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  1. mistermodel added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    late model KW W900L
    Messing around with updating anT600 into a curved cowl,aerocab,studio sleeper w900
    Rear cab wall cut out.Sleeper is lengthened and has height added .Used a second sleeper for the length and the area below the front windows.Side window panel is from styrene sheet to get the height
    Cab raised
    I thought I'd get the sleeper roughed in first, then modify the cab roof to fit
    No measurements of real ones just eye ball engineering .I just couldn't get the right look from using just one sleeper,needed sections of a second one.
    Still lots of work,finish both roofs,floor pans, interior, then the largest thing.. the hood.
    Probably will go on a snap chassis

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  2. mistermodel added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Kenworth W900L   

    BUILD WHAT YOU WANT ,not what others think you should do.
    On that note its a pet peeve of mine to have an "aero" type body on a super long frame.Kind of negates the advantages of aero,so your flat top bunk idea  makes sense to me .Of coarse this doesn't matter if its a flat bed or heavy haul truck.Driver comfort as mentioned above has a lot to do with the stand up designs also,but were probably a secondary thought over aero
  3. mistermodel added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Kenworth W900L   

    you could ask around for a ROG kenworth or a revel 359 sleeper flat roof and use the kit sleeper
  4. mistermodel added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Kenworth W900L   

    These last few comments are interesting because I'm in the process of very slowly building a late model W900 using a t600 and an extra bunk.lots of mods and redos required to get it close.The last pictures that have a bunk like the kit are flat cowled w900l's not curved cowl aero cabs.Saving those for reference for sure.  Now back to the regularly scheduled build..........flat top curved cowl

  5. mistermodel added a post in a topic All K-Woppers, let's see them K- Dubs   

    box stock with modeltruckin.com decals.one of my favorite trucks and a game changer in the history of trucks.

  6. mistermodel added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Diamond Reo C-1164DFL   

    the filler panel should stay.its there for set back axle or short hood applications.its cheaper tor the manufactures to add a filler panel than make 2 different floor pans or what ever

  7. mistermodel added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. 1955 H-63 Mack   

  8. mistermodel added a post in a topic Dodge, where would a guy start?   

    I 've read about this truck.The 1/1 is a 5 ton truck chassis with 1 ton axles.I'd start with an AITM cab,AMT ford Louisville frame,Lindbergh L700 engine /trans but should use an automotive big block for some better detailed bits and pieces. ,and rear fenders off a little red truck kit.I cant say where to get 1 ton axles though.
  9. mistermodel added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. ?????   

    read the pinned topic at the top
  10. mistermodel added a post in a topic AMT Kenworth W-900   

    W's are my favorite and this just has the look
  11. mistermodel added a post in a topic B.R.B.O Needle Nose Pete updated 2/2/16   

    I think a butterfly hood is a 351.A narrow tilt is a 358
  12. mistermodel added a post in a topic KW Snap W-900 {mud flaps}   

    sooo cool.Great paint scheme colour.I like what you did with the coe,I have an aerodyne roof cap hanging around.making my go hmmm.
  13. mistermodel added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Wmodel kenworth   

    I might build an AMT lowboy for this because I stumbled on a  single axle oilfield truck with a 5th wheel mounted 3rd axle that I think is neat.Too many ideas ,no real direction yet other than its going to be a W921.Looking at the other entries and were all facing some serious competition so far
  14. mistermodel added a post in a topic What was your first truck model?   

    I watched my dad build most of the original  issues starting at age 5.I think I had model cars about age 7.My first rig was a diamond reo about age 11.A reissued diamond reo was also my first truck after picking the hobby up again in the late 90's
  15. mistermodel added a post in a topic Whats new for 2016?   

    I have purchased the new Mobius kits ,but enjoy the round2 the most .Not because of price as mentioned earlier ,but because they have the best subject matter.I would enjoy another modern kit of just about any brand.Round2 business plan is reissueing old kits not making new molds,unless is a small repair for some thing.I have to counter point the opinion that we need new kits that youner people recognize...young people don't build too many kits any more.Models seem to be for older people any more and I don't blame the companys reissuing stuff to cash in on the older people havin disposable cash to buy kits they missed or for nostalgic reasons.