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  1. rhoadapple added a post in a topic gas prices: what is it doing to your modeling budget?   

    Regular gas is now 3.99 a gallon here in Up North Michigan. In 1999 I bought a new Ford Escort and now have about 69000 miles on it...the 'ole gal gets 34 - 35 miles per gallon on the road so that's what we drive around. I keep the 2008 truck close to the home front. Of course, one must remember that at 62 years old I can get away with driving that Escort 'cause no one's looking! LOL

    So far it hasn't effected the hobby for me...

  2. rhoadapple added a post in a topic Anyone here play guitar?   

    My first guitar was a Kay electric Strat knock-off...remember those from '64. Have owned and played Gibson Les Pauls, including the Anniverary Silver Burst Custom, a couple of accoustic Martins, a Gibson accoustic Dove (which I really liked) and now play a Fender Fat Telecastor (its got a Fender Telecastor pickup at the bridge and a humbucker at the neck with a 5-way switch) through a Fender Princeton chorus with a Digitech RP500 effects board. Of all the guitars I've owned over the many years I enjoy playing the Telecastor the best. Like Blues, Country Rock, Dire Straits, Eagles and others of that sound. Play my guitar at least once every day and can still rattle the windows....when the wife isn't at home!

  3. rhoadapple added a post in a topic why are those 60's models so rare?   

    LOL, Tom...isn't that the truth!!

  4. rhoadapple added a post in a topic I don't care for it.   

    Rob, one should always remember that what looks good, or doesn't, to one person may be entirely different to others viewing a particular model. I'd like to think that constructive criticism is best received when it's actually requested by the builder of the model, otherwise your best intensions may not come across as such. Just my 2 cents worth...

  5. rhoadapple added a post in a topic YOUR LOCAL HOBBY SHOP ECONOMY   

    As a former hobby shop owner in the '70's, and a fellow that loves to visit hobby shops while traveling to have a look around (often purchasing a kit or two in the process), I absolutely will not buy plastic kits from our local hobby shop that does, in fact, have a nice selection of models. Why? Because a few of the employees have a real hard time saying a simple "thank you" when a purchase is made which gives the impression most of the time that they don't give a hoot if you're there or not. While not the owners of this hobby shop, the effect of this kind of attitude has a direct bearing on where my hobby funds are spent. Since the time I've made a decision not to shop there, I've discovered, and spent LOTS of money, on various hobby items from internet sources; and I always get a "thank you" along with a discounted price. It's a bit of a shame, but that's the way it is.

  6. rhoadapple added a post in a topic Who offers the best mail-order models?   

    Thanks again, folks! Lots of suggestions and I just KNOW that I'm going to get into a lot of trouble with the finance boss!!! LOL (just kidding....well,...maybe not.....)

  7. rhoadapple added a post in a topic Your thoughts on building a 1948 Ford 4-dr Cruiser, please   

    Thanks, Al. I thought I'd try using the Revell '48 Ford Wagon kit for a start as it's already in 4 door form, and then possibly trying to use the '39 or '40 Ford sedan roof as a donor for the project. It's modifying the roof and creating a trunk that will take some work. Haven't done this type of project so those that have the know-how are encouraged to jump in with suggestions.

  8. rhoadapple added a topic in General   

    Your thoughts on building a 1948 Ford 4-dr Cruiser, please
    Hi folks,

    Years ago my father-in-law had an old 1948 Ford 4-door sitting in the field that had seen better days but was still solid. At the time I never realized the opportunity in front of me (I was more interested in my 1962 Chevy Impala SS), and, finally the '48 went elsewhere. I would like to make a model of this car using the 1948 Ford kits available today as a base and make the changes as required, especially along the lines of adding a roof, to create a nice Cruiser. I would value your suggestions and comments on how best to go about this project. Thank you for your assistance on this endeavor.

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  9. rhoadapple added a post in a topic The History of the Dune Buggy--Why Did It Capture the Imagination?   

    I grew up during the dune buggy rage and can tell you it was FUN! VW's were plentiful and relatively cheap, fiberglass bodies made for an easy project and custom parts were there, too. Riding around with the wind blowing in your hair was freedom at it's best and we really weren't too worried about paint jobs and such as would be the case with an expensive hot rod. Plus, gas was cheap and that VW engine (or Corvair engine) would let you cruise all over the place, making noise and looking cool for the girls that always wanted to go for a ride. I think those dune buggy's came along at just the right time to make a big hit. Every now and then I'll see someone riding around in one with a big grin and I know the driver is having fun.

  10. rhoadapple added a post in a topic Who offers the best mail-order models?   

    Thanks for the replies, guys! I have looked at Model Roundup and have purchased models from Tower (when I place an order for RC airplane items), but some of the others I am not familiar with.

    Dr. Cranky, during the Gulf War and later I sent hundreds of plastic models to our troops and some of those were older kits. Had about 1100 models/kits at one time so I'm familiar with past offerings. ....but you DO know what happens after you give kits away...LOL

  11. rhoadapple added a topic in General   

    Who offers the best mail-order models?
    I'm wondering what mail-order business you folks use when shopping on the Internet? Who offers the best selection, service and shipping? Who has a good vintage kit selection with honest pricing? Thanks for your thoughts and replies.

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  12. rhoadapple added a post in a topic The VEGA & PINTO Celebration Thread   

    I bought a new 1974 Vega GT, met. green with white stripes, and really liked driving that car. It didn't rust out as people were saying...I got rid of it after three years when, during a routine tune-up, we couldn't budge one of the sparkplugs. I also had a Ford Pinto Rallye Wagon (I think that's what it was called), was a two-door panel type that was red and black. Bought it with about 78,000 miles on it and drove it for a long time. I enjoyed driving that car, too. I'd have to purchase a model or two if those came out.

    Thanks for the memories!

  13. rhoadapple added a post in a topic Suspension from Board   

    It's about time...and this move can result in a much nicer forum for all those who want to enjoy the hobby of model car building. Thanks, Gregg.

  14. rhoadapple added a post in a topic Special Treatment   

    Well, my daughter, son-in-law, grandson, step-grandaughter and her husband, and step-great grandson are taking me to the zoo and then out for dinner....and then to the hobby shop. WOO-HOO!!

  15. rhoadapple added a post in a topic Where are all the convertables?   

    My wife and I stopped by a local 1:1 car show the other evening and I saw, for the first time in a LOOOONG while, a 1962 Ford Galaxie convertible with a 390 under the hood. White with red interior, red pin stripes and a black soft top. Man, was that car NICE looking and I can remember thinking back in those memory days how I'd like to own one. It would be nice to make a model of that car that I was never able to buy in full scale.