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  1. CougDave added a post in a topic Galaxie limited trailer   

    Great fit and finish. They go together well, and are a great starting point for a super build. They are huge! They pretty much need to be behind a large full sized truck to look right. Being that large and bare, they just scream out for graphics and details. You can spend weeks building all of the necessary parts to fill them up, and go totally crazy with the graphics. I had a lot of fun building the gooseneck several years ago. I am going to build a tag along sometime this year to act as a display for my latest completed racers. You can't go wrong with them.
  2. CougDave added a post in a topic The Cars of Rock 'n' Roll and Country Music   

    Better late than never... I guess it's time to finally get started! I now have most of the pieces for the "Eleven long haired friends of Jesus in a chartreuse microbus" ready to go. I have a Revell microbus kit, a California Roller reissue if I want to eliminate the top windows, three boxes of different figures and a very rough idea of how this might all go together in my head! It will be abit of a slow build, as I am also working on another project right now. I will get some pictures up after the weekend, and start building.
  3. CougDave added a post in a topic Who Here Hunts?   

    I go to a lot of auctions, estate sales and garage sales. I find several kits each year. I never find anything really rare, but I find a lot of neat discontinued kits at cheap prices. I never know what I am going to find. This year, I have gotten a Grant King Sprint car, a Datsun 510, a "Woodstock" 29 woody, a Tweedy Pie with the big rear tires and motorcycle fronts )In the nasty folding box) and a Johan 64 Dodge.

    I like the looks of that racer. That 300 would also make a pretty nice Super Stock drag car. Lots of ways to build that kit. I think that would make an awsome convertible, or a sweet wagon converison. (Maybe even a pickup version...)

    In the last 25 years, while hunting for models, I have found furniture, wheels for my Cougar, my lawnmower, tools, a girlfriend, a television for the cabin, fountain pens, a dog, a sailboat, the ugliest table in the world, a job, and a stuffed toy crab that is supposedly worth more than the car I brought it home in. We both have fun, and we have an agreement. She doesn't complain about my models and tools, and I don't complain about her figurines, statues and collector plates. When we get too much stuff amassed, we hold a garage sale to end all garage sales and get rid of all of our buyer's remorse items. Then we go out and start over again.

    Dave Manley