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  1. I'm interested, keep posting!
  2. Wow, great thread some really awesome builds! I might as well add mine, resin body, scratch built bed, rear frame kicked up, lots of kit bashing and scratch building:
  3. Beautifully built and presented with flat head in the bed! Sweet!
  4. Will I get it in the mail in Canada? I subscribed but never got my magazines, I mean no-one did, not just me. So will us with paid subscriptions get the new issues until our subscription runs out? If it's good, I'll subscribe again for future issues! So I just read further down that I will, so I'll wait and see. I DID like the magazine, so I'm sure I will like the new ones as well.
  5. Wow, that bed and the tailgate are awesome! Great scratch building skills! Love those Willy's pickups and wagons, wish Mobius did a styrene kit of them! Or Revell. But for now we just have to scratch build our own!
  6. Man that looks so cool! I'm sure there's a real one out there somewhere like it!
  7. I'm excited to watch this as I'd LOVE to have that kit and totally make it more detailed. Enjoy the build and keep us up to date! Ciao.
  8. I did a lot of scratch building to come up with this one:
  9. As much as I love Halibrand style rims, I really like your steelies with dog dish caps for this cool truck!
  10. Fireball Modelworks, F-250 conversion for the Mobius 1970. I'm just 10 years earlier!
  11. Wow, I love that gigantic dime! Seriously though it all looks 1:1, so realistic and expertly done, I love it!! Light tan leather?
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