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  1. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic 32 Five Window - Traditional Style   

    Between the color, the '37 grill, the fenders, the hubcaps and the un-chopped highboy look, it's really evocative of the "little pages" era ('56-'62) of highly finished street rods. I especially like the careful detailing you put in to the engine area. Really fine modeling all around. We often see efforts at presenting "traditional" hot rod models, but rarely do we see such a creative assortment of parts come together this successfully.
  2. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Automotive Car Books? Who Collects?   

    Seeing this thread pop up again reminds me that I recently found one of my holy grails: Scarab: Race Log of the All-American Specials 1957-1965 by Preston Lerner, a one-off publication by Autobooks in 1991, never to be seen again. For many years it was ultra-expensive and impossible to find, usually trading for north of $250.00. For some reason recently a whole bunch of them have hit the market and, while pricey when in mint condition (easily on either side of $200.00) I managed to luck out on a mint copy on eBay for just over $50.00 including shipping. Great read about an extraordinary period in American sportscar racing. When Lance Reventlow shut down the Scarab operation Carroll Shelby took it over virtually lock, stock and barrel to become the Cobra development team and, of course, the rest is history...

  3. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Chaparral car?   

    It's not a Chaparral. It's a modern car, clearly based on the old Can Am M8 McLarens. Here a link to the car's description: http://www.unlimitedracingchampionship.com/the-cars To quote from it:
     I'm no model car kit historian but I know that MPC, Tamiya and Accurate Miniatures all have made kits of it. The MPC kit is 1:20, Tamiya 1:18, and Accurate Miniatures 1:24.

  4. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic AMT Ferrari 250 GT SWB - Updated 09-09   

    The motor and chassis are complete. Below are pics of the motor and the rolling chassis. The wheels aren't glued in place. Despite this kits' less than stellar reputation you can see that the chassis is quite nicely detailed and that the motor, with a little care, can be made to look quite nice. The tiny metal foil Ferrari stickers on the valve covers help things, as does adding ignition wiring and the aluminum carb stacks. Those FPP Modelo wire wheels don't hurt either!

    Left to do are the final assembly of the interior and engine compartment tinwork. The way the kit is structured these assemblies are glued to the chassis so that virtually the entire car is ready for a simple final assembly. What will be left will be foiling, window glass, bumpers, lights and attaching the body to the chassis and interior. This is the critical time where, if the build is going to go south on me, I'll typically find ways to do. So careful does it for my first Ferrari build...
    Thanx for lookin',
  5. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic AMT Ferrari 250 GT SWB - Updated 09-09   

    Thanks guys!
    Thanks Bill. Compared to just about any other regularly available wire wheels I think the FPP Modelos are outstanding. At $63 USD delivered to the USA they're maybe $10.00 more than the Fujimi p/e aftermarket items but superior is appearnce, IMHO. Fernando makes other sets for pre- and postwar European sportscars. The best approach seems to be to tell him what you will be using them for and he will quote you price and description for the appropriate items.
    The scripts are tiny, as you can imagin, but they give you tons of them so you can make a few mistakes along the way.
  6. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic 1961 Ferrari 250 SWB - Done!   

    Lookin' good!
  7. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic 32 Ford Phantom Vicki - Custom Coupe   

    Well thought out and executed mods. The hood side panels and the channel job in particular represent big improvements to the look. As others have said, this is a highly successful representation of a more contemporary look. Nice job!
  8. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic 1961 Ferrari 250 SWB - Done!   

    I'm currently building the infamous ESCI-AMT-ERTL version, warts and all, doing what I can to overcome them. I'm fascinated by the differences with this kit and really enjoying the nice work you're doing. I was surprised to see you paint the fascias before gluing them to the rest of the body. What was your,thinking be in taking this approach? So far the build looks great. Should be one sweet Berlinetta Passo Corto indeed.
  9. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic AMT Ferrari 250 GT SWB - Updated 09-09   

    The parts I ordered from Portugal and China arrived and are in the process of being used. I thought I'd post this brief update showing what I got.
    I ordered some miniature metal transers from vendor globaltoy on eBay (see http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-18-1-12-1-24-1-20-1-43-chrome-metal-decals-Ferrari-B-2077-/182741002250?hash=item2a8c36680a ). They were shipped from China and are stick-on metal transfers of the Ferrari Logo and the "cavallino" prancing horse. The sheet includes various sizes for 1/18, 1/12, 1/24, 1/20 and 1/43  scale. They will be used on the rear deck, valve covers and grill center. They took about 2 weeks to get to me in the USA.
    I also ordered some beautiful hand-laced Borrani wire wheels and tires from Fernando Pinto at FPP Modelos. They are drop dead gorgeous and fit the model without any modifications. They can be ordered either through eBay at http://www.ebay.com/usr/crazycar19 or by contacting him through the FPP Modelos website ( http://fppmodels.wixsite.com/fppmodelos ). They took about 2-3 weeks to get to me.
    Lastly, I also did some minor modifications to the intakes, adding some Detail Master Weber stacks to replace the pitifully wimpy plastic tubes that come in the kit.
    The transfers have been installed and the engine is being modified to add more detail to hopefully bring it more in line with the awesome FPP wheels and tires. I'll post an update in the next few days. Hopefully I'm not too far from final assembly now.
    Thanx for lookin',

    The metal transfer sheet from eBay vendor globaltoy:

    The FPP Modelos hand-laced 1/24th scale Borranis:

    The Detail Matser Weber stacks modification:

  10. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic '27 Ford Roadster w/Track Nose   

    I always enjoy seeing what is done with these '27 T Roadster resin bodies because there is absolutely no kit for them - it's a pure exercise in scratchin' and bashin'. The windshield and interior in particular can be a real challenge. Looks like the Revell 29 Roadster seat is a near perfect fit. Something to rember.... This is a nice tasty example here, full of yummy details. I'm amazed that you were able to get everything but the carbs under the hood. Looks cool!
  11. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Adventures in Soldering:'Birdcage' Masserati Tipo 61 Update 9/7/17   

    An overused expression these days, but that is awesome, but also inspirational. If you're going to do a whole car body as practice you're getting awfully close already to the original Troutman & Barnes special (precursor to the Scarab Mk. 1, the first Chaparral, the Sadler special, and all manner of Max Balchowsky's Old Yallers).:
    The Troutman & Barnes Special (ca. 1952 - see http://tomstrongman.com/troutman-barnes-special/ ):

  12. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic Where can I get metal or photo-etch 1/24-1/25 Ferrari script and emblems?   

    Thanks Ton. I found a source for these on eBay and have received them. They'll do the trick!
  13. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic The Nova Express - Chevy II AWB - Completed with Final Pics   

    Thanks, Christopher and Gordon. Glad you all dig it.
  14. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic La Freccia The Arrow   

    Total scale modeling. Always a pleasure to see your end-to-end high detail efforts, Nice styling in a sort of post-GM 1990's style. Nice proportions and details. The skills involved to achieve these results go without saying, of course...
    Do you have a front 3/4 view?
    If you click on the any one picture you'll open a slide show view of all the posted pictures in an undistorted form.
  15. Bernard Kron added a post in a topic The Nova Express - Chevy II AWB - Completed with Final Pics   

    Thanks everyone. Glad you liked it. It's certainly true that home made decals are a way to personalize your model.