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  1. Moebius Comet... Wild Bubbletop Show Rod

    Wow what a great imagination you have! Love this crazy project, WOW!
  2. New 3d Printed 32 Deuce Top

    I'll be wanting one of these!
  3. Wow, that's looking cool, love that interior!
  4. This is a great project, are you doing the early style front grill area as well? Great work so far and I can't wait to see more!
  5. 1:8 Scale Wheels in 3d print

    Tires are needed! Wheels look great, I did get some Halibrand fronts from you and they ARE great!
  6. Ferrari F40- Fujimi 1/16

    I'll be watching with interest, cool project!
  7. 1/12th Lamborghini Countach

    I ALMOST thought about doing this as a car under restoration, finishing up the interior, front trunk, and adding brake detail (since the rims cover the outside, the kit only has the inside detailed) but after running that by some of my model friends, they pooh poohed that idea. I started the interior, off white with black carpets and dash top and plan to do the body in a very dark blue. I've sort of lost enthusiasm as I got back to 1/25th scale, but I won't give up on this one. Looking EVERYWHERE for a spare wheel and tire to put up front, anyone have one please!!! I've made a temporary "covered spare" from a spray can of the exact same diameter as the front tires. Added a few details to the front firewall too. Ciao!
  8. I do the same thing with all those kit's rims, cut the lip off the backs, it works out fine.
  9. '51 Chev Fleetline Deluxe Restoration

    That cleaned up real nice and your interior is awesome, great details!
  10. Lindberg 1/8 Scale T-bucket WIP

    Wow, this is a great build, so much detail, I love it. Can't wait to see more, looks totally real!
  11. 1/8 Scale 1980 Trans-Am

    Wow, that looks real, those seats are too cool! Nice build, those big kits are something else when done up like this, NICE!!!
  12. 1/12th Lamborghini Countach

    Did the coils, wired the fan motors, made some fittings and hydraulic hoses for the oil pump and mounted all that. Made a dipstick and tube, that's on, so the only things left on the engine are the "dryer hoses" from the air boxes and the throttle cable to the gas pedal. Those are being made but can't be installed until the body is on. That won't be for some time, a long time! For now though, here's the engine!
  13. 1/12th Lamborghini Countach

    The decal paper is called Experts Choice, by Bare-Metal Foil Co. it's on clear and for laser. I also brushed some Microscale liquid decal film over them before I used them, they worked great and I got real fine resolution for tiny print!
  14. Revell Foose '48 Cadillac de-Foosed

    I'm shocked by all the negative comments about Foose, I love the car as a 1:1 but as for building models, I don't want to do someone else's custom, even if it's as gorgeous to me as a Foose's design. I want to put my own spin on it, and what you're doing is so awesome, that roof transplant is what I also intend to do! Too bad we didn't buy those Caddy rear fenders from Modelhaus while they were available! I did manage to get some clear red tail lights so I guess I'll try to scratch the small "fins" for them and graft those onto the rear fenders. LOVE the way yours is looking, got any colors picked out yet?