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  1. Thanks Bill. Those are just what I need. I already am gathering a parts list to send to Norm. These aren't the only thing I have to ask him about that are no longer in his catalog. I have a stash of older catalog editions and I'll see if I can find the parts number. With Norm it never hurts to ask... Thanks again!
  2. This was pretty much the standard GT seat for Ferraris between around 1957 to 1960. I'm starting an Italeri/Testors Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder and the kit seats are woefully simplified and inaccurate in both shape and details. The correct seat is available in the Gunze Sangyo Ferrari 250 GT SWB coupe and in the Bburago die-cast 1/24 scale model of the 250 GT California Spyder (Bburago #26020). I've looked in the aftermarket and so far have drawn a blank. If anyone out there has these seats they can spare from their stash I will buy or trade. Thanx, B. Here's what I'm looking for:
  3. '50 Chevy

    Nice! A huge labor saver with a handsome result. It looks like one of his better castings, too.
  4. '50 Chevy

    I hope you have a swing at another one. I went to Flintstone's site. He only offers a chopped '50 Chevy Cab. Did you have him cast the full body set?
  5. '50 Chevy

    Lovely bodywork, stance and proportions. The wheel/tire combo works just right. IMHO, you should do another one the same way but with a high-finish show paint job and more visible/contrasted interior. The rusty finish somewhat undersells the beauty of this model.
  6. I just got this resin radically chopped Fiat Competition Coupe from Fremont Resins off of eBay. It will be the basis for my entry in the Competition class of the 1st annual Autorama contest over on the TRaK board ending on December 31st. I've already built one Fiat Competition coupe but the body was more moderate than this one. This body is clearly based on the second, more radically chopped version of Pete Millar's (yes, of DragToon's fame) Chicken Coupe which he built using the body from, and the help of, Eddie Potter and his Sudden Death fuel competition coupe. A first look at the body shows a lot needs to be done to get it to where I'll want it. Here's the resin body as I received it (photo from Fremont's eBay listing): One of the things besides the body design that appealed to me was the wheel tubs. Unfortunately they are slightly undersized to the body wheel opening. Also I checked the wheel tub assembly with both of my go-to FED chassis, the 147" wheelbase Ramchargers dragster and the Ivo/Too Much 200"+ wheelbase digger. The Ramchargers chassis is my favorite - I prefer the moderately long wheelbase and the radically low legs-under stance. The Ivo chassis is a little long and lacks the near-perfect proportions of a circa 1964 Fuel FED. Unfortunately the space between the wheel tubs is acrtually too narrow for either chassis. So the wheel tubs will have to be cut apart and the tub sections molded to the coupe body. Also, I plan to fill in a portion of the open top and rear window area. The original Fiat I did, the Terrible Toplino, had many of the features I like in a digger, but, with it's open-chassis front end, it lacks the nose piece that I want to include for a real show car paint job, perhaps in radical boat-flake. Power will be with a blown Hemi with Scott fuel injection like Sudden Death. Eddie Potter's original Sudden Death: The evolved version as Pete Millar's Chicken Coupe with full nose piece: Flamin' Frank Pedregon's (Cruz and Tony's father) coupe was the best looking of them all. If I can achieve these proportions but with a more elaborate paint job, I'll be more than pleased: The Terrible Topolino was based on a shortened Too Much frame with an open chassis front end: The front half and stance will be like this digger I did on the Ramchargers chassis:
  7. Dry lakes ‘29 roadster

    Lovely detail on this. And very crisp! I've done several of the AMT '29 in this period style. including at least 2 4-bangers. IMHO it totally shades the recent Revell offering precisely because it does such a good job of delivering the original basis for a '29, an accurate rendition of the stock machine. You really did it justice with this one! Bravo!
  8. Wanted: Dunlop D-Type Alloy Peg Drive Style Wheels - 1/24th scale

    Thanks Matt! I knew I had seen them somewhere in the aftermarket. Thanks for the reminder: "RM-20B 1/24 Jaguar XKE Racing Wheels - Round Holes - w/ K/O's .670" Dia.". Not on my more recent 2015 price list but on my 2010 list. Thankfully, I never throw them away. And Norm is generally pretty good about special orders of older items - unless the mold is no longer good. I'll contact him. Thanks again!
  9. Kit car kits

    The other great, aggressive and outlandish road racer body of the same period as the Devins and Kellison, were the Bocars. Now this I doubt will ever be done in any form, but what a beautiful model it would make. This was another car available with a complete factory chassis. In fact most Bocars were sold that way: There was even a Meister Brauser Bocar (Meister Brauser III) with it's trademark Scarab-style paint job: And even less likely to be kitted, but perhaps someone would be crazy enough to make a body (????) is the final Bocar, the Stilletto, with its long nose to accommodate a Potvin blower (!!!!).
  10. Kit car kits

    While at least a full kit, or just an aftermarket resin body, of the Devin D or perhaps the Moonbeam for an SS is at least somewhere in the realm of possibility, even if just barely, the incredibly aggressively style Kellison coupe is available in the aftermarket - see T.M. Resin Kellison J4 . It's on my "maybe" list for 2018 - I'll probably buy it and then try to figure out a chassis and interior. TRaK member ChrisV actually owns three of these sweethearts in 1:1!!! They were a popular drag car body as well as a road car:
  11. Kit car kits

    The Devin D, while never kitted, could be done as a resin body only and then converted from a VW bug platform chassis, just like the 1:1. A lovely idea. Ane just as cool, perhaps more so, would be the original big brother to the D, the Devin SS. I would settle for just the body and then scratch the rest, but the 1:1 could be had as a complete car with a very nice bespoke chassis and Corvette power. The chassis, oddly enough, was built for Devin in Ireland, and early example of using cheap but skillful offshore labor. The Devin SS complete factory car: Bill Devin with the Devin SS factory chassis and tri-power Corvette motor: And the most famous Devin of all Shouldn't Revell have kitted this one back in the day?:
  12. I'm looking for 4 Dunlop alloy wheels of the sort first seen in 1954 on the D-Type Jaguars and used throughout the 50's and early 60's on various Jaguar racing cars and on the XKSS. Like this: Does anyone have a set to sell or trade? They came on the Revell AG Jaguar XKSS. I would take a junkyard kit for the wheels if there's one out there. Or if you know of an aftermarket source, that would be a great help. Thanks for any assistance! B.
  13. Acura RSX JDM Tuner Style

    Thanks everyone. Dann, you made me laugh! As I'm sure you know, that was unintentional. A last-minute attempt at using Tamiya "Finish" polishing compound to clean up the glass. Never again! I should have stuck with Windex and a soft cloth. But this points out how sensitive these "moderns" are to the Clean Build I've written about. These are the sorts of details that "upstage" the overall look and distract from the somewhat clinical precision that's inherent in modern car design. It's certainly different than how one might treat a sports-racer, for example, even as late as into the 1980's or 90's. There, weathering is appropriate. But today the pit crew wipes down the bodywork of a race car moments before it leaves the pits. That idealized look extends to how all modern cars are photographed and presented and it prejudices how we expect to see them. For me, taking on modern subjects is at least partially about pursuing the elusive Clean Build.
  14. Acura RSX JDM Tuner Style

    Acura RSX JDM Tuner Style This project represented a radical departure from my usual modeling fare. Since my return to auto modeling nearly 10 years ago I’ve dedicated myself virtually exclusively to hot rod, custom car and straight line racing (drag and LSR) subjects. And Old School, at that. Indeed the only exception was a Ferrari 250 GT SWB I built last year, so that means that not only is this non-hot rod, but my first post 1960’s build as well! The motive for doing this car was to gain experience building contemporary cars. I’m gradually building up an inventory of contemporary sports cars to build. These kits sometimes involve techniques and construction approaches that are new to me when compared to the older kits (AMT, Revell and Monogram) that I usually tackle. Examples of this are the windows mounted to the outer surfaces of the bodywork, and the blackout trim around the edges of the window glass. This was a low-risk project because this was a kit I won as a door prize a few years back at the one and only IPMA show I ever attended. But my personal build style was still in evidence, for example in the fill panels I added to the kit tuner nose piece which originally had the characteristic Acura “V” indentation. I did it to give the car a more purposeful race car look. I also made my own carbon fiber decals for the rear wing and the hood. The trade “decals” on the both pieces are part of the art for the carbon fiber panel, laid over a base of metallic silver. The rest of the decals are from an aftermarket Hobby Design JDM sheet. I’ve never experienced decals of this quality before. What a pleasure! Other than that the build is largely out-of-the-box. The body color is Duplicolor Toreador Red. The wing brackets and wheels are finished in Testors Metalizer Brass for a gold-anodized look. All in all a well-conceived, well-engineered kit with excellent parts fit and nice clean, crisp casting. A good introduction to modern auto modeling. Thanx for lookin’, B.
  15. JDM Style Acura RSX Type S Tuner - Final Update - 06-04-18

    This project is now completed! Lots of new things to watch out for, like cleanly gluing surface mounted windows and trimming them out with their black surrounds – basic stuff for modern cars but a brave new world for this modeler whose subjects have never seen the far side of the 1960’s! This kit was well ,engineered and the parts fit excellent so there were no technical challenges that weren’t inherent in the way contemporary cars go together. I had thought about modifying the stance but the way the suspension was constructed in this kit gave me pause – it was unfamiliar territory and I thought I’d wait for another swing at a contemporary car before I start fooling around with stance. Overall an uneventful and interesting build working in a subject area that, when it comes to doing things in scale, was a brave new world for me. Below is a summary photo showing the final details as they appear on the completed model. I’ll post the final beauty pics Under Glass in the next day or so. As always, thanks to all who followed along… Thanx for lookin’, B.