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  1. That last rear 3/4 view sure looks cool, great stance!
  2. I'm working on an old 1960 and I sanded the letters down to bare white styrene:
  3. I would use all that from the AMT '56 T-Bird, but I love doing that sort of thing, and I've done it to so many kits, however, no one actually cares but me! Build it how you want it and how much fun you can have building it, for me it IS fun changing everything, basically making MORE work for myself. I think the Revell '57 Ford engine is the best of the old Y blocks, but I'm no expert on those. HAVE FUN!
  4. So I used a Mobius block, but switched the transmission and oil pan to the proper parts from Fireball, then added heads, intake and valve covers from AMT's '60 Starliner. Those old pickups had a single exhaust with a front crossover so I had to make that, and I used a clear red sprue, plus some styrene scraps cut into flange shapes and some tiny plastic railroad nuts and bolts, so here that is so far, of course much finishing is still required but it's starting to look like a vintage truck engine: (I know that it's not really accurate, but I'm happy with it)
  5. I'm following this cool build! Love that front inner fender mod, that body style is difficult to get down in the weeds!
  6. Hmmm... I have this kit too, unbuilt, maybe a Deco hot rod is in the future?
  7. Oh man, I spewed my coffee! WOW, speechless.
  8. WOW, I'm excited to follow this one, very cool so far so I'm sure it'll be a knockout!
  9. That looks pretty cool, I've always loved that era of Connies!
  10. I want to make this into a street car, tubbed of course, as it already is and NO respectable V8 Vega was not tubbed! Might need 2 kits, one maybe modernized into pro-touring!
  11. That looks great! Why not fab-up some fictional modern injection unit, something like I did for my 'Cuda:
  12. Got the stance set where I want it, or actually where it had to be to make everything fit, just a mock up to see how it'll look:
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