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  1. This is the Pegasus UFO kit with modifications...
  2. In the Longmire books, Walt Longmire describes his sheriff's truck that he calls the Silver Bullet. For some reason I always thought it was a Dodge. But I got in touch with Craig Johnson and asked him about it. He said that Silver Bullet was a Ford F-250 4X4 Extended Cab. This AMT '97 kit was as close as I could get to what I wanted, so I used it. Door decals were done by a friend, and I did the lettering on my printer. (Need to redo the little stuff. Looks like the clear coat didn't agree with the ink.) And unlike the Bronco in the TV series, the Silver Bullet wears a light bar. Got a ways to go yet, but this is where I am so far.
  3. This would have been a contemporary of the cars used in "Mad Max," so I did mine that way.This is a Cavalier Models resin kit. It was used for a story on masking multi-color paint jobs 20 years ago.
  4. Both of these are AMT snap kits.
  5. I had fun with paint in years past. These are all variations on AMT's Extended Cab snap kits. I painted the black one, then gave to Rick Hanmore who finished it. Jim Wilfong had it for a long time and I managed to talk him out of a year ago. These were all for magazine and book How-tos.
  6. It comes with the Chevy 3500 HD cab from Motor City Resin Casters. Be aware that Jeff is a one-man operation swamped to the gills and does take some time to get product out. But product is excellent.
  7. Frame is a combination of a Modelhaus front (to make a more detailed Extended Cab chassis) and the rear from a 454SS.
  8. Yeah, I know the muffler and catalytic converter are reversed. Terry
  9. The red and yellow cars were featured in "Hot Rod Model Kits" (2000). The blue one in the first photo was borrowed, so I built a replacement recently so I could have all three together again.
  10. Not much else to say...
  11. It's not a kit. It's a 1/24 diecast from Hachette. The car is a 1948 ZiL 110A Russian limousine. The actual car was a copy of a 1942 Packard.
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