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  1. Got my copy of Tim Boyd's new book in the mail today, and it is amazing. 176 pages of photos and all kinds of information about muscle car kits from all the manufacturers. Something like 400 photos! I've just had a chance to breeze through it tonight, but what I've seen is terrific. One of the coolest books on model cars EVER. This had to be a ton of work, and it shows. This is terrific history. They're available from Car Tech Books, and Amazon. You owe it to yourself. In the meantime, I'm going to have a ball reading. Never know--maybe I'll build a muscle car or two.... This is a very impressive book. Terry
  2. Who is casting these, and when will they be ready? I read through but missed it. Thanks, Terry
  3. Thanks. I have a bunch of photographs of this particular car. The kit is from Modelhaus and, unfortunately, is no longer available since they have discontinued production (except for a long waiting list of late orders).
  4. Seems like I started this an eon ago, but I keep edging closer. Spent the last few days making a steering wheel, and I have lots of little parts to finish. Seems like those take the longest. Terry
  5. Amazing work, and fun to watch this come together.
  6. I've been building police car models for about 35 years off and on. Here's just a few.
  7. These are patrol units from my home department, Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office. The models are Motormax diecasts. I had the decals printed by Microscale based on photos I took of the cars. The white Crown Victoria is from 2009, the black and white one from 2011, and the SUV Interceptor from 2015. They use the SUV primarily but still have a few of the Crown Vics on the streets. The decal sheet is set up to do older paint schemes, too.
  8. What a total hoot! I love it. What wonderful imagination.
  9. Checking to see if I can load photos... Terry
  10. Hey, if you guys want to see the greatest collection of model hot rods since Tim Boyd discovered the Internet, try here. http://public.fotki.com/TerryJessee/the-hot-rod-model-k/ Lots of cool stuff. Terry
  11. Hey, you have any more '32s? That is wonderful! More, more, please!! Terry
  12. That's beautiful. Thanks for that, and for all that information and the in-progress shots. When I did "Hot Rod Model Kits," we used a Mooneyes dragster on the cover shot. It was put together from original parts but we never could find a set of exhaust. I just left it as-is. I found some headers that are closer, but it's been like it is for some long, I may never change it. This was a great topic, and really well done. Terry
  13. Nice weathering on that exhaust system. Very subtle and realistic.
  14. That's nice work. I like both of them. I've had a four door sedan and a four door wagon over the years. Still miss the wagon. TJ
  15. I had one just like that except it was tan. My dad bought for me for $100. One of many cars I should have kept. Your model is wonderful, and so are the photos of your car. Thanks. Terry
  16. Wow, that really does point out the issue with the top on the kit. And that's a pretty model, just right. Details are super sharp. And where do we get one of those bodies (or two or three)? Great photos. Terry
  17. Wow, those are beautiful! Love that old F1 stuff. I wish they did more kits. Terry
  18. That's beautiful. The color is just perfect. The wood panels and framing are really sharp. Cool. Terry
  19. What a wonderful piece of work, Drew. Very impressive. Terry
  20. Just something I'm noodling with. This'll be an LAPD cruiser from the Joseph Wambaugh TV series, "Police Story." http://images9.fotki.com/v1493/photos/0/1025640/12775231/75impala-vi.jpg
  21. Ah, yes, ever the gentleman. I like old Ford. To tighten this up, use what's in the box. Aftermarket decals are okay, as is detailing. And so we'll see, David. Goliath is getting old and slow, so it's probably a better match than you think. Start now--'57 Fords at the ready. This sounds like fun. If anyone cares to join in, come ahead. By the way, I really like that woody. That's a nice piece of work. Hobby Lobby has craft braid that looks a lot like that wiring/cable for the headlights. Might be easier to work with. Terry
  22. Okay, Baker Boy, here's a little extra impetus. You pick something--a car or pickup--and we'll both build it in our own inimitable fashions. Gotta be done by July 4. I know--it's an all-new something, but it'll be fun to see where we both go. Maybe another woody? How about the '49 Merc? Or how about any LAPD cruiser? Just for the fun of it--and some perverse bragging right.... You up for it? Terry
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