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  1. I love it! Modified one myself, purists be damned!!! LOL
  2. Beautiful, and I love it in black! I've started that kit 10 years ago, in red, but I should get back to it, now seeing how great yours looks!
  3. Aren't those letters a big too big anyway? I'd cut out that center panel and fit one from a Mobuis or Bronco kit. MAYBE? OR, you could cut out the center panel, then cut off the ends just before the F and just after the D, that D doesn't look so bad, then make new ends, only seams would be above and below the letters.
  4. Here's an article I did over a decade ago, for making driveshafts any length. Keep the plastic one together while thinning each end to slip into the tubing, this makes it easier to handle before you cut off the ends. I make it in 2 pieces of tubing so it's slightly adjustable in length, that way you can have the diff and transfer case or transmission both glued in place before glueing one end in, then stretching it to glue the other end.
  5. Great idea, and it's coming along nicely, at least 2 of them are, so far!
  6. You just need to build a "rickety old garage" to park it in!
  7. I've started a Fujimi 5000qv (1985) just LOVE Countachs!
  8. Looking good, I was looking to get one of these myself, something you don't see on the model tables, but the parking lots are full of them (or similar SUVs) Might as well build one, looks like a nice kit anyway. So am I "interested person number 4"?
  9. dino246gt


    Great stuff! Cool project! Love it so far!
  10. Wow, I love it, a black '32 roadster with a flathead, what's not to love!!!
  11. Steve, are you working on this project? I also stripped an old one and was thinking about either restoring it as is, like totally original.......OR....../more to my liking, detailing it with more accurate "stuff". The Mobius pickups do offer some good stuff for it, but as already stated, NOT the front suspension! My hood side emblems are good on one side but missing the F on the other.
  12. Holy BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH is that ever cool! Dancing Bear does amazing wheels, yes I have some! That pickup of yours is simply stunning, so far, I can't wait to see more!
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