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  1. I actually have a Rod Hall autograph around here somewhere.
  2. That tri-power in the '32 is a "nailhead" Buick. I'm not aware of any other kit which has this exact engine although there are others which have "nailhead" engines.
  3. VW93, here's the article you're looking for.
  4. Dave, I don't have the parts but here's some info which may be helpful if you want to try from scratch.
  5. I've started a '60 Ford F100 chassis swap using the Revell "old tool" '56 F100 chassis. '56 and '60 are same wheelbase and ladder design. I'm not home so no photos, sorry. Try a quick mockup to see what I'm talking about.
  6. The MPC Rislone Special had Wheel Horse Decals for tractor
  7. That chrome tree with speargun, etc. is from AMT 1963 Thunderbird Hardtop.
  8. I just noticed you finally identified your chassis. I was aware of the source but unable to reply (months ago) for some reason. It's in more than one Switchers kit.
  9. Attached are a few tire suggestions depending upon the doodlebug you may have in mind.
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