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  1. Revell "Eldorado" model

    Modelhaus, sadly, they've retired, as well they deserved to, all the best to them!
  2. Revell "Eldorado" model

    I also love replica stock, and agree that the kit manufacturers would do great offering us stock kits and let us do our own customizing, but once in awhile, a custom kit is good to have. We need both, stock and modified kits, new tools too please! (and no whining) LOL Here's a resin Caddy I built stock!
  3. For my master cylinder, I used guitar strings, which I use for a lot of brake and fuel lines. They are straight and keep their shape when bent with pliers, as opposed to wire on a spool.
  4. Mid-Engine Corvette

    I think GM kept it front engine all these years for the purists who didn't want mid-engine, but as Corvette prices kept creeping up in order to keep the performance up, and so many years have passed so, are there really that many "purists" still buying Corvettes? I think it's older people now and so many of us have bought Ferraris, Lambos, McLarens. and think of Corvettes as ultimate Camaros! It's America's sports car and it should be on par with the world's other "sports cars". Just my opinion. Ciao!
  5. 1971 Lamborghini Miura

    Ooooh, lucky you! Unfortunately for me, there were no Lamborghinis in my birth year! Ford though, yes there was Ford! LOL
  6. I know, well I do now! ha ha, that the front needs to be flatter but it's too late and I've hinged the hood with that grill hiding the hinge, so it won't be made more accurate. I'm just not a real sticker for accuracy, just trying to make it look "cool" AND have fun doing what I enjoy most, which can be summed up as cutting, chopping and creating. I've only built one model totally "out of box" and it was difficult for me to restrain from flocking and seat belts or wires, hoses and cables! Following instructions just takes the fun out of it for me!
  7. Revell "Eldorado" model

    As far as that Caddy kit goes, I never planned to build it as is, but I bought 2 as soon as they came out, for the kit bashing potential. Here's the chassis, engine and running gear that I'm fitting to the Eldo Brougham kit. I appreciate every new kit even if I'm not interested in the subject, there's always some great parts that I can use for other creations! These pics are from some time ago, I've since repainted that Caddy black, leaving everything else Tamiya AS-5.
  8. All I can say is what everyone else has already said, but I just couldn't pass it up without expressing my appreciation of how much I enjoy looking at it, it's beautiful.
  9. Oh man that one is outstanding, so realistic and just so neat and clean, I just love it.
  10. Here's that grill with some larger headlight lenses, foil and paint. I've mixed some Tamiya racing white with khaki green nail polish for the body color.
  11. Here's the kit grill still on the tree. And opened up. Dechromed and primed. I've glued the interior tub to the body, removed the lower body trim and added the cut line of the front fenders down to form rocker panel lines. I foiled the side marker lights, front turn signals and Scout ll emblems, just to prevent paint from hiding the details. I'll remove that and put fresh foil then clear red and orange for the lenses.
  12. 1/24th Tamiya Jaguar MkII

    Looks great so far, keep it going!