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  1. Bernard Kron added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Fiat Competition Coupe F.E.D.
    I’ve been away from the workbench all summer and just got back to it a couple of weeks ago. My goal is  to complete a vintage drag model for a challenge build on the Vintage Drag Model (oddly enough) web site. The Challenge has a cutoff of October 15th so things are really tight, but I’m making good progress despite some problems with a brittle older resin body shell. I’m building a mid-60’s style Fiat Competition Coupe.
    Thanx for Lookin’
    The basic chassis is based on the late 60’s, early 70’s long wheelbase chassis first introduced by AMT on the Tommy Ivo front-engined dragster and based on a Don Long design. The chassis is found in many different kits including the AMT Digger ‘Cuda. In this case I sourced it from the Model King Too Much twin-engined dragster variant. In stock form it measures out to a 7.5” wheelbase which translates to a classic 187.5 scale inches. I shortened the frame forward of the engine area to 6.125” or a more mid-60’s friendly 153 scale inches. Here’s a comparison with the stock length frame.

    The motor is based on one of the 426 Hemis from the Too Much kit. The only significant change was using an Enderle “Barn Door” injector from the Revell Tony Nancy Double Dragster kit. The blower is finished in Magnesium and Burnt Metal testors Metalizer paints. The injectors will receive an era-correct Enderle injector scoop during final assembly. The driver compartment area of the chassis was fiven aluminum paneling along the sides and on the floor fashioned from .010” styrene sheet finished in Aluminum Plate Metalizer paint.

    The wheels are  60’s vintage Halibrand “Bear Claw” pieces from Competition Resins finished in Testors Acryl Jiet Exhaust paint to represent the classic Dow 7 coating of the period. The tires are AMT Parts Pack 11” M&H’s.

    Here’s the chassis as a roller with the motor installed”

    The Fiat body was bought on EBay and a little internet research reveals it to be from AFX Resins, but no longer available. I cut open the roof which unfortunately introduced some stress cracks in the body shell requiring extensive repair work.  Hopefully they’ll hold come paint time.

    Paint will be in a light shade, perhaps even white. I have also worked out some basic logo art as shown below.  The long logotype will go above the windshield and along the lower edge of the body at the rear below the trunk area.

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  2. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Revell's '29 Model A   

    Having seen quite a few nearly out-of-the-box builds already, in the few short weeks since this kit became generally available, my opinion is that the channeled version in particular needs substantial reworking  to look proper. As I've commented before, the OOB stance of this variant is terrible, IMHO, with far too much space between the undercarriage and the ground. So much so that the channeled version barely sits lower that the Deuce-railed highboy. You're right, at the very least the front end needs to be lowered - your modification improves the look enormously. But I think the rear end needs to come down as well to look like a proper channeled rod. My thinking is that Revell simply didn't Z the frame enough,
    Without these additional mods your build is as nice a version as I have yet seen. The grill shell sits right, and ,accepting the high Stance Revell has provided, the rake you have given it is very tasty indeed. It's great to see your work once again. There's a clean, purposeful simplicity to your approach that's very satisfying. The color and the subtle changes and details that you've given it work really well together.
    Despite some frustrating shortcomings, I think Revell has offered us a kit that will prove to be a classic and an enduring commercial success. I think you'll find the highboy closer to being "right" to begin with and easier to dial in to your liking. The approach you're taking to it sounds great. I'm looking forward to seeing your version!
  3. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic NEW PLACE TO GET PARTS CHROME PLATED!   

  4. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Potvin Blower - Why?   

    The Navarro blower setup, thought to have first run in either late 1946 or early 1947:

    Navarro was one of hot rodding's sharpest minds, creative on a level rivaled by few in his field or his generation. His articles in the first issues of Hot Rod Magazine and Hop Up are masterpieces of scientific education. Not only was he an inventor, machinist, and racing driver but he was involved in the early days of fuel chemistry as well. His articles on combustion, fuels, valve timing and supercharging are must-reads even today. Navarro was an early convert to turbocharging and consulted to Garret AirResearch, Alfa Romeo, and the Ford Motor Company on the matter. In later years he also developed heart-lung machine technologies using his extensive knowledge of fluid dynamics. He died in 2007 at the age of 88. His company, Navarro Engineering, survived him, continuing to manufacture nostalgia racing parts, including his famous High-Dome flathead racing heads.
    The legendary blown flathead not only figured in Navarro's roadsters own record runs but was loaned out to others who made their mark in the early days of hot rodding, including Tom Beatty's lakester and the SoCal Speed Shop crew (Alex Xydias and Dean Batchelor) for their streamliner.

    The Navarro roadster doin' the business:

    The master at work:

    Navarro (left) and Tom Beatty at El Mirage in 1948 working on the Navarro blown flathead installed in Bob Trammel's '27T: 

  5. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Potvin Blower - Why?   

    If I had to guess, Potvin's approach was determined by the most common high performance applications of the period, which was immediately of the second world war. During the 20's and 30's when supercharging was the go-to strategy for significantly increasing the output of an engine of given displacement, the distinction between blown and unblown motors was less prejudicial and supercharging was considered no different an option than multiple carburetion, for example. The most prevalent mounting strategy was a geared mechanical drive, either off the front as on the blower Bentley or via a shaft off the front cam tower and accessory drive with the blower mounted on the side of the engine block to reduce length (on Alfa Romeos for example). The potential deficiencies of belt and chain drives are well covered above. Top mounted blowers emerged when the challenge of fitting supercharging to a pre-existing chassis or engine compartment space became an important design consideration, for example as seen in the aftermarket oriented S.C.o.T. blower setup. It is simpler to cut a hole in the hood of a car than to relocate the cooling system or modify the chassis or suspension.
    A major disadvantage of a front-mounted blower in drag racing applications became apparent as drag racers found it desirable to concentrate weight over the rear wheels and towards the back of the car. I believe this, as much as anything, led to the demise of the front-mounted blower, and the Potvin in particular, during the 1960's. The advent of reliable toothed belt technology then assured that issues of cost, weight and pumping losses also would have hastened its exit from the drag racing world.
  6. Bernard Kron added a topic in Wanted!   

    Wanted: AFX Resin Fiat Chopped Coupe or similar
    This may be an impossible wish but I'll try. I just ran into serious problems with my copy and need a replacement ASAP. No longer available from the caster. Will buy or trade.

    Even cooler would be this variant on the Pete Millar Chicken Coupe, but...

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  7. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Yet another '29 Roadster...   

    This is the first channeled version with the out-of-the box chassis height that looks right, stance-wise, to me. The critical change is the chopped windshield. Amazing what a difference it makes. Also, the grill swap helps, since it gets ride of some of that verticalness at the front. Cool build...
  8. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic The "new" '29 roadster   

    This combination actually works quite well, big engine and all. The strong colors and graphics are certainly an important part of the effect. Very cool! I must remember the Revell midget nose cone for these, since it scales so much better that the one than comes with the venerable Revellogram Rat Rod kits...
  9. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Vel's Parnelli Jones F5000 Al Unser Car   

    Love this era of global formula racing, when the technologies were still within reach of relatively small organizations and reasonable amounts of capital. It was a hotbed for creative, talented entrepreneurs and driver/engineers like Bruce McLaren, Jack Brabham, Ken Miles, Carroll Shelby, Mark Donahue, Roger Penske, and Dan Gurney. For some reason Parnelli Jones often gets overlooked but was among the big players in this golden age. His cars showed his enormous talents to great advantage, often being among the most striking and original in their conception and styling. This build beautifully captures so much of that! 
  10. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Revell's New '29 Ford Roadster   

    Aesthetically a departure from many of your previous creations, with brighter colors and more contrast among the details. It has a balanced, close coupled look that should be very attractive once completed.
  11. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic AMT '39/'40 Ford Tudor   

    Love this kit and the overall character of the car. The only one completed thus far uses an aftermarket resin Fordor body shell but is otherwise close to the basic kit:

    The body shell really lends itself to sectioning and ,chopping. Here are a couple of w.i.p.s exploring this area.
    First a collaboration with Raul Perez who so far has done the majority of the work. Unusual for me, it's done in a modern style:

    Just sectioning the car and leaving the the top stock height yields a classic late '50's - early 60's full custom look. Here are couple of pics showing the basic body cuts and the intended result via Photoshop:

  12. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic 1956 Cadillac - Class of '56 - Graduate # 12   

    Nice build!
    Not sure why you couldn't post the actual pictures, but's it's too nice not to share more conveniently:

  13. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic NEW PLACE TO GET PARTS CHROME PLATED!   

  14. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Deuce Roadster - Full-Fendered - Blown Hemi   

    Really thorough detailing, from the flared air cleaner opening, already mentioned, to the painted headlight buckets and the I-beamed front axle, totally transform the character of this Revell 1/25th scale Deuce build. At first glance I thought you had found a way to work miracles on the ex-Monogram 1/24th offering! Some savvy kit bashing going on here, which delivers a top-notch result. A beautiful car, which would make an interesting and compelling 1:1. Bravo!
  15. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Eddie Dye Roadster, New Revell '29 scratchbash, Sept. 15: scaling and scratching   

    Model Car Garage offer a pretty fair rendition of the Eddie Dye nose piece. But I think in your case you'll probably accept the challenge of scratching together your own. The Dye roadster is one of my modeling holy grails and one of the few builds where I would accept nothing less than a true replica. Good luck on this one! Along with the Louie Bettancourt '49 Merc, it is inconvertible evidence of the genius of the Ayala Bros.