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  1. I love that model, wow you've made it look so real, great!!!
  2. I love scratch building and adding details, so someday I will enjoy building these, but it is disappointing that they didn't give us a better start right out of the box, but they will make very impressive models once properly finished. I'm not into the Dussie anymore though.
  3. Okay, that's gorgeous! I'm sure I'm not the only one who want's to do that now! FANTASTIC!
  4. I just love this one! All the mods are so tastefully done, it's a real show winner, awesome build!
  5. That's very impressive, great details, and awesome build, love those hood hinges!
  6. It's perfect! Should have a picture of that one on the box! And Fireball's F-250 kit is amazing!
  7. I love that front fender wheel location modification! Wish I'd have done that to mine! Also love the smoothed stock grille, and I think I WILL do that to mine! Since yours is a curbside, I hope you don't mind me showing what I did to my frame to get it lower:
  8. Nice extra details on that engine! I used the kit sprue to make a distributor, just for fun:
  9. Looking good! I only use Duplicolor or Tamiya spray cans, I've tried others but had problems, so stick with what works! I do have ONE suggestion for your beautiful Chevy, somehow make those rims fit deeper into the tires if you can, and you can! It's one of the things that always bothers me, wheels not seated properly into the tire, it's the kit manufacturer's fault, but as modellers, we can make it better.
  10. That's a great looking convert! Love it.
  11. Very nice collection! I saw a few of those on the strip back in the mid sixties, great memories!
  12. Worse than glue, for this build I did not want the sliding window that was molded on, so I sanded it off with a somewhat coarse stick, worked down to medium, then fine, and finally with some Novus 2, it came out clear as ever! This same procedure will work with glue on the glass, but the BEST answer is use a glue that won't ruin the clear plastic, as stated by many, cheers, have fun, NO damage to a model can't be repaired with patience!
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