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  1. All Are Invited to Vote for Cannonball Run CBP Winner

    Done.. Very Tough Choices.
  2. I don't remember the bumper looking that good. Could ya send it back? I Love those AMT Ford Trucks kits. Looking Great.
  3. If that doesn't work out. I'm sure I have one or two I'm not using..
  4. NEW 1/18 Maisto 1969 Dodge Charger

    I got out of 1/18 diecast but I'm gonna add this one.. Thanks for the heads up and review..
  5. Toyota NCP 160 V Pro box/Succeed' 14

    Can't wait. Thanks the heads up..
  6. SUPERNATURAL 67 Impala

    it looks for like 1/25-ish.. Just got lucky and found them at Toys R Us the other day. $23..
  7. Incase anybody was looking for one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/GREENLIGHT-1-24-1967-CHEVY-IMPALA-SPORT-SEDAN-SUPERNATURAL-2005-DIECAST-84032-/332301915232?epid=2141937605&hash=item4d5ebcd460:g:BbEAAOSwjyxZdmmz Hood and doors don't open but the trunk does. Could make a easy resin project for somebody.
  8. Need a Fujimi 1/24 Chevy Astro Van?

    I Second Tokyo Hobby on Ebay.. Just got my Astro and Delica the other day.
  9. Photobucket

    I clicked on their Up-Grade plan ad I get every time I check my PhotoBucket and it is a $39.99 Plan. Nothing about 3rd Party Hosting.. $40 bucks a yr might not be a bad deal to keep PhotoBucket links. Or.. If enough people hold out, Maybe their plan Pricing might change? Is it worth it? I am thinking about it or posting more stuff on FaceBook.. Till they start charging.. Okay, dug a little bit Deeper.. WTF!??? Hopefully there will be enough people to hold out and the price will drop. I'd do $9.99 a month. Drop in the bucket considering all.
  10. Fenton, MI. 2015 Police Tahoe

  11. Extortionate overseas shipping

    Please, that aint nothing.. Just think of some poor guy at night hitting the buy it now button..
  12. I picked up a few of these (3) to see how the compare to the Fujimi Jimny.. They are a hair smaller and the Plastic is thinner than the Fujimi and almost feels 1/25. Fujimi on the right. The chassis are nicely detailed and I like the separate springs and axles. Easy to do a SPOA lift.. I have built a Few Fujimis and looking forward to building the Aoshime version..
  13. What did you get rid off today?

    Spill the beans Junkman, Ya thinning out your Hoard? Don't feel bad, I've been doing that for 5 yrs.. Got my stash down to just one room now..