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  1. Great build! Looks like a factory prototype, could've been production! Nice!
  2. I'm on the Agora notification list, I'd LOVE to get the whole kit at once, even though it's expensive, have you looked at the price of a 1:1 Miura? LOL I'm a modeller who can and will add extra details, paint, and such, and from your pictures, it just looks so amazing, that no matter the cost I MUST have it!! I'm on a Pocher Aventor build that's stalled due to a family tragedy and that model box is buried under another household's belongings filling out basement. Still too sensitive to my wife to move that so I'll have to wait, but I don't mind. I'll have to wait for Agora as well, so no problem, it could become a Lambo shop here someday, all in 1/8th scale! Ciao.
  3. Wow, those wheels look so good, and I'd never have thought of using them on it, but it was a great choice!
  4. Looking great now, and those transparent green visors are so cool! Tons of bodywork all very nicely thought out and executed! I did a restomod Gullwing Merc, it was so much fun! I hope you're enjoying your build, it sure looks like you are, and so are we watching! Cheers!
  5. What a great selection of automotive history! And some gorgeous wood as well! Everything is so beautifully presented, just a fabulous museum!
  6. That's okay, it's not meant to be factory correct by any means, slightly hot rodded. You can post your criticism OR just message me, but I appreciate constructive criticism, that's how I learn!
  7. Made up a rear crossmember to glue the upper control arms to, although it's mostly hidden now, it was fun to do. Cheers!
  8. Very good look with those colours, and both body and interior have realistic finishes, sweet!
  9. That's a lot of negativity for KEEF, but if he's up for the challenge, I for one will cheer him on! I love making things fit, even on good kits, they sometimes need some work, so go for it KEEF and post your progress pics!
  10. I am always amazed by your awesome builds Steve, and this is another "WOW" build, I love it!
  11. I love the look of this one already, dropped and rollin' on 5 spokes! You can't go wrong with those rims, on almost everything, pre this century! Have you decided on body colours yet?
  12. Great job and it looks like a fun project! The lines really work, the flow is great, cool idea! Let us know when you get back to it, and you should, when you can! Cheers!
  13. Paint job is sweet! Love the colour choice!
  14. Wow Gregg, this is another masterpiece in the making from you, just amazing! AMT decals sheets never gave us gauge decals, oil filer decals, battery decals, the underhood label decals, no they were always a bit lacking. HOWEVER, as the real modeller that you are, you can source those or make your own, GREAT work on this Blazer! I love it!!!
  15. WOW! I just went through this entire thread! So interesting and you did SO much fine detailing and scratch building, I love it! Congratulations on your great model!
  16. Excellent progress! That thing is going to look so cool!
  17. Looks excellent so far! Nice rolling chassis details!
  18. Nice work on that Caddy! I would spray some smoke or even semi-gloss clear on those rims but that's just the way I like 'em, you do what suits you. You did mention that you were considering that though. Cheers!
  19. Nice work on those modifications! Going to be a very cool street Duster!
  20. Beautiful big Caddy in the making, and those added details really make it! Can't wait to see more!
  21. Very nicely done........... so far! I'm sure it'll be fantastic when finished! It's almost there already, cheers!
  22. Here's the motor just getting ready for installation, added an alternator bracket and oil filter, plus a few other small goodies. Will do paint touch-ups and add more details after installation, previous post was just a test fit. Cheers!
  23. I built mine stock, what a wonderful kit though, you should really enjoy building it, taking time to make sure all the small parts fit correctly, which they do. As always, a bit of fine tuning with emery boards and small files make any model kit parts fit better!
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