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  1. Wonderful concept and build!
  2. GerN

    Honda NSX

    Superb work.
  3. Excellent workmanship! And it looks great!
  4. Gutsy project - keep up the good work!
  5. I second Mr. Engwer: Bondo Pro is very easy to use; varying the mix ratio just affects hardening time - I haven't had a problem, so anyone can use it. Be aware, it is softer than styrene, even softer than resin.
  6. I've made a huge number (hundreds) of RTV molds (Permatex) using about a 70/30 mixture of mineral spirits and petroleum jelly on the object to be duplicated. I do let it dry before applying the RTV. This leaves a nice, thin, even coat of petroleum jelly on the master. This also works well as a mold release for poured resin, which I use if the mold has thin projections that might break.
  7. Bondo one part putty is basically thick lacquer paint; as such, it will bite into paint and styrene. It has to gas out to dry, and so will shrink. Except for very thin applications, I use Bondo professional two part. It is a little softer than styrene, even when fully hardened, which I like.
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