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  1. WOW! It's looking fantastic! That engine, sweet! What a great save of the old "glue bomb", nice!
  2. not a big fan of convertible models................ unless they have uptops! I think your '59 wide track looks amazing already! Sweet improvements! What is your colour choice?
  3. This is a stunning example of 60s customizing! That '58 grille looks so cool in there, and the wheel openings, perfect, not to mention that awesome interior upgrades! I love it!
  4. Nice project, coming along!
  5. Excellent work! Great kit bashing! I'm sure it'll be a beauty!
  6. That French blue with the white top really suits it nicely!
  7. I got this far on mine, rear suspension really tried my patience, put it back in the box. Lovely car though! Hope you'll be able to get it together without major issues. Cheers!
  8. Wow, that's looking fantastic! Gorgeous!! Cheers!
  9. Isn't the rear tailgate and liftgate the same as the Blazer? I know they also had a door option, or that was standard, the tailgate/liftgate was probably the option? Looks great so far though! Cheers
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