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  1. RodneyBad added a post in a topic Toyota NCP 160 V Pro box/Succeed' 14   

    Can't wait.
    Thanks the heads up..
  2. RodneyBad added a post in a topic SUPERNATURAL 67 Impala   

    it looks for like 1/25-ish..
    Just got lucky and found them at Toys R Us the other day.
  3. RodneyBad added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    SUPERNATURAL 67 Impala
    Incase anybody was looking for one.

    Hood and doors don't open but the trunk does.
    Could make a easy resin project for somebody.
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  4. RodneyBad added a post in a topic Need a Fujimi 1/24 Chevy Astro Van?   

    I Second Tokyo Hobby on Ebay..
    Just got my Astro and  Delica the other day.
  5. RodneyBad added a post in a topic Photobucket   

    I clicked on their Up-Grade plan ad I get every time I check my PhotoBucket and it is a $39.99 Plan.
    Nothing about 3rd Party Hosting..
    $40 bucks a yr might not be a bad deal to keep PhotoBucket links.
    If enough people hold out, Maybe their plan Pricing might change?
    Is it worth it?
    I am thinking about it or posting more stuff on FaceBook..
    Till they start charging..
    Okay, dug a little bit Deeper..


    Hopefully there will be enough people to hold out and the price will drop.
    I'd do $9.99  a month.
    Drop in the bucket considering all.
  6. RodneyBad added a post in a topic Show Me Some Hearses!   

    Ecto II


  7. RodneyBad added a post in a topic Fenton, MI. 2015 Police Tahoe   

  8. RodneyBad added a post in a topic Extortionate overseas shipping   

    Please, that aint nothing..
    Just think of some poor guy at night hitting the buy it now button..

  9. RodneyBad added a post in a topic Suzuki Jimny (JA11-5 Type) Reveiw(whats in the box look)   

    I picked up a few of these (3) to see how the compare to the Fujimi Jimny..
    They are a hair smaller and the Plastic is thinner than the Fujimi and almost feels 1/25.

    Fujimi on the right. The chassis are nicely detailed and I like the separate springs and axles.
    Easy to do a SPOA lift..


    I have built a Few Fujimis and looking forward to building the Aoshime version..

  10. RodneyBad added a post in a topic What did you get rid off today?   

    Spill the beans Junkman, Ya thinning out your Hoard?
    Don't feel bad, I've been doing that for 5 yrs..
    Got my stash down to just one room now..
  11. RodneyBad added a post in a topic Pap's 72 Chevy Cheyenne   

    Great story and a Great looking Build..
    Great job on the Reading utility body too..
  12. RodneyBad added a post in a topic HOBOY! HOT NEWS! 1974 Dodge Monaco Police Cars Coming!!!!   

    Toys R us is carrying these.

  13. RodneyBad added a post in a topic Jack Reacher Fans   

    It's all about the Money.
    As a Person, I don't think I could like him but he's in Some Pretty good movies..
    His acting is Meh....
  14. RodneyBad added a post in a topic chev crewcab   

    Huge looking truck..
    Great work on it..
    Looks fantastic..