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  1. Thanks once again, guys. This was a challenging build, and not just because the paint job went south at the 11th hour. Like so many resin body projects this was whatever the opposite of a kit build is. Short of scratch building my own chassis, just about everything had to be redone to fit the Ramchargers donor chassis. And deciding to fill the roof and rear window area only added to the demands on my meager skills. But I absolutely love the look of these cars and I've always wanted to do this style of Fiat Competition Coupe, so when Fremont Resins offered one I was in. They actually offer it in 2 nose lengths, but the longer 200+ inch style lacks the balanced proportions of the mid-length (ca. 165") cars so I opted for the shorter nose. As it was I still had to add material to the panels under the engine. But it was all worth it because I really enjoy seeing this on my shelf. And I'm most appreciative of all your kind words. Thanx! B.
  2. I said it earlier but it's worth repeating - this is 1/24th scale folks. One thing that makes modeling this era of sports cars so much fun is the wide open media coverage of every detail in these cars. This is in stark contrast to the opacity of the modern era, due in part to the secretiveness of manufacturers in order to assure any competitive advantage they can garner. Even at the time enthusiasts knew absolutely everything about these state-of-the-art cares. What book or magazine article are those marvelous detail photos from? But also we can point to the huge leaps in technology that have occurred over the past 50 years. It's no longer about the first tentative steps to tame the contact patch and optimize chassis rigidity, today it's the abstract world of computerized fluid dynamics and micro-controlled circuitry, hardly the sort of things to stand up to the shear romance of welded tubes, leaf springs and and U-joints, all so spectacularly on display in the Birdcage Maserati. This car was really a kind of last hurrah and tour de force of lightweight space frame construction and old fashioned de Dion based suspension mechanics. And this project, above all, captures that romance as well as any I've seen grace these pages. Build on, Randy!
  3. Show Yer Drag Racers!

    Here's the latest drag car off my bench, a chopped Fiat Competition Fuel Coupe:
  4. NNL WEST 2019

    C U there, Randy!
  5. Thnak you, all. Glad you're likin' it! MCM member Curt Raitz sells them on FleaBay under user name crt8z. Here's a link to his products page: https://www.ebay.com/sch/crtr8z/m.html?item=323637764099&hash=item4b5a506003%3Ag%3AjIMAAOSwZltcGS8k%3Ark%3A1%3Apf%3A1&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  6. Thanks! Here are the 5 finished beauty pics as entered in the TRaK Autorama plus an additional one showing the side profile. Thanx for lookin', B.
  7. Thanks Dan! Done! And with 5 days to spare! If the paint hadn’t blown up on me I do believe I would have gotten in under the wire on the original deadline. Thanks for the reprieve! Here are some detail pics of the final things to have been done. The motor was largely completed earlier b it still needed some detailing and of course fitting to the chassis. When I repainted the body I was able to pay a little closer attention to the interior surfaces and they are now painted gold to match the stripes. The interior furnishings are largely from the donor Ramchargers FED kit with the exception the steering wheel which is a Revell Tony Nancy Double Dragster Item. The front suspension is 100% Tony Nancy Double Dragster. The wheels are the new TruWire aftermarket items from Curt Raitz’s miniscurtraitzing.com with tires from the Tony Nancy kit. The front wing is an aftermarket resin piece from Competition Resins. The wind-up key push-bar is from the Carl Casper Undertaker dragster kit. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement. Formal presentation pictures will follow tomorrow! B.
  8. My Models for 2018

    Thanks to you both!
  9. Thanks everyone! And yes, My thinking is that I had too many layers of too many different types of paint and, as Goatguy said, they dried at different rates. Well, I made it out the other side without mishaps. Phew! You'll notice that the decals scheme is very simplified. I was never quite happy with the 8-ball motif, the color and shape conflicted with the rest of the car. As fate would have it, I made enough mistakes applying decals along the way that I couldn't have replicated it even if I wanted to, despite the fact that I started out with three sets. Meanwhile, I've been so focused on the darn paint job that I've almost forgotten about the mechanical bits. I've got to make sure that the final assembly process stays clean and precise... With a little over a week to go I think I have a fair chance of making it. Thanx for lookin', B.
  10. My Models for 2018

    Thanks guys1 I'm glad you dig 'em. On to 2019!
  11. Thanks for the comments guys! In the final week leading up to the December 31st TRaK Autorama deadline several entrants had major disasters which meant they had to drop out. I was among them, and for most of us late dropouts our setbacks were paint related. Misery may love company, but it was cold comfort. Fortunately there were enough of us that the judges decided to extend the deadline to January 19th. Thanks to the extension I've got a chance to include this project in the Competition category. By the time the extension was announced I had already stripped the paint. I decided the safest approach was to sand the paint down to a smooth, consistent and stable layer. This was basically the original silver metalflake layer. Then I sealed the surface with Duplicolor Primer Sealer and wet sanded that layer with 1000 grit. The result was a smooth, neutral colored (light gray) surface to start over from. This time I went for a minimum number of layers. The heavy flake of the original silver underlayer had been largely obscured by the subsequent color layers so I decided to start with a simple metallic gold base. I had some Testors Pure Gold left over from my recent customized '57 T-Bird build so I used that. I also had a little of the Tamiya Clear Orange so I shot one layer of that over the gold. The result was very close to the original gold shade the first time around. This was followed by 3 coats of Tamiya Clear Red after masking the stripe trim into place. I made one change from the first time around. The 8-ball over gold circular motif on the rear "spare tire" is now gone. After doing it I decided it was a bit busy, and then I realized I hadn't made provision for the drag chute. So this time around the rear deck is plain red with the drag chute to be placed in the center of the "spare tire" and the gold Krazy Koop lettering above and below it. Other than that most things should remain the same, although I'll have to use other contingency decals. One thing for sure, however, there's only about half the layers of paint compared to the first attempt. Hopefully this will avoid the prior problem. Out of the proverbial "abundance of caution" I'll be clearing with Tamiya Clear since the prior color coats are Tamiya. And hopefully I can get this done to the new deadline, now! Thanx for lookin', B.
  12. 32 Highboy

    Super tasteful and immaculately turned out. I especially like the plain interior re-do. It really works!
  13. Junior Fueler--Injectors Getting Closer 01/17/19

    The Enderle stacks have been available in the aftermarket for a while now courtesy of Speed City Resin. Unfortunately they are part of a set scaled for a Chevy Big Block, not a small block like on a Jr. Fueler. Also they were a bit thick looking, although overall they looked good on a completed model. No doubt the problems you've had casting them has been related to how thin they need to be to look good. I built a model using the Big Block setup just to get that Enderle look even though I knew the result would be an A dragster and not a junior fueler. This is why having the skill and determination to fabricate parts at the level of authenticity your showing on your project can have such a big impact on the result. Build on!
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen: Presenting my Class of 2018!

    All exquisite renditions but the weathered Daytona car is my favorite for its spectacular realism, only achievable because of the skill and accuracy so apparent in your build style. All the best for 2019!
  15. My 2018 model (singular).

    It may be your single build but it is singularly breathtaking. My only regret is that we haven't seen more of your spectacularly precise and emphatic build style! All the best for 2019!