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  1. mistermodel added a post in a topic Help Scratchbuilding a Diesel Engine   

    those things were installed in all sorts of chassis all with a bell housing swap.So a dodge,ford or chev transmission will work depending on what you ate doing with it
  2. mistermodel added a post in a topic KW suspension question   

    amt autocar dump  truck would be a good one.pretty much like a kw 6 rod that Jim mentioned.Any walking beam in most amt kits would do the trick,astro/titan is the nicest.I cant say if it any of those would be period correct if that the look you want.Lots of times these old trucks had mack rear diffs and suspension swapped in because they were pretty much bullet proof.if going for a restored truck in use today a pete air ride or kw 8 bag  would be ok
  3. mistermodel added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Finished Builds   

    since there isn't a brbo anymore why not just have the finished projects in the standard spot?
  4. mistermodel added a post in a topic amt freightliner cab corrections   

    I've made note of 5 different ladder steps,not including the different combinations of under the door steps.The square box door steps on the kit maybe a sever service cab option
  5. mistermodel added a post in a topic B.R.B.O BJ and The Bear Custom   

    looking good
  6. mistermodel added a post in a topic amt freightliner cab corrections   

    just a few of examples on how far freightliner would go to give you what you wanted in a truck

  7. mistermodel added a post in a topic amt freightliner cab corrections   

    if you want to back date it,round stepless lower cab panels will need to be fabricated.The kit is a "high mount" 61 series and a back dated "low mount" would be about 3 inches lower.These low mount cabs don't have the grill below the main grill ,but rather a solid panel.I started a low mount and made new frame hinges that are lower.Not sure if that right or its in the cab to make it lower.Then the front name plate will have to be changed.The kit has a frontal air intake with a grill.A back dated frontal air intake would have holes on either side of the "coat hanger "shaped emblem with out the grill part.Or just use the grill less emblem and fabricate a intake like most cab overs have.The kit lights are too high and a 2 or 4 lamp system would be totally up to you. The rivets like most amt trucks are too big.If your a real detail freak there should be 3 ribs on the door and a rubber around the peep window.It was mentioned the angle panel on the front is incorrect.It is correct for a sever service cab.Freightliners were a totally custom built truck ,anything could and was done ,so in all reality the incorrect headlight location could be correct if the truck was ordered that way
  8. mistermodel added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    long n low
    built this chrome shop mafia inspired kw
    300 inch WB,lowered suspension,6 inch straight pipes,aux.trans.,'93 pace car seats,retro glitter steering wheel,flc visor narrowed to fit,bill signs quarter fenders,amt bunk,started life as an aerodyne snap kit

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  9. mistermodel added a post in a topic snap kw w.i.p.   

    got it painted

  10. mistermodel added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    snap kw w.i.p.
    been messing with this.It was a cab that had a failed paint job and got striped ,then modified for a flat top vit,then put in a box and forgotten.Decided to do something with it a few months ago for a group build elsewhere.Changed plans about the sleeper.This time around it will have a crawl through 36 from an old amt kit.stretched it out and now have the interior done ,paint is next.Interior has Camaro pace car seats with matching door panels.Scratch built diamond tuft headliner and rear wall Retro glitter steering wheel as well

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  11. mistermodel added a post in a topic Kenworth heavy hauler   

    nice work
  12. mistermodel added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    shout out
    I'd like to give highway a public thanks for sending me a couple much needed parts.Its things like this that makes this a wonderful hobby to be involved in.As always when getting something always be sure to pay it forward.I always do and will continue to do so.Matt you will be getting some mail soon
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  13. mistermodel added a post in a topic Italeri is asking for new kit subject requests.   

    Wont hurt to give an idea.Cant change anything by not doing anything.Licensing was a factor with my picks.Figure they are good to go with a freightliner license and I picked a mack  because they have rights to volvos,volvo owns mack.Of coarse my licensing comments and thoughts are just assumptions
  14. mistermodel added a post in a topic Ford LTL 9000 Custom with Livestock Trailer   

    cool.glad to see your working on this again.I also have some loonnnggg term projects
  15. mistermodel added a post in a topic Super Boss   

    shoot me a pm.I could use the rear suspension shackles and possibly the rear diff.