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  1. High school hot rod. Done as a car that someone has cleaned up and refurbished. Nice kit, goes together with little trouble.
  2. No, I'm not kidding. This is an Arii 1/32 scale '57 Mazda T-200 truck. Just for fun, I tried to make some changes to have it look like a 1/25 scale warehouse truck. Not sure I pulled it off, but it was fun to build. The '63 Chevy and the Harley give you an idea of relative size.
  3. Revell Skip's Fiesta Drive-in '59 Ford Retractable.
  4. It's a bulletin board pin painted flat orange.
  5. Fun kit to build. I changed a few things to get more of an OG look.
  6. Fabulous! Like everyone here, I love that helmet. Coolest idea.
  7. Gorgeous. That paint job is just perfect for that car, and ultra clean.
  8. The Darracq was an Airfix kit produced as part of their vintage motoring line. It dates back to the '50s, and is listed as 1/32 scale like the rest of the cars in that group. But it's actually 1/24 scale or thereabouts, especially when you see it compared with an AMT Model T. The kit was released several times (the first in a clear plastic bag), but then was released by MPC with extra parts to build a "drag" version. I've been tempted to pick up one of the MPC kits and do the drag version just for fun. Fairly goofy. They did that with a number of those old Airfix antiques. MPC and Airfix had a pretty strong working relationship for a number of years.
  9. Me, too. Always liked Steely Dan.
  10. Actually, that's a duplicate. In 1999, the Monogram Blue Beetle was a rare, expensive kit to find. The one in the book photo was borrowed, and I had to return it. Later on, I did find one for me, and I built that one.
  11. These were built for "Hot Rod Model Kits" in 1999. And as they are today...
  12. The squirrels go running through the trees and I can't help it...
  13. Well, that was the idea behind this Malibu surf wagon. It's actually box stock, but I had a lot of fun doing a different finish.
  14. Wow. That is a great looking idea. Really handsome design.
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