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  1. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic NEW Build of Revell's '29A Roadster - a more appealing Channeled version...   

    An important and perceptive observation. We've already seen an exceptionally large number of variations and personalized builds for such a new kit. Flawed it may be, but this kit is tremendous "grist for the mill".
  2. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic NEW Build of Revell's '29A Roadster - a more appealing Channeled version...   

    Nice one. Definitely an improvement over the OOB. It really benefits from less air under the chassis. I'm impressed with how much you were able to do without increasing the Z on the chassis. l just got started on my swing at the channeled version. I'm basing it on an old Photoshop collage I made which is very low, so I'll be increasing the Z. And even though I agree that Deuce radiator shells look best on these cars, on this go round I'll be attempting to keep the stock A shell and make it look good. After seeing this I think I have my work cut out for me.
  3. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Fenderless AMT "40 Ford Coupe (Roadster)   

    The stance on the chassis is really handsome. I'm looking forward to seeing a body-on mockup.
  4. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Fenderless AMT "40 Ford Coupe (Roadster)   

    I have to say this will really work. And the fact that you drew it out only underlines the fact. Looking forward to more, more, more!!!!
  5. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Top alcohol dragster   

    So the more modern kits have the double roll cage, then...
  6. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic AMT Double Dragster Engine Option   

    I thought I'd show this motor for a Studebaker Bonneville streamliner I started a few years back but haven't finished. The basic 392 is from the AMT '53 Studebaker kit but there's no reason you couldn't used the one in the Double Dragster. The blower casing, nose drive, manifolds and tubing are all from the MPC Carl Casper Undertaker kit (the rest of the Undertaker motor is pretty awful, unfortunately...).

  7. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Top alcohol dragster   

    Cool! What part is kit based, what's aftermarket, and what's scratch?
  8. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic AMT Retro Deluxe '53 Studebaker Customizing Kit   

    One of AMT's true all-time greats. The basic Raymond Loewy body design is so original and well balanced that customizing it successfully is very difficult, and yet the customizing parts in this kit, the grill modifications and the custom rear bumper, are so well integrated that it actually might be considered to improve on the stock version. I also think it was very wise of them to make the competition version completely over the top radical with the severe chop top. That way they avoided conflicting with the basic design. I've strated two of these, a chopped Bonneville streamliner and a midly customized version using the custom facia and rear end. The streamliner is still in progress but I did finish the mild custom. This is a first rate kit and a pleasure to build. The new Round 2 tires are a plus!
    Mild custom Studillac:

    Bonneville streamliner W.I.P. with Potvin blown Hemi:

  9. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Best 60s dragster?   

    I was just perusing the Round2 web site and noticed that the MPC Don Garlits Wynns Charger kit description included a pdf of the instruction sheet ( ). Close inspection of the details for the kit indicate this as an excellent candidate for a 60's style FED. In particular it has the basis for a nice shorty body by trimming the side panels beneath the motor from the nose. It has a separate body panel over the cockpit and an exposed roll cage area. Just shorten the wheelbase as described above and you've got your classic mid-60's 155" ,digger. The motor has separate blower pulleys and a vinyl Gilmer belt. It also features an accessory oil pressure gauge which mounts to the rear blower cover and one-piece zoomie exhausts instead of those skinny, fiddly two-piece  affairs that come in most of the Ivo-chassis variants. And lastly, the kit includes a well detailed front wing and separate axle weights as well. This may be the "weapon of choice" for a mid-60's FED project.
    Here's a composite picture of a couple of panels from the instruction sheet with some of these details circled:

  10. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic 1970 Challenger Dick Landy's Super Stock   

    A beautiful model!
  11. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Revell '29 Model A Roadster   

    This w.i.p. is proving to be the ideal summary of ways to deal with the detail mods the channeled version requires. Looks like it will be a nice machine when your done. I'll definitely follow along as it progresses.
  12. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Monogram '30 Ford hemi coupe   

    X3 Wonderful to see this come off your bench. Throughout its gestation it never, even for a moment, failed to entice, educate and delight, and the final product delivers in spades! Bravo!
    ...and I like both sets of wheels...
  13. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Best 60s dragster?   

    That's a Dragmaster Dart chassis. It was the Dragmaster answer to the longer, simplified and lighter Kent Fuller style chassis, such as the one he built for Tony Nancy's 22 Jr. Competition T-Bucket in the Revell Tony Nancy Double Dragster kit, The Attempt I chassis is a Dragmaster IV chassis, the one used by Dean Moon for the Mooneyes dragster and by Pete Robinson to win the '62 NHRA Nationals. The Dragmaster Dart features the tapered frame rails of the Kent Fuller style but still retains the distinctive Dragmaster roll hoop (in this case the double hoop style). The Dragmaster IV, with it's parallel frame rails, can be considered to be the last and greatest of the Old School frame designs before the the minimalist 60's FED designs took over. It was enormously successful both competitively and commercially. The Dragmaster Dart enjoyed some success as well but was swept up in the blizzard of "modern" chassis produced during the 60's FED boom.
    Dode Martin and Jim Nelson and their Dragmaster Dart:

    Nelson and Martin with the prior Dragmaster IV chassis:

  14. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic AMT '40 Ford Sedan Box Art Build - Update 11-10   

    This is a small update. I got the stance dialed in. The dropped front axle from the kit had some leaves removed from the spring and the front cross member shaved a bit. I also lowered the rear suspension to the maximum by hogging out the rear cross member and sinking the rear spring down as far as it would go after trimming the rear suspension stops. This will consistitute a slight departure from the box art which shows the front end slightly higher than I have it. However, out of the box the rear suspension is stock height and, with the kit dropped axle the car has a classic late 50'-early 60's California nose-down rake. This stance is lower overall and just about pan flat, more in keeping with a car with skirts.
    The body I've been using is getting a bit worse for wear. I've used it as a mockup on a couple of builds already and it's picked up some nicks and scratches. I have a complete kit with the bags unopened and I think I'll work from that one from now on, using the chassis I have set up. I also got some paint, Tamiya TS-16 Yellow and Tamiya TS-65 Pearl Clear. I'll do a test shot to make sure the effect is what I'm going after. Once the decals are printed and applied the whole deal will get transparent clear gloss coats.
    Thanx for lookin',
  15. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic New Wheels for the Old '40 Ford!   

    When you first showed this it, lo those many years ago, it became an instant classic, red wheels and all. It's burned into my brain that way. Absolutely the chromies are by far the more historically appropriate, but... can't shake those red steelies, no matter how hard I try. But I gotta say that's as nice a plating job as I've seen; they stand up to the closeups, no problem! And this version too is a classic - and a period correct one at that!