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  1. gerry78 added a post in a topic Possible future MCM Article   

    i used to build stock car frames out of the used spruces. back in the old day when dirt track cars were hard to find, and before i found evergreen. most have got thrown out over the years. i used to cut up models and sanded the spruce were i would have half-rounds and glued them behind the seems. i had built a cherry picker out of some almost square spruce and some old air plane wheels. i looks a little rough, but what can you expect from a teenager. it is one of the thinss from my teenagers days that survives.

    as for the extra parts i save them for other people that are looking for parts in my local club. they make great junk loads, bodies to test new paint on, extra bodies to cut doors out of to open other kits doors up.

    the old boxes are used to store the parts. most of the boxes are sorted and many of the collections i have bought over the years are still unsorted, due to not having the time and room needed for sorting.

    hope this helps. gerry
  2. gerry78 added a post in a topic super beast   

    looks like ice road tuckers next generation of trucks! swamp road tucking!
  3. gerry78 added a post in a topic Trailer kits for a 40s to 50s semi-truck?   

    there is a small push tractor in mpc's indy car kit that has a small gas engine.
  4. gerry78 added a post in a topic Hummer   

    very nice. love the old civilian look!
  5. gerry78 added a post in a topic 3 Christine, BIG!!! Update February 8th   

    i have a real 57 and a 58 plymouth. the 57 is restored and the 58 is waiting for a 440 transplant. it is a shame that so many plymouth and dodge cars were lost to the movie. i'm glad you got around to building those kits. if i still had them they would still be in the storage boxes. has any one seen the stephen king movie "riding the bullet"? i has a haunted 60 plymouth in red. it's not a great as Christine but it has a few older cars in it. looking forward in the finished pictures. gerry
  6. gerry78 added a topic in Model Club News and Announcements   

    illinois modeler club in illinois (bureau county and surronding counties)
    any one looking for be part of a smallish model club near and around princeton IL. monthly meeting/swap. any age, skill, or type of models. post here or PM for faster response. thanks, gerry
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  7. gerry78 added a post in a topic Illinois Clubs ?   

    i belong to three clubs in the north west and north central illinois. were you located and how fare are you willing to drive? gerry (not the one who posted before me)
  8. gerry78 added a post in a topic 1957 or 1958 Plymouth Stock Car pics WANTED!!!   

    like this? http://us1.webpublications.com.au/static/i...0/2060_14lo.jpg

    or this? http://www.swansonmotorsports.com/sitebuil...sonRacecar9.JPG
  9. gerry78 added a post in a topic Drag Racing Build Off   

    i too am building the super bee kit. working on getting the picture this week. i haven't started it yet but should be OK.
  10. gerry78 added a post in a topic Drag Racing Build Off   

    is every one putting up a kit to send to the winner? i said i would and i'll keep my word. just wanting to know.
  11. gerry78 added a post in a topic Drag Racing Build Off   

    are entries box stock or super detail?
  12. gerry78 added a post in a topic Drag Racing Build Off   

    i'm in and i'll add one sealed kit to the winner.
  13. gerry78 added a post in a topic Model Trucks   

    you need some graphic down the side to break up the red. i think those stacks are a bit high, but the front bumper is crazy lowered like that. talk about a road grader! awesome looking ride!
  14. gerry78 added a post in a topic Old H.o. Parts And Tires   

    you could also use rubber o-rings for the front tires. they don't even touch the track and they look ok. you have to find a snug fit so they don't fly off!
  15. gerry78 added a post in a topic Request For Photos ... Any 1:1 Photos Of The Dodge L-700   

    got any more picture of that one set up on the tracks?