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  1. Ron added a post in a topic Vega Funny Car Spoiler Extension 1/25   

    I made mine too. May not be totally accurate but it gets the job done...used clear sheets and drew it out and cut it with scissors.

  2. Ron added a post in a topic Gravity Colors...anybody bought from them lately?   

    Mate' is a great guy, very trustworthy and provides the BEST paint on the market in my humble opinion. I have had many behind the scenes conversations with him about paint colors ideas for the future as well as just overall customer service. HE is definitely a friendly in the model car world. I think your issue was isolated. Also regarding the crush bottles, he has recently switched to a far more durable bottle and I think the broken bottle thing is in the past..I never had the old bottles delivered cracked or damaged, but I did hear Mate tell me that it has happened to others.. I guess I was a lucky one. However I have received the new bottle lately and I think they fix that problem.. I have nothing but good to say about Mate Mayer and Gravity Paints, he is genuine.
  3. Ron added a post in a topic Tex Collins : Mr Cal Automotive V12 Allison Mustang F/C   

    Thats off the charts there...great build!!
  4. Ron added a post in a topic Durachrome Bug   

    Thats an awesome paint job and great engine detail...I was curious why the blower hat is facing backwards, thats interesting!
  5. Ron added a post in a topic 75 Duster Pro Stocker   

    Very nice job!!
  6. Ron added a post in a topic Machine Aluminuim Specialties   

    Thats great to see....I'll take a look at the site, there are some things I need, but have been holding off ordering there..because I didnt know what was going on. Really cool to see it back off the ground, and people receiving orders!!
  7. Ron added a post in a topic Hey!!! Gimme Back My Avatar!   

    LOL>>>>>well atleast someone didnt steal a self created avatar of yourself playing guitar......that happened to me on a music forum and the guy had the nerve to tell everyone it was him....since I am known well enough there..it was quickly fixed. Kinda like someone showing you a picture of your wife...and saying it was theirs. LOL
  8. Ron added a post in a topic Ray Hendrick 1969 Chevelle   

    Thanks Raul...I got the rear axle installed and will post some more pics soon.
  9. Ron added a post in a topic Ray Hendrick 1969 Chevelle   

    I got the decals on.....

    modeldude..I am just using some Nascar wheels from the AMT nascar kit..they will be set to the side though and not installed on the car.

  10. Ron added a post in a topic Complete:1983 Lemans Winning 956   

    Looks flawless...the engine details are very nice as always! You were able to get some stuff done the past couple of weeks....I could use some of that motivation myself.
  11. Ron added a post in a topic Complete: 1/16th Scale Petty Charger   

    I missed this post Dave..I was wondering how it was coming along. Great build....I really wish I could build this clean.

    I hope the shipping goes well....I hope Ace Ventura doesnt get it!
  12. Ron added a post in a topic Ray Hendrick 1969 Chevelle   

    Got the base coats of paint on the outside and the inside...

  13. Ron added a post in a topic 1983 Lemans Winning 956   

    This is a style car that I have often wondered about building..and how well I could do with it. Good to see this from you Dave...your paint finishes are always perfect!
  14. Ron added a post in a topic Ray Hendrick 1969 Chevelle   

    Thanks Bob and Tonio....heres alittle more on this one. I have learned alot from Dave T, and Mark Jeffries that has paid off on this build...thanks to those guys for what they share

  15. Ron added a post in a topic Ray Hendrick 1969 Chevelle   

    Thanks guys..Rick bullgraphix has the decals I need for this one and I will order them sometime this week. Heres what I have managed to get done over the past 2 nights. More later this week. Thanks for checking it out!