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  1. GerN added a post in a topic Revell Mercedes-Benz A160   

    Thanks for building and sharing these unusual cars. And they appear very realistic.
  2. GerN added a post in a topic Jack Herndon`s: 1965 "Hybrid Special" On the Workbench 2/9/15....."Finished Pictures Posted" 4/4/15   

    Your work is simply beautiful, as always. I also admire your discipline: you stayed true to the original, and I know how creative you can be. Btw, I would have made a quick resin copy of the seat after all the effort put into it (I need to save all the time I can because I'm slow and lazy), but your way probably does look better. Great model!
  3. GerN added a post in a topic 1968 Pontiac Banshee   

    A real treat! Very well integrated design.
  4. GerN added a post in a topic Messin around   

    Here's a slightly modified copy of Chromecop's version:

  5. GerN added a post in a topic HELP - what is this?   

    I ran off to check my MID4 - its the production car, not the prototype. Who did the prototype model?
    Here are some shots of mine in it's current state:

    I plan to add an engine after finishing the hood and copying it in resin, but I haven't decided on that yet; maybe the Nissan V8 race engine. I've already copied that, so its tempting. Ah ha! Fujimi did it (the MID4 proto) and it is still available. But I'm trying not to buy more kits until I finish one or two.
  6. GerN added a post in a topic jb's 2014 Under Glass   

    Very, very original, and good!
  7. GerN added a post in a topic Messin around   

    I would probably make a resin copy of the front wheel openings and replace the rears. That would say "sporty" and lighten the rear quarter, giving better balance. I would not shorten the wheelbase - might even move the rears back a little for a longer look. Try doing some photoshop playing (if you don't have PS, check out GIMP 2 - its great).
  8. GerN added a post in a topic HELP - what is this?   

    Wow! An immediate response. Thank you, but I already have one, just failed to make the connection (too many kits, not enough neurons). As you probably noticed, this is going to be a restyling or custom. Which is all I seem to be interested in any more. Again, thanks for your prompt response.
  9. GerN added a topic in On The Workbench   

    HELP - what is this?
    I picked this up from a vendor at a show for a few bucks - a glue bomb. I striped it , and, even worse, I started modifying it without taking any photos. I thought it would be easy to identify a plastic Ferrari. That's what the engine looked like, but now I suspect it didn't come with the kit. The body and chassis detail are good. I've added to the rocker panels (the body looked too shallow to me), replaced the front and eliminated the cooling intakes behind the doors. The latter are very nice with open slits, but I wanted to convert the car to front engine. It has a liitle similarity to a F355 or a 512, but I can't find anything really close to it. So . . . HELP!

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  10. GerN added a post in a topic 1940 Ford Combi   

    Great concept - worth a long, hard look. With a stock front end, maybe a little reminiscent of an early Chevy suburban.
  11. GerN added a post in a topic What the heck *is* that thing thare?   

    Its great to see something so original executed so well.
  12. GerN added a post in a topic AC Cobra "Shelby Surprise"   

    A very good-looking Cobra, especially the engine and wheels. Those seats in this car made me think of the extravagant collar on Bella Lugosi's Dracula. Fangs for nerf bars would give it a Dahmish personality.
  13. GerN added a post in a topic 40 Ford F40 Custom   

    Very impressive. You have managed to successfully combine some quite disparate elements into a believable whole. I'd love to see the chassis and the design work there as well.
  14. GerN added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    I've begun making a Cheetah, starting with clay, then a mold, then resin. I discovered I'm not very good at working with clay. Here are the images I've been using as reference material.

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  15. GerN added a post in a topic another wild cat   

    Good Work! BTW, Bordinat.