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  1. Scale Finishes??

    My apologies for the horrible service the last two months, it seems like anything that could go wrong, did. This is the last week for my paint shop job, all the snail mail sale orders are shipping today (12/15), and I should be catching up on all of the internet orders this weekend. If you need a custom color, or have already emailed me about one, those should be getting worked on early next week. Also, I will soon be working on the website, so look for some changes and new products there.
  2. Scalefinishes.com new colors.

    I don't think the search button is working. I am building a new site, and will get everything sorted by the 4th of July. Mr. Stock, what colors are you looking for? I might be able to get the to you. Or you can always order them from Elm City Hobbies. Please email me at scalefinishes@gmail.com
  3. Scalefinishes is now mixing colors in house! This shift away from using an outside paint supplier will allow me to offer many more colors, and mix custom colors (Basecoats and Gloss Enamels) without charging anything extra for them. I will also be happy to mix custom (non-stock) colors in 1oz bottles! The really good is that the availability of older colors, that I currently only carry in Gloss enamels, can now be mixed as basecoats, and some Basecoat colors can mixed as Gloss enamels. The second good part to this, is quicker order fulfillment times. I don't need to wait for the next day to pickup colors. Last, but not least; All this his is available with the same high quality paints, color matches, and FREE shipping that scalefinishes is famous for! If you would like to see me carry any other products, or product lines, just let me know. Jameston scalefinishes@gmail.com
  4. Moebius 71 Ranger Pickup

    Good news! if you go to http://www.scalefinishes.com/moebius.html All the colors used on that truck are listed!!! I even threw in a handy link on bottom of the section that shows all the colors, and how the two tone schemes can be painted. And, it that wasn't good enough... If you want to get any of those colors in Basecoats, just contact me, I will be more than happy to whip up some for you.
  5. Cherchez La Femme/Tango 004.

    Thank you for the great feedback everyone. I love the new BSG series, but I wanted something different from the regular white paint/red stripes of the Colonial fleet birds. I am happy with how it turned out. It has a retro WW2/Vietnam feel to it that I really like. Danno: Thank you, the Seattle show was great (despite the swollen foot), I plan on going regularly. I will be down for Modelzona (and will have this viper with me), so I will see you there.
  6. Cherchez La Femme/Tango 004.

    My latest project, built while my foot healed after the Seattle IPMS show. Fleet reserve colonial MK2 Viper from the Leonis colony. Each of the 12 colonies of Kobal get their own fleet reserve units, and I figured they would be a lot like the air national guard units we have in real life. An older fighter that was in good shape would be kept around for a variety of missions. This MK2 is used for atmospheric air combat training, so it has a camouflage paint scheme to keep it hard to see near the ground. Being from Leonis the pinup girl and French/Leonese saying on the nose is perfectly acceptable. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki The safety placards, colonial seal, and no step decals are out of the kit. The Leonis flag, ship name, and the Triangle T (denoting a training unit) are custom printed. all the white lettering is dry transfer. The pinup girl is from Pinupsplus.com Thank you, Jameston
  7. Scalefinishes.com is now carrying 1oz colors!!! They are priced at $7 for basecoats, and $7.50 for Gloss enamels. Shipping is always free. So far it is only the in-stock colors listed as 1oz, but throughout March any orders for 1oz colors will be filled with 2oz of paint. Think of this as a sale, you get 2oz of paint for only $7.(50).
  8. Scalefinishes.com will be having a year end sale from Thursday December 26th through Monday Janurary 6th. All in stock colors will be $5 a bottle, and this will be the LAST TIME that price is offered.
  9. 1950 Oldsmobile clear hoods.

    Art, Thank you, I will try cutting the kit hood and making something more authentic. Now I also need a 32 kit. :-D
  10. http://www.volocars.com/1950-oldsmobile-88-check-out-the-hood!!!!-c-1662.htm#sthash.5U2xyv7m.dpbs I just seen this, and it was supposed to be an actual part used by Olds dealers. How would I be able to replicate a part like that? Vacuum form, clear resin, other???
  11. I have begun lowering my prices! All 2 ounce bottles of paint (except for new colors) will be $10. Please give me a few more days to get all of the prices updated. If you need a color that is listed at $13, just email me and I will get it changed. SHIPPING IS STILL FREE!!! Thank you, Jameston
  12. Revell '62 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    Jim, You can email me about the colors you are looking for. I will be more than willing to send you the formula info I have, and you can see if a local paint shop will mix it for you.
  13. Revell '62 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    If anyone needs factory codes, or any type of paint information, for the 62 Vette you can find them on my site (scalefinishes.com), or email me (scalefinishes@gmail.com) There is more info, and specs for the '62 at http://www.rogerscorvette.com/specs/62.htm I hope that helps, Jameston
  14. If you can only use a spray can, I would recommend Testors' British Green Metallic. That color is close, and looks good on model cars. If you can use an airbrush... You know what I'm going to say. :-D I love that you are doing the Bullitt build and you live in SF, that is cool.
  15. What color do they mean exactly?

    I think this might be too late, sorry. GM often used different names/paint codes for the same color, and this a classic example. Shelltone Ivory was a renamed formula that Pontiac used in 60/61. GM used the same color formula from 59 to 68 under several different paint codes and names. The most recognizable use of that color is paint code C Ermine White. A great place to find these colors, and the colors they cross over to is paintref.com