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  1. If it's heavy, it must be quality. Guess if I get desperate and need some nuts, I'll know where to find them .LOL.
  2. Many years ago a bought a few 1/43rd die-cast for basically a little collectable value and thought they were cool cars. Fast forward today and I move them around and a body fell off the chassis. Now I know why it felt like a diecast.
  3. I told ya not to put your Mum in the back.. It's just a 1/2 ton.. How not to install your dump bed. Should have slowed down for that speed bump. Thats one way to stick the landing.. ?
  4. Model cars or RC cars.. Been far more busy with RC cars than models these past few years but keeping up with new models I may want to build in the future. A few more may or may not have been added since this pic.. Okay, one more.. Pic. Okay.. One more.. WIP.. Windows are covered for painting.. Till I figure what I'm actually gonna do. More weathered, less weathered. rusted..
  5. Sell the XJ and get a Mini van for a folks carrier. When getting old.. It's hard to drop down into a car and then climb out of. My folks got a 2015 Grand Caravan . A more up-right position to get into and out of plus the auto opening side doors are a real convenience. Heck, Even I don't mind driving it. Pretty Peppy for a mini-van.. Personally, That's why I Love my Scion xD. Easy to get in and out of it with minimal effort. Don't have to fall into it or climb out of it. Bonus side is it's actually a blast to drive and 30mpg..
  6. I will be stocking up with these kits tho.. As long has you have a long bed, you can always make a short bed..
  7. Just so ya know, Pre-1974, the T-case was a separate unit with a mid shaft drive-line. 1975 was the first year of a married T-case i only know this because my 1975 Powerwagon had a married T-case. Which really sucks when you want a lift kit over 4"inches. just sayin..
  8. Check out oldr-n-drt He bought the only copy of the dodge body I had bought long ago from somebody.
  9. Revell did make one with a Hard top. https://www.ebay.com/itm/REVELL-SNAPTITE-JEEP-WRANGLER-RUBICON-MODEL-KIT-1-25-Scale-modeling-85-1695-NEW/392211948728?epid=1875869386&hash=item5b51a764b8:g:DDQAAOSwXrBa1gsE:rk:10:pf:0
  10. A post from facebook. FantomWorks December 21, 2018 Why DRS quit... By the first few days of 2019, we will finish filming the television series FantomWorks. The shop will continue to build cars for years to come but the show called FantomWorks will conclude. Our weekly tours will continue as they have since long before the show began. A few weeks back, the network officially posted the cancellation of our television show. Because of that announcement, I decided it was time to explain why I quit and thank all involved. I want to thank my crew of amazing technicians and the film crew that gave a group of mechanical artisans the chance to be in the spotlight. The crew of FantomWorks maintained the utmost professionalism building cars while dealing with cameras in their faces, sound equipment stuffed into nooks and crannies, radio wars (they were turned off 25 times a day), takes and retakes, working lunches, early mornings that turned into late nights, unwanted travel, and the general difficulties associated with being in front of the cameras 5 days a week, 51 weeks a year, 6.5 years non-stop. Right after the show began, employee turnover increased tenfold; stresses in the shop skyrocketed, and attacks on my company (bloodsucking leeches trying to suck “riches” that never even existed) came out of nowhere. In 2017 I announced to my crew my decision to leave the television show. To my relief, the crew responded very positively. As the cameras are now closing out the final segments of filming, the crew’s morale has skyrocketed and the love of building cars is effervescent again. I am told that filming a television show on a “set” designed for filming and utilizing paid actors is a reasonably easy thing to do. However in the case of the show FantomWorks, filming was never easy by anyone’s standards. My thanks to those members of the network and film crew who truly cared about the shop. Some understood how difficult it was and helped in any way they could. We had eleven directors in six years, most of whom agreed this was the most difficult show to shoot they’d ever worked on (most one-hour cars shows are shot in a 2-30 day window while this show averages 548 days). Car restorations that averaged almost two years were a reality while we had to display “continuity” during the builds so it looked like they were seamless done in only days. Shop dust and oils affected film gear resulting in an unusual number of equipment issues that then resulted in countless “do overs.” We never filmed less than five days a week, many weeks six. Film crews worked 7AM till 6 or 7PM most days alongside our crews. Often times, filming went well into the night. All this while trying to keep 65 to 98 cars in build at a time. It was never easy. To add insult to injury, many customers were upset as they were never reimbursed for travel or other expenses. The film schedule was so demanding that during the final weeks of my father’s life, I was not able to attend to him. The show took over my life and to make matters worse, my wife and I now face almost a million dollars of debt we incurred keeping the production going. I have only one regret related to leaving the show. That regret is that we have to say goodbye to our many fans. I have been honored to meet thousands of viewers of the show during the tours at the shop, in local car shows, and national events like SEMA. I’ve travelled the globe and been truly delighted and humbled by meeting so many people who have openly expressed their love of our the shop and the show. Just a few months ago, a very emotional fan of the show shared a wonderful story. He and his father would watch the show FantomWorks together during the months before his aged father passed. His father suffered from severe dementia had forgotten almost everything; his surroundings and family. It was only during the hour that they watched this show together that his father’s mind became alert. He’d been a car builder in his younger years. While the two watched the show together, his father could “remember” and for that hour, they’d connect… they’d talk. When he told me about what the show had done for his relationship, I rationalized that all the financial hardship we’d been through to make the show and even dealing with the gutless faceless internet trolls for six and a half years were somewhat justified. So when one of the senior executives from the network and I had a long talk. He suggested that if it doesn’t make any sense to keep going, it’s time to call it done. It was time… God Bless. Dan Short
  11. Truck looks Great. I almost thought it was a pic from the truck ad..
  12. Very nice. The only time I've seen a BUG is on Wheeler Dealers.
  13. Grill looks Fantastic. (3 on order) The taillights are also special on the 1969 GTX. Deep inserts. Those would make a Excellent offer along with the Grill.
  14. The only one I know about is the new Revell 1985 Oldsmobile 442 Hurst or FE3 Show car. Too new? Or is that Olds? LOL.. Ebay search Revell Oldsmobile.
  15. After almost 20yrs, I'm back to owning almost a Chrysler product. 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude plus. Okay, I'm sure it's closer to a Fiat Product but I'm hoping for the best. Turbo charged 2.0 271 hp So far the only downside I've found is with the drivers window down, I can't rest my arm on top of the door. B-pillar gets in the way of my arm. what the heck? Good driving lil jeep with plenty of Peep with a 9 speed auto. Sort've wish, (really do) I'd gotten the off road version Trailhawk but doesn't come with Turbo. More Powwwweeeer.
  16. Looks like your off to a better start Oldmopars Glad camero69 Come thru. I'm gonna have to look into those parts too.
  17. Flippin Fantastic. Finally hearing we are getting a Hobby Lobby in my town and they stop carrying models.
  18. Ship looks fantastic. It's been almost 40yrs since I watched that show. Feels like a time to revisit. I have the DVDs
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