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  1. I wanted a late 60s to early 70s period look, so I swapped out the kit tires and wheels for TorqThrust mags on the front with slot mags and Micky Thompson slicks on the rear. I do wish that I'd set the seat and roll bar back a little, but I guess that with each kit we build, we have to find one thing that bothers us and keeps us humble. This one was a two-fer though. Between tweezers that refuse to keep hold of the door handles and uncooperative fat fingers, I managed to set the door handles too high. The front valance on the kit had a factory defect on it that looked like somebody had laid a hot bar or something across it, so that was not used. The paint color was selected scientifically. I didn't want the orange, red, or even the black that is currently very popular, so I selected several colors of paint that I found interesting, laid them out on a table, closed my eyes and moved them around, and with my eyes still closed, picked up a can, and that's the color I used; Testors 1642 Gloss Custom Gold Metal Flake. I did make a couple of minor alterations to the engine and chassis from the kit offering. I'm one of the few modelers that really don't get much into engines, with most of my kits just receiving basic engines from the box, and the hoods glued shut. Once-in-awhile, I let loose and get serious in detailing. This Dodge got full engine and chassis detail. Here, Flo, one of the mechanics at Otto Ray Sing Classic Car Center inspects my work.
  2. I'm just starting on one. I'll be following you build as I'm impressed with your determination and quality of work.
  3. I can identify with that. My first car was a 1958 Oldsmobile 98 4 door hardtop with a continental kit, and I just didn't even consider parallel park it. Even with their parking issues, I still love continental kits.
  4. I can just hear Mercury Blues playing in the background. Nice ride.
  5. The roof is as it comes in the kit. It was one of the complaints about that kit when it first came out. In reality, it would have been a little crushing for rear seat passengers, but it does ad to the sleekness of what I was going for. The only concerns that I had with the kit was that it has warp issues, most of which I worked out, but I didn't notice the front fenders until I had the car nearly built and was attempting to put the grill/headlights on. Between rubber bands and clamps, I was able to get something that I could live with, but it still has a little of the old 1960 era JoHan promo 'smile'.
  6. 1962 Chevrolet El Camino that I built many, many moons ago. I attempted to keep it believable by using a "6", 3 speed stick on the column, black wall tires, dog dish hubcaps, and basic gold paint, based on the Bel Air model. I've actually had friends and guests get into arguments over whether Chevrolet really made one in 1962.
  7. It's been years since I've attempted a lowrider or any type of custom. This one didn't start out that way, but took on a life of its own.
  8. That was to save drive in theater admission cost.
  9. Before After It's a special presentation day at Otto Ray Sing Classic Car Center. A young lady who had inherited her grandfather's 1960 Plymouth Fury, brought in in for restoration work. It is now completed, and just to make the moment more memorable, Mr. Williams, the dealership owner, had it brought into the showroom for presentation to her. Here we see him handing the keys to the proud young owner while several staff members watch in the background. This was one of the easiest rebuilds I've ever done. All I did was buff/polish the windows, rechrome the bumpers, and repaint the body. I left the tires/hubcaps as they were. If they ever bother me, I can always address them later.
  10. These kits were made to build, so here's one straight from the box; a 1960 Pontiac Bonneville.
  11. All that is needed is a shrink ray so we can make ourselves little and go cruisin'...
  12. I will have to admit that I don't like it. I absolutely love it. These big Caddies rocked, and you have captured it to perfection. I'm going to have to try this myself, of course my attempt will not be as beautiful as yours.
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