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  1. Thanks again guys. I hope 2021 is starting off OK for you all.
  2. Very fine models, every one. And the photography and presentation is a treat to the eyes as well. My faves are the Surfin' Special and the Road Runner. Looking forard to what comes off your bench in 2021. All the best.
  3. Thanks Phil. And likewise on those from your bench.
  4. Hiya Kurt! Great to see your annual production all in one place. For some reason I missed all too many of these here on the forum over the past year. It occurred to me that one aspect of your now-customary vast output has got to be the pleasure that modeling brings to you. The builds here range from intricate scratch building projects to the simplest of curbsides, all done to an impressive standard. My faves include the Brian Redman Lola and the Chaparral (whose 2j is that?), the two motorcycles (of course the radial bike deserves a wow!), and the '48 Chevy coupe (it looks like you made good on your intention to take on custom decals, LOL). I hope this pandemic will ultimately abate and that we can hang out together once again. All the best in 2021. B.
  5. Your and Fernando Pinto both deserve our appreciation. Pinto for tackling this sublime subject to this depth of detail in a hand built resin kit in the first place, and you for persevering in taking it in hand, warts and all, building it to your standards. It would be all too easy to criticize Fernando for the inevitable faults and quirks that must result from what is ultimately a kind of prototype model kit reflecting the limits of one man's vision and abilities. Despite all the frustrations you encountered as you were building it, you recognized the value of the very existence of a scale model kit of such a rare and iconic race car. The result is a model that probably will look better to you once you've put some time between your struggles and this fine replica. Thanks for the wonderful w.i.p. and ditto the fine result. All the best in 2021.
  6. Two fine models for 2020, Misha. When I first got back into modeling now almost 12 years ago I started a '49 which had a very similar grill treatment - I think you may have even brought the kit rolled pan in at the center somewhat, as I did. It's good to see the fine job you did with it, even if mine still languishes in its box all these years later... The tuck 'n' roll interior is particularly nice. I seem to have missed the w,i,p, on this so I'll ask here: what are the front seats? They look great. The Scarab is truly a sharp rendition, as well. I dig the 'Vette valve covers peaking through what is actually a curbside kit to begin with. All the best for 2021.
  7. Thanks David. All the best in 2021.
  8. What exceptional modeling. Great subjects, and the interpretation doesn't disappoint either. Bravo!
  9. Great to see you strutting your stuff on the Monogram Midget. Looking forward to more from your bench in 2021. All the best...
  10. Bernard Kron

    My 2020

    Beautiful work. And yes, the photography only enhances it. The '56 Del Ray, the Aperta and the Edsel Pacer are standouts for me. All the best for 2021.
  11. All are impeccably turned out, but that Oldsmobile is exceptional. Showroom stock at its best. Hoping to see more fine work from your bench in 2021.
  12. Ed's commitment to the highest standards of quality in mastering and execution of resin aftermarkket parts is obvious in every piece he ships. His service and attention to detail, too, is unsurpassed. Highly recommended.
  13. Technically masterful, every one. The Sting Ray bike says it all, to my eyes. All the best in 2021.
  14. Your do this era of sportscars exceptionally well. Your knowledge of the subject shows through in both execution and subject matter. Among these the Mirage, the '64 GTO and the Fillipinetti 904 stand out to me.
  15. A High Production year, Phil. With some fine results indeed. Some of the outcomes are so "natural" and together looking that it's easy to overlook how technically challenging they hust have been. The Revell '40 Ford Deluxe Coupe and the '30 Ford Tudor come to mind. You do Muscle Car based road racers nicely. The Players Challenge Camaro brought back memories of discovering Ron Fellows' prodigious talent seeing him toss around a similar car on the old Indy car course in Vancouver many moons ago. And I thought you reshaped the nose and fenders of the Scarab rather well to capture the essence of the 23B. All the best to you for 2021.
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