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  1. got some work on the rig first up the front end extended the grill guard added lights to light the road ahead at night and to leave a picture to the lucky survivors that tell the story of how the truck destroyed everything around them added the bunker out back to store the liquid hell tanks and the other things that go boom the mortor base 180 degree range of BOOM the over all look of the truck so far
  2. ok boys and girls here we go the kit trusted eyes of a fellow zombie hunter the build and to think this is all defense wait till the offense parts start being made. can someone say flame cannon, morters, mini guns, and .50cal mg's?
  3. found the use old photobucket button and got it back to the og way. but i'll be damned if it isnt the most possible slowest thing i ever used. oh well i can figure that out later thanks guys
  4. ok i been away for a bit and now i cant figure out how to un(insert 4 letter unprofessional word here) my photobucket and how to post a simple pic anymore. can someone help please
  5. Alright doc I"m in. I'm going to bring death ram to the mix as a zombie/survivor apocolypse machine oh yeah now this is a way to return
  6. I'm planning a huge build soon that involves L.E.D lighting. I have seen a few builds on here that has L.E.Ds on them and was wondering where i could find super small L.E.Ds. The local electronics store only carries 3mm L.E.Ds and those are way too big for what im planning. I think i have how ever seen a 1mm L.E.D but i can't remeber where it was. If someone could post a place to buy these 1mm L.E.Ds that would be very helpful. Thank you for your time.
  7. well i decided to step up my paintin skiils before i hit the rig's awesome paint job i have in mind. so i picked up this kit for $10 and decided why not i'll practice on this one. heres the kit heres where its at so far the idea is black on black on black. but im gonna go for making it look like a dicast paint job and be flawless. if not i'll keep restarting and buying alot of dot 3 brake fluid till it is flawless lol.
  8. well i currently have been listening to tge band within temptation as i work on my rig. heres one of there big hit songs her voice seems to calm me down and make me focus alot better.
  9. well good news i got the frame extension done and started the sleeper. now for the funt part of making the epic sleeper man cave lol
  10. the operation was a success. the patient is alive and well looking real sexy in her red dress more on the merc sled hearse later
  11. got a update on operation heart attack as soon as they load
  12. Aww come on doc you missed the best steps. Place a towel over your head and the bowl and breath deeply lol. JK thats a good tip but i still like my dot 3 and my windex lol
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