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  1. Fantastic job on that interior too! I hope you keep the grille and steelies white, looks awesome!
  2. WOW! This looks great! I think the glass can be made from thin flat clear plastic, only the windshield is slightly curved but even that shouldn't be too difficult to fit. Printing clear will be a challenge I think, or maybe not? I have some that isn't all that crystal clear. Your real truck looks excellent too!
  3. So here's the chassis pretty much finished! Back to bodywork and interior! Cheers.
  4. 1: I cut up the rad to make a smaller top, just because. 2: New rad top is just styrene strip that looked the right size. 3: I drilled a couple of holes for hoses and an offset filler. 4: Painted and installed, I like it more than the kit rad top.
  5. 1: So I got the carbs on and made some fuel lines, and started on the linkages. 2: But I'll need to modify the oil fill and fuel feed. 3: Firewall needed to be "scooped" to fit new oil fill cap! 4: I used Molotow on the new finned oil fill cap and finished the linkages and fuel feeds. Now the rad top looks too big to me.
  6. 1: I made a cut along the side of the firewall and spread the upper portion of the body sides out with thin styrene "shims" so that it lines up better with the separate top. 2: Before that though, I had to fit that Ardun head flattie in, so the firewall was radically modified, just a flat piece for starters. 3: I'm not using hood side, because, well, Ardun! LOL So I got some R/C airplane hinges and tried to make the hood open half way. 4: I puttied over them and sanded them down. Of course I KNOW that they're way too large to look in scale, but we'll see how it turns out, it's an experiment!
  7. Looking good! That blue looks fantastic!! Rubber black makes those tires look better than if they were actually vinyl or whatever kit tires are, nice!
  8. Yes 3 window chopped top on this one. It doesn't fit very well, but I'm going to fix that.
  9. Jon Davis, WOW! Your detail on that chassis is fantastic! Paul, I love the suicide door treatment! Can't really see much in that picture but I'm sure it's fabulous! I love old school hot rods! My dad used to take me to the auto shows in Detroit in the 50s and early 60s
  10. Thank you all! I DO have the triangle air cleaner from the Corvette kit but leave it off for display! Here it is on. Didn't add decals because it's sort of a custom, not factory stock for sure! I WILL add door handles.
  11. I had to cut the steering gear and arm apart, drill it and reposition it because I lowered the car so much. This is all just figuring things out as I go, if if doesn't fit, make it fit! LOL
  12. 1: I wasn't satisfied with the kit gas tank. 2: So I made this piece and went to look through the parts box for a new tank. 3: Most tanks were too wide, this one isn't but it's too long! 4: Let's make that gas tank a bit shorter! 5: Now at least it fits! I'll add some straps from .010 styrene strip. 6: I' have these old railroad nuts and bolts, a couple of these should look fairly cool. 7: Some guitar string and the tank is ready to install.
  13. 1: Since I'm using Ardun heads, ('50 pickup kit) I have to fill the flathead exhaust ports on the block. 2: And I want a modern type of distributor, I de-chromed the front from an AMT '41 Woody kit. 3: Short pieces of aluminum tubing for water pumps and a triple carb intake! 4: I added another pulley to run the generator.
  14. 1: I've done this several times before, parts box wheel backs cut down to represent drum brake backing plates. 2: from the other side, after mods. 3: Kit wheel backs thinned to fit narrower tires. 4: Front suspension is pretty simple, de-chromed and top of spring sanded down. Pins for locating as it's on and off so many times because of all the frame modifications.
  15. 1: For the rear I used a parts box diff and leafs, but to lower it I filled the axle indents and added to the spring perches. 2: I drilled out the driveshaft ends a bit. 3: Not really much, but it does add a little and only took 5 minutes. 4: This is a piece of florist wire and some styrene tube that is the size of shock ends. I'll glue shocks to these and paint them to match the shock body, except the wire. 5: You can see the blue shocks with no mounting points, so I made a new crossmember and drilled for the florist wire. 6: Wire glued in, so when I tilt the diff the blue shocks will attach to the styrene tube and become part of the shock, the wire more or less represents the bolt.
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