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  1. Evan added a post in a topic Kenworth K500 Coe   

    Thanks for the info, Tim. Didn't know if those were a couple of one-offs or what; didn't see anything on the K500 on the Kenworth website.

    I'm usually not one for most KW/Pete stuff, but the obscure super-heavy-duty and/or off-road stuff always catch my fancy. Or the American/European hybrids. This falls into both categories.

    Can't wait to see more!
  2. Evan added a post in a topic Sbfa General   

    Cool! Someone found my site!

    The 20 figure is an estimate; I'm working a few sources at GM to nail that down to a firm number. My guess is it had to be just as scarce as the Aero Astro was.

    And you're right - as Chevy exited the HD business in 1980 and the SBFA N-series came in '87, a Bison SBFA didn't happen - although with a swap of badges and grille inserts, it could be...
  3. Evan added a post in a topic Kenworth K500 Coe   

    Cool stuff, Tim! Do you know if they're currently offering the trucks with the DAF cabs, or if these were merely prototypes?

    They sorta did. Both GMC and Chevrolet sold re-badged versions of the Isuzu Giga in South- and Central America over the past decade.