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  1. Cummins 903 info

    it will be light blue plastic.they also say 903 on the covers.the only kit was an international 4200
  2. I think the difference in height is because a western rl700 has straight frame rails.later western the fenders were lowered jus t like a valueliner r600.The ribs on the fenders are to do with what year truck.I don't have the years off hand.last picture is a eastern r700.The original pictures in this topic is interesting because its an western r700 built to eastern specs
  3. Nope ,just some images I saved for reference
  4. ModelTruckin'.com

    yes sir
  5. Kenworth conventional experts

    wasnt there a medium grill size also?
  6. Kenworth conventional experts

    just to add a little something,you could of had a narrow nose extended cowl also
  7. Snowman's Truck

    There are a couple options available. I myself would start with an amt because correct splendor interior,bumper ,battery box,rims,and bunk.An extra battery box would need to be sourced for the passenger side.In my opinion the snap aerodyne tanks would be best.The doors would have to be updated with paddle type door handles like the revel kits Revell would be the best choice for the base if building the restored version because of the battery boxes are the newer style.A revel interior is a newer double bunk vit interior,so the amt should be swaped as well as the small bunk. I guess a third option would be a revel of Germany long nose kit ,swap an amt or revel standard hood and cut down the bunk Some pictures of the truck clearly show gold emblems that were avalible in 73 for kw's 50th anniversary The engine is pure speculation because no photos of the originals are around.many say cat because snowman wore a cat hat Torsion bar suspension is available from the aftermarket modeltruckin has the decals
  8. Freightliner COE Questions

    found these.my dad had one with orange interior
  9. Freightliner COE Questions

    had these saved ,just had to find them
  10. a mercury would work also.I saw one picture that clearly showed the mercury access hole matched the ford window,but I think modifying the cab to match the bunk opening would be better,as many were done that way
  11. Freightliner COE Questions

    I'd like to ad a few things.the single bar grill is a series 61 cab ,nothing to do with raised or older configuration.I think a twin bar grilled series 71 is 7 inches wider.The interior padding could be virtually any colour for the kits vintage.The kit has a sever duty cab option,if memory serves me correct the boxed under door steps were part of it if they were ordered.The angled raised panels on the front are part of the sever package.|AMT missed a few delails,the headlight location ,the angle on the side profile is too high. I guess it has to do with the headlight measurements being off. The front axle as with most amt kits is too wide,exaggerated by the narrow 61 series cab.There should be a window gasket instead of rivets around the peep window.Also the doors should have 3 ribs instead of 2.Freightliners were purely a custom built truck so almost anything was a go.My favorite truck and kit,so I don't mind dealing with the cab seams
  12. Snowman truck

    nice rendition
  13. Watkins Kenworth 925

    very nice.my favorite amt combo
  14. Mack Cruiseliner Question

    I understand the red emblem was remover because it looked like a red flasher life emergency vehicle would use from the rear view mirror of a car.sort of the reasoning behind red bug shields being illegal. Apparently the cab was too wide so the turn signals had to recessed some what,but that caused too much wind turbulence and the side windows wouldn't stay clean, hence the new and improved head light bucket and flush turn signal.mack lobbied and was allowed to have turn signals mounted in the traditional coe position later in the run