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  1. Sandy added a post in a topic Old time radio shows   

    Live365.com has a lot of great OTR shows. You can become a member and avoid the commercials, or listen free and endure a few ads.

    Just type in old time radio and you'll have many choices, one of which is all "Shadow" all the time ☺

  2. Sandy added a post in a topic Kudos to Golden Bell Press   


    I do marketing for MCM and will definitely let Sherri and Lila know that their efforts are appreciated. They do a great job in the front office and will be glad to hear that folks think they are doing a terrific job!

  3. Sandy added a post in a topic Help!   

    Thanks for all your help. We got the package sent to my nephew yesterday. My sister and I went to Hobby Lobby and she found a '69 Mustang for him.

    I know VERY little about models, but this one did not need any extra tools. Not sure if we got him the right thing, but hopefully it is something he can enjoy.
    HL did not have many aircraft models. Just a couple of Vipers and a helicopter or two.

    I ended up making him some butterscotch rice krispie bars I know he likes those!

    Again, thanks for the help!!

  4. Sandy added a post in a topic Help!   

    Clay, thanks. Did not even cross my mind to omit his deployment site.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I will pick up a model this weekend. Need to get it sent, along with chapstick, gum, rice krispie bars and other requested items. I'll let y'all know how the model is received

    Again...thanks for your input!

  5. Sandy added a topic in General   

    Hi...I would just like some advice on model choices. My nephew was recently deployed and we are getting a package together for him. I thought that he might enjoy working on a model car, but have no idea even what to send. Any ideas? He recently sold his 68 Mustang, so I think he might like something like that. He is a KC-135 pilot, but I think a car would be best. Any ideas??


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