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  1. I could use parts #42 and #43 if you're not using them from the photo-etch, covers for the cowl vents under the hood???
  2. Rims look great, the gold went down nicely!!!
  3. Wow that's pretty cool what you've done with the rims!
  4. Great color choice! There's a lot of foil on those and you've done it, sweet! Love those DeSotos.
  5. Thanks Brad, fortunately, I had these for the longest time! I narrowed the stock rims which I found too wide. The spare tire and wheel are from an ESCI kit, it doesn't match the 4 on the Landie. I've had many old 4X4s and always bought tires in sets of 4, the spare never matched!
  6. Unusual two tone, but it looks real! Engine detail is superb, as are the photos, really does look real!
  7. Thank you, yes the grille is part of the body and yes I did use bare metal foil (BMF) although I think it looks too shiny, I'm thinking of slightly weathering this one later.
  8. Hey Dann, here's how far I am on my 1/8th so far, not very but it is accurate! At this scale and price, it has to be:
  9. Jeff, I'd love to see mine mixed in with your amazing Caddy collection! I also did this one, Modelhaus '49, and a radical custom of the old Monogram Brougham:
  10. I did mine years ago, so I know it's not accurate, but it still looks better than what the kit offers. First I removed all the blank areas, then fitted "stuff" to improve the look. Since then I've purchased the Pocher Aventador, so now I've learned all about what's accurate and what isn't, still at our model club, there are no Lambo experts, (except Dave MacDonald), my 1/24th version went over well!
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