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  1. 72 Satellite added a post in a topic 1967 Plymouth GTX   

    I just finished one. It went together alright, but I am anticipating my next try at it. I also added the Dana. I would paint the hood scoops seperate. I went with the Keystones.

  2. 72 Satellite added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1970 Ford Torino GT
    Thought I might show the progress I have made on my white Torino. I was inspired from a car on Keith Marks fotki page. I am planning on using a blue strobe stripe, but the decals from the Pro Modeler kit seem more purple to me. It will be duded up with louvers for the rear glass, and Ford hubs from that new 70 Mach 1 kit. The interior bucket is done. I mixed a color for the interior then mixed flocking to match. Has anyone ever tried that? I was very happy with result.
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  3. 72 Satellite added a post in a topic AMT/ERTL 68 Road Runner   

    A very nice Plymouth. I like that '67 as well. I have to agree that a 383 is refreshing although I would not be sick of hemis if I could afford one.
  4. 72 Satellite added a post in a topic 68 Charger R/t Conversion Part 4. Finished   

    I remember this exact car from a mopar show in East Hartford. Down to the FL plates, hemi, colors and stripes. Here are some pics. I am sorry for awakening an old thread.
  5. 72 Satellite added a post in a topic 1971 Plymouth Satellite   

    What a car. You did a nice job. I am planning on a MPC 71 Road Runner build. I am curious to see the underbody.
  6. 72 Satellite added a post in a topic Where Were You In ......72?   

    This is really something of a masterpiece. I enjoyed spotting Kowalski and Jungle Jim on the street. I was not even born until 1978, but my car is a 72. Awesome diorama.
  7. 72 Satellite added a post in a topic Grindhouse   

    Speaking of Death Proof, What year was that Nova? That could be a nice use for that up-coming Revell kit.
  8. 72 Satellite added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Revell 1977 Firebird Diecast?
    Hi everybody, I am a new member here, and let me say how much I have enjoyed reading through all the topic posted. I do have one question. What ever happened to the Revell Firebird Smokey and the Bandit diecast kit? I bought one at NNL East 3? years ago and have not seen one since and it is not even on eBay. This was a great kit (even though it was diecast) and I want some more. Any info?
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