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  1. '57 Chevy Bumper Guards

    Good idea, so I went there and looked. Unfortunately, They're not quite the right shape and they appear to be molded to the bumper and much too close together......so I guess it's back to the drawing board for me.....Thank you for the suggestion, it's the best so far. I've never even see a diecast that had bumper guards.
  2. 1953 Chevy Gasser "White Lightning"

    Thank you, I use Alps printers, which can print metallic and foils.
  3. 1953 Chevy Gasser "White Lightning"

    Thanks again, everyone. I appreciate the kind words.
  4. '57 Chevy Bumper Guards

    Thank you, I had that kit in the stash so I checked it out. I don't know.....they're close, but no cigar. I think the rears are closer than the front, but like you say, modification is definitely necessary. I'm not sure if I have enough skill to pull that off, but I may give it a shot. Thank you!
  5. '57 Chevy Bumper Guards

    While I don't have that particular kit, I strongly suspect its the same kit they've been reissuing for years, and it doesn't have bumper guards at all. They even issued it once with a sedan as the box art.....hardtop inside. Still, it's worth checking out though. Thank you!
  6. 1953 Chevy Gasser "White Lightning"

    Thanks, Y'all!!!
  7. Hi everyone. This is Josh Owens' (of the TV show "Moonshiners) '53 Chevy Gasser, that runs in Quain Stott's Southeast Gassers events. Built from the Revell kit, its basically box stock cleaned up a bit. Added those ugly wheelie bars, Wheels are from Replicas and Miniatures of MD, decals are my own. Sort of a pain of a kit, but it was a fun build.
  8. Greetings all. One of my favorite modeling subjects are models of cars I used to own. I've built several over the years, even the race car I used to have, but the one I've never built is the first car I ever had....a 1957 Chevrolet 2 dr. hardtop. Why, you ask? Because I can't find a kit that has the optional bumper guards. This was a big deal to me on my car back in '71....I scoured junkyards all over North Georgia to find a useable set, both front and rear, and I just can't build a model of this car without them. Is there a kit anywhere that has these, or something close?
  9. Chevy SS Throwback Scheme...Not what you might think.

    Thanks again, y'all! Chris, classes were and still are kinda weird, pretty much track specific. I raced primarily at the Athens (Georgia) Speedway, but did race every now and then at Winder and Hartwell. At Athens Speedway, I was in the "A" Cadet division. (They had Rookie, "B" cadet, "A" Cadet, "B" class Sportsman, and "A" Class Sportsman). When I went to Winder, it was simply the Cadet division, and at Hartwell it was called the Hobby class. Dixie Speedway in Woodstock had "A" Hobby and "B" Hobby. You could call yours anything like that and be ok I think.
  10. Chevy SS Throwback Scheme...Not what you might think.

    Thanks, Y'all! I appreciate it. And yeah, I told him what a good idea it was, he said "Of course it was a good idea, you should listen to me more!" lol.
  11. I'm not much of a Nascar fan anymore, but my 12 year old kid is. A couple weeks ago, he was telling me about the throwback paint schemes they're supposed to be running at Darlington. Since I raced on dirt tracks back in the 70s, he said "Dad, if you were racing in Nascar, you could run a throwback paint scheme of your old dirt car!" I said "Yeah, I guess I could." He said "Hey, why don't we build a model of what it would look like?" LIGHT BULB!!! This is the Revell Dale Jr. snap kit, pretty much OOB, I'm not savvy enough about modern Nascar to do any detail work. Decals are my own. I tried to keep the flavor of my old car, while making it look modern. Logan's Texaco was my dad's place, and where I worked. He was my biggest supporter.(If you've ever heard the Colt Ford song "Back", this was "That Texaco that Mr. Logan use to own....") I'm too old to drive it, so I made my 12 year old kid the driver. I haven't been building much lately, but this was only a three day project and a ton of fun! I'm already thinking about doing some other modern versions of older dirt cars I raced against. First picture is the actual car, me on the left, my dad on the right.
  12. Penske Fords

    Both of these look good. I have a question. I'm not a Nascar builder, but I did acquire some of these. The fuel filler , to me, looks way too big...it actually swallows the decal that's supposed to around it there. Your #2 car looks right. Did you rework that area, or am I doing something wrong?
  13. Sanford and son decsls

    Those on Ebay are incorrect. These are the ones you need: Pm me.
  14. My 57 Del Rio

    Looks good. Keep it up, I'm taking notes!
  15. My 57 Del Rio

    Looks great! Can't wait to start on mine now!