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  1. Thanks Dennis. Much appreciated. "time-capsule cars" are a popular trend right now, as people realize that the traces of materials and techniques of earlier times are potentially a valuable a part of the experience of the history of what the car once was. In modeling these things the challenge is to achieve some impact without going over the top and getting corny about it. Realism in general, whether like this, or with a concourse shine, is what I'm chasing in my modeling.
  2. Thanks to you both. I'm glad you enjoyed it. More pictures can be found Under Glass here:
  3. .In June I completed another Deuce, this time a bare metal highboy roadster based on the Revell kit with extensive modifications, including a 4" z'd rear end and Hemi V8.
  4. Again, thanks to you both for the kind words!
  5. The photos have to be manually and individually posted, but at least I got that done. If I can I'll post more of the project description in small chunks if the system will let me. I think I'm desperately in need of some sort of account reset or something... It seems I can only manually type in new stuff. No copy and pasting of any kind... Grrrrrr.
  6. Thank you everyone. I'm still having huge problems posting anything of my own on the forums. Indeed, in the past three days I haven't even been able to connect to MCM. It just has timed out. This is my first attempt to post a comment. I'm glad you all like the result of my project, even if I've only been able to post a single picture and a paragraph so far. If I can post this comment, I'll attempt more photo posts. I've messaged Dave Ambrose a couple of times but have gotten no reply. Help!
  7. “Faded Glory” – As-found ’48 Ford Coupe Hot Rod Textures, details and surface finishes that “scale” in miniature have always impressed me. Not that I’m not regularly blown away by spectacularly glossy paint jobs and super-detailing, but building a model that looks “real” and “natural” to the eye is a challenge that I take on from time to time, usually in combination with a project that’s otherwise fairly technically straightforward. As I approached the middle of summer which would see me away from my workbench for a month or more I decided to take on a simple project which I could complete in a few weeks where I would focus on this naturalistic approach to modeling.
  8. Thanks! I'm still trying to get the rest of my post to work.. I think I'll try again now that the thread seems to have been jump started.
  9. Problems posting this new topic. I'll try again... “Faded Glory” – As-found ’48 Ford Coupe Hot Rod
  10. Much thanks to you all. Glad you liked it. It's all done know. I'll post the final "beauty shots" Under Glass in a few minutes. In the meantime here are a few details. Thanx to all who followed along.
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