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  1. WingNuts added a post in a topic CSX3015 Cobra   

    Progress is being made although slow. Completed the interior, exhaust and two color coats. Final color coat goes on today then the BMF will begin.

    What ya think?
  2. WingNuts added a post in a topic CSX3015 Cobra   

    Hood almost finished!
    1st pic is the rough shape

    Then the Milliput added and primed. Still have some work to do smoothing edges and contours. Pretty happy with it though.

    Thanks for looking.
  3. WingNuts added a post in a topic Need help locating gauges   

    Back in town thanks for the replys. Tach and speedometer were created with images off the net. those are the ones most unhappy with. Here are a couple of pics where I'm at with the dash.

    Am I being too picky?

  4. WingNuts added a topic in Big Boyz   

    Need help locating gauges
    Well I'm not to pleased with how my cobra dash came out. I attempted to use 1/24 aircraft gauges from Waldron. Some were appropriate, most not. So my question, Is there anyone making 1/18th or 1/16th scale gauges?

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  5. WingNuts added a post in a topic CSX3015 Cobra   

    Appreciate all the kind words.

    Len, I'll build another one and take a few photos on how I did it. Be about a week though.

    John, I used the MPC kit as abase for mine. Arrived missing a few parts though. Have the wife call and I'll hand the phone to my wife. They can compare notes.

    Darin, you and I have been visiting the same web sites. I had all those shots of 3015 as you have. I have already made the automatic shifter. Just need to make the shift selector box and the interior will be done. Darin the Cobra story site has removed many of the photos he had up a couple of months ago. I used many of those pics when I did the manifold carving in wax.

    I thought the seats were a little funky without any back. I built them up with Milliputt contouring to shape.

  6. WingNuts added a topic in Big Boyz   

    CSX3015 Cobra

    I have admired the work many of you share. Mostly an aircraft modeler I stray into automative when a subject bites. Watching the Barrett Jackson auction when Carrol Shelby's Super Snake sold made me want to build another Cobra. Ahhh, enter E-Bay and the search for a 1/16th Cobra that I had built years age for my brother. Found one in March and the referance search was on.

    Here is where I stand as of now,

    Appreciate your feedback and comments. Especially the photography. Having a tough time taking the close-ups.

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