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  1. I enjoyed going through all these pages of extremely fine and incredibly varied takes on the '29 Ford. Remarlable! While I've participated in it and I thought I had shown all I had worth showing I forgot to include one of my all-time favorite builds. It's from ten years ago and one of the few replica builds I've ever done. In 2011 there was a small independent hot rod movie called Deuce of Spades that came out. As you would think, given the title, it featured a drop-dead gorgeous black '32 Ford roadster. But it also featured, as the "bad guy's" car, was an equally impreive bright red '29 Ford roadster, referred to by the film crew as The Challenger. The actual car is owned by Jerry Mull who, when he learned I was building it, was gracious enough to send me extensive detail pictures of it. The actual car is powered by a small block Chevy, but Jerry told me when they made the movie they imagined it to be flat head powered, so that's how I built it. Since 2011 the front axle, a resin re-pop of the Revell '40 Fodr street rod dropped axle, has sagged badly, a common problem with resin axles. But the good news is that the resin caster, ThePartsBox.com, now makes it with a wire reinforcement cast in. Since this build I have used several of them and they are indeed sag-free. My intention is to repair the model and send it to Jerry. In the meantime here are some pics. The chassis is based on Revell '32 Ford rails, the motor based on a Revell '40 Ford piece and the body from an AMT '29 Ford. The hood and grill are from Replicas & Miniatures of Maryland while the louvers on the hood and deck are from Archer Fine Transfers. The paint is Duplicolor Flame Red with Testors Aluminum Plate Metalizer on the hood. Hope you all dig it. I sure had fun building it.
  2. Thanks Phil. Of course covid hasn't helped in getting to Victoria. We're trying to figure how to make the cost of the ferry make sense by planning some sort of tourist junket. When my Sprite was running we took a lovely trip out to Long Beach and Tofino and stayed there for a week. The drive out and back to Victoria is something we will always remember. Thanks Larry. I think this will be a personal fave on my shelf.
  3. Excellent execution and authoritatively accurate. Bravo!
  4. Beautifully executed in that impactful yet restrained style that I enjoy so much from you. I'm planning an order from Rep Min which will include this body if it's still available. What is the source of the interior parts? Is the interior "bucket" from the Revell Fordor? Just re-read the box label. Did you have to have the interior parts shipped separately?
  5. Once again, thanks so much for the kind words! As always, much appreciated.👍☺️
  6. Do you have links to the boat tail roadster (build and/or completion)? The lavender A is particularly nice. What's the paint you used (and of course, again the links, if any).
  7. Salut Gilles, Thanks for this important update. I saw your post on Koolest Kruisers (top flight French auto modeler's forum with some of the finest builders you can hope to see) where you remind us that although it includes the Deuce grill, the motor and wheels have been swapped between the ' 29 Roadster and the '30 Coupe kits since the original releases. This means no Halibrand mag wheels in this kit, correct? And of course the motor is a Buick Nailhead with Hilborn injectors as the high power option instead of a GMC blower and dual 4 barrel carbs.
  8. Thanks Russ. Dullcote can be magical stuff. As for the uptop, that's a really impressive conversion.
  9. This one is my favorite. Is the windshield from the Phantom Vicky? And how was that great up-top done?
  10. Lovely paint on this one.😎
  11. This is a spectacular piece of modeling, showing what can be achieved when this level of skill is applied to the kitbashing/scratchbuilding style of show car hot rodding. Massive thumbzupz! 👍👍👍👍
  12. Thanks to you all. Your comments are much appreciated! I really have to give credit to the original builder who gave me "good bones" to work with. While the overall stance is inevitably mine due to the fact that I chose the front axle, spring placement and wheels and tires, the initial proportions and the clear intention to set the rear axle as low as possible belong to the original builder. He also did very clean and precise work which gave me a head start on making this as sanitary a build as my skills would allow. If you've ever had the opportunity to look over an actual top-of-the-line 50's hot rod you will have to have been impressed by the fit and finish these early post war rodders were able to achieve - it's clearly part of the aesthetic and a key to the impact these cars have. The baby blue shade is not as unusual as modern viewers might think. Pale solids such a cream white, pale yellow and light blue, were popular alternatives to more expensive metallics and early candies and pearls, particularly on "summer cars" like open top roadsters where the fancier candy and pearl paints tended to fade rather quickly in sunnier climes. This car is based on a specific color photo of a 50's channeled roadster I saw on more than one occasion. I looked hard for it, both in my library of hot rod books and magazines and on the internet but I couldn't find it. A couple of very famous and significant vintage channeled roadsters from the 50's, the Tommy Foster roadster and the Paul FitzGerald car, each served to reinforce my mental picture, the Tommy Foster for its color and rolling stock even though it lacks full hood sides, and the Paul FitzGerald for the louvered full hood sides and stance, particularly of the rear 3/4s even though it has an extended custom shaped nose and bobbed frame horns. Of course both have cycle fenders. Again, thanx for the kind words, B. The Tommy Foster Lo-Boy Roadster: The Paul FitzGerald Lo-Boy Roadster:
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