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  1. marinewifejones added a post in a topic Update on Clay   

    Military communities are very close knit. When Clay and I first got married I moved into base housing about a month before he came home (he deployed the day after we were married) and I was AMAZED when my neighbors all came over and introduced themselves and said any time I needed something done around the house I could borrow their husbands. I even took one up on that when I bought my washer and dryer, I had my neighbors husband come help me get them out of the truck and into the house but he couldnt stay to help hook them up because he had to go to work so my mom and I tried to do it ourselves but found we were lacking a tool for the dryer so I called a guy my dad had met while dealing with VW's and he came over and helped us.

    This isnt our first deployment but its the first with kids. And I am sure we will have many more in the next 12 1/2 years.
  2. marinewifejones added a post in a topic Update on Clay   

    Hi everyone! We are 3 months into this deployment and let me tell ya its been a long 3 months. Clay is doing well and keeping busy so he says time feels like its flying by (its crawling by for me and the kids). I talk to him on the phone about once a week and on email almost daily.

    If anyone wants his mailing address over there just send me a PM.
  3. marinewifejones added a post in a topic Just a reminder to all to be careful   

    And as Clay can attest. Xacto knives should not be used in moving vehicles. fortunatly he just got a small cut.
  4. marinewifejones added a post in a topic Update on Clay   

    I talked to Clay again today for the first time since Friday and apparently Saturday he was cutting a ziptie off a toolbox and pushed someone out of the way and as he brought that hand back he accidently brought the knife down into that hand. He ended up with 4 stitches.

    He doesnt have an email over there yet because they are still working to establish their work area so our comminication is for the most part one sided with the occasional phone call. But there is a program called MotoMail that allows me to send electronic mail that gets printed over there and delivered as if I had sent it via snail mail. I mailed 2 boxes out the saturday he left and he still hasnt gotten those yet so we will have to see how long it takes snail mail to reach him. I have one more box packed and ready to be shipped out and half of another one I am just waiting till payday to go get a few things he asked for.
  5. marinewifejones added a post in a topic Update on Clay   

    I spoke with Clay briefly EARLY yesterday morning and he has made it to where he was going.
  6. marinewifejones added a post in a topic Update on Clay   

    I talked to him earlier today and he said he would try to call when he got to Germany
  7. marinewifejones added a topic in General   

    Update on Clay
    Clay made it up to Cherry Point yesterday evening and is now sitting there waiting for them to put him on a plane. I will try to keep everyone posted on whats going on but things are kinda crazy here right now. Thankfully my parents are here to help.
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  8. marinewifejones added a post in a topic It's about that time   

    i told you that you could take the little one but im not crazy about the idea of you taking the new one.
  9. marinewifejones added a post in a topic It's about that time   

    If Clay is unable to update from over there I will do it for him.
  10. marinewifejones added a topic in General   

    Some News
    This is Clay, I thought I was logged in.

    Just thought I would let you guys know that I will be leaving sometime this year. I can't divulge any information yet.
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  11. marinewifejones added a post in a topic Just saw this guys show on Comedy Central   

    He is going to be in my hometown of Gainesville,fl in March so I asked my dad if he and my mom would watch the kids if we came down and he said no cause he wants to go also and so does my mom who doesnt like stand up so if we can go down there I will have to hit up one of my friends.
  12. marinewifejones added a post in a topic This is going to take a bite out of my modeling time   

    some friends of ours back in Cali had a couple. We had to stay a couple nights with them when we were in the process of moving from there to SC and our one eyed cat thought they looked like a good snack.
  13. marinewifejones added a post in a topic Slowly's Round-Up   

    David suggested you do the 32 in Blue, oh wait thats the only color he can say right now so I dont know if that counts.

    After all this time I still dont get why you guys cant finish one model before moving on to the next, this just drives me insane.
  14. marinewifejones added a post in a topic Cleaning out the garage   

    you guys should have seen the stuff we got rid of before moving from Cali to SC. We had a big yard sale and still had about 3 tips worth to take to the thrift store. We got rid of 2 desks, the kitchen table, tv stand from our room and some end tables from the living room plus all those clothes i had been holding onto with the inten on loosing weight and getting back into them (but then i decided that if i lost the weight then i deserved to go shopping).

    We are planning on having another yard sale once it warms up a little and once Amelia has outgrown some of her larger items such as the swing and her bouncy seat. In the mean time I am listing what i can on sites like Craigslist and BooKoo.com
  15. marinewifejones added a post in a topic my new hobby   

    why thank you gentlemen. the first thing david did was grab one of the trucks off the cake and started playing with it. that was my first decorated cake so I am very proud of it. And I think next year I will have to do a Davy Jones Pirate theme unless he is still so stuck on trucks.