  8. Sittin lowww! Beautiful color, interior as well! Sweet...
  9. That's a great looking piece of junk! Awesome work!
  10. Great color, works well with the mags and whitewalls!
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