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  1. irender added a post in a topic Where To Buy Kits-aftermarket Detailing Products   

    Thanks guys, I've busy lately. Great links. Luckily I saved a lot of my aftermarket detailing supplies. The prices have soared.
    However I'm getting geared up to building something..soon?...
  2. irender added a post in a topic Help   

    I checked out the link to your build. It's beautiful. Great job!!
  3. irender added a post in a topic When To Apply Bmf?   

    I prefer to apply BMF after clearcoating my paint job. I don't use Future, as I prefer to apply several light clearcoats and wet sand between each. I polish the last coat and apply BMF right before installing the glass. I don't like the look of a clear coat over BMF whether it's Future or paint. It seems to join the paint and trim in an unnatural way. I like the trim and paint to have different textures. BUT, that's just my opinion. Do whatever YOU think looks best.
  4. irender added a post in a topic Charles Carpenter 1955 Pro-sportsman   

    I have them tucked away somewhere. I'll try to find them and send you a few scans.
  5. irender added a post in a topic Charles Carpenter 1955 Pro-sportsman   

    Thanks. As far as a "how to". What part of the detailing would you be interested in.
  6. irender added a post in a topic I M S A Corvette G T P 'my Grail Of '08   

    C'mon, c'mon..peel that tape off..let's see. The hardest part is waiting for things to dry to find out how they turned out. Looking good so far.
  7. irender added a topic in General   

    Where To Buy Kits-aftermarket Detailing Products
    Does anyone know what happened to S&S Specialties? They used to make great photoetched parts. And where are you buying model kits. All we have here is Hobby Town, with not much of a selection.
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  8. irender added a post in a topic Where Do You Keep Your Stash?   

    Brings back old memories. I had 600 kits and kept them on 3 out of the 4 walls in the room i used to build in. But, when I had all those kits, I found it hard to decide what to build. Too many choices. On the other hand, you pretty much had any part you needed. I hated it when they had to go.
  9. irender added a post in a topic My Take On The Revell '49 Merc   

    Yup, Very clean build. And I consider a CLEAN BUILD the ultimate compliment.
  10. irender added a post in a topic 67 Plymouth T/sa   

    Nice clean build. Looks great.
  11. irender added a post in a topic Charles Carpenter 1955 Pro-sportsman   

    Thanks guys!! When building the car I tried to make sure everything was detailed properly and "looked right". I had the car almost finished-engine in and plumbed, wheels and tires on, brake lines on, when I realized I had the front directional wheels on the wrong side What's worse is that I used epoxy to set them in place. I had to literally tear them off and rebuild part of the front end to fix it. Not a good day.
  12. irender added a post in a topic Charles Carpenter 1955 Pro-sportsman   

    Some of the AN fittings were aftermarket (the ones that look good ) and some were scratchbuilt. I decided that this was the kit I was really going to let loose on. If Charles Carpenter wasn't the man he is, I would never been able to do what I did. 8 months of I can't wait till I see this finished.

    On a tip from Kenny-http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=9834.I built a light box to take the pics in this post.
    I had a box and tissue paper, spent $1.06 for a sheet of white posterboard. Worked like a charm.

    I did a lot of searching on different groups/forums, and this is the place to be. Some classy stuff here.
  13. irender added a post in a topic Charles Carpenter 1955 Pro-sportsman   


    This was a "passion project" for me. When Charles told me the kit was coming out I couldn't wait to get started. I used pics taken in his shop to get the wiring and plumbing right. I even mixed custom Metalizer colors to match the engine colors. I would walk in the front door and ask Charles if I could take a few pics and he would remove body parts from the car to let me get pics for detailing the model. Truly one of the nicest, genuine persons I ever met. This model is my favorite, and, the last kit I built.....scratch..scratch..got the itch again.
  14. irender added a post in a topic Tarps made easy!!!!   

    It's amazing that when you're hooked on building models, everyday objects are seen as what they would represent in different scales. I looked forever and tried almost everything I could imagine to find a material that matched a parachute tether cover for my Pro-street project. I went into the closet in the house we we're living in at the time that had a pull string for the light. BINGO!! That was it! It was immediately replaced with a newer and better pullstring.

    Oh yeah, the tarp idea is EXCELLENT. Good Eyes.
  15. irender added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Charles Carpenter 1955 Pro-sportsman
    This is my favorite build. I knew Charles and built this kit back in the late 80's. I had access to his shop basically anytime I wanted, and took 100's of pictures to use while building. This is the most detailed model I have ever built. Took 8 months from start to finish. The scratchbuilding was challenging to say the least, but the most fun I've had in building a model car. A few pics......and thanks for looking.

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