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  1. Man that looks great, No Camino, or........El Caminova !!
  2. I have this VERY rare 1/14th scale one, which is really detailed, even though I have barely started it!
  3. Fantastic work on this one, wow is about all I can say, other than I love it!!!
  4. Take your time and be patient, this will be stunning when finished, it's a rare product and rare in the 1:1 world as well!
  5. Love the look, have you tried detailing the tail lights yet? That's where mine stalled, those tail lights are difficult to get where they belong as far as detail goes, other versions of the Aventador have nicely detailed ones, but I'm sticking with my Aoshima one. If you have any tips for me to do those, I'm listening! Cheers!
  6. Looking great! I agree that bumpers to match the grille would look great, better than black to me, but of course it's your truck! Love the look so far though! Sweet flatty too!
  7. The chains covered in rubber on the tailgate are molded on, so I just painted the raised portion Tamiya "rubber black" and it has the effect of a separate piece, sort of, good enough.
  8. I tried something different for the bed floor. I used Tamiya masking tape and cut out each strip so that only the lower part of the floor was taped, then with a coarse file I scraped the higher parts, and when I removed the tape from the lower parts, only the raised ribs were all scratched, just like I hoped
  9. I was never happy with the headlights, until now. I used a cone shaped bit in the Dremel to ream aluminum tubing so thin that the parts box lenses just fit, then cut the tubing to oh say 1/8th inch or so, foiled the backs and slid them in. Much better now! And for the youngsters, they didn't have orange parking lights until '63.
  10. Looking good! Funny that I was eyeing up that same kit this morning over coffee and diggin' that intake set up. Might end up doing a 60's version of it some day soon. I like the direction you took!
  11. Very cool project and you've already done some masterful work, great stuff!
  12. Lookin' really cool, especially love those low angle pictures! I'm sure it'll be a great colour!!
  13. Very nicely done! Love the colour!!
  14. That's looks sweet already! Great choices so far.
  15. Very nice job saving that Falcon!
  16. Wow, your interior really pops! Nice job!!
  17. Wow, love what you've done already, cant' wait to see more!
  18. I have this old kit, never started, thought it was cool, but RCMP did use 4 doors I'm pretty sure.
  19. Looking great! And as everyone has already said, that engine detail, wow!
  20. Personally I love these Mobius kits, here's a little something I did to mine, used the clear sprue to make a dome light, nothing much but it was easy and fun! Cheers!
  21. Great work so far, love the mini-tubs and the front inner fenders raised! That engine looks just right in there as well!
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