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  1. Yes, just like that silly ol' horseless carriage that Henry Ford tried. Everybody said it would be just a fad too. Personally, I think it's great. Project X was always about trying new things, and that's what this is all about.
  2. Oops, my mistake....you are correct, sir. That's what I get for posting before coffee, lol. THIS is the correct Fisher T-tops......
  3. T-tops started in '76, with the Hurst style. The Fisher style started around the middle of '78. The easiest way to tell which is which , the rear of the Fisher tops are even with the rear of the side window, the Hurst tops are not.
  4. That's great! I'll put my build on hold for now and wait for the seats. Thank you.
  5. I believe the Revell Muscle kit is the 1/24 scale kit, so no, it would not be a good choice for an accurate Bandit car.....it has the Fisher T-tops, and the Bandit car has Hurst T-tops. I do think that the Revell 1/25 kit based on a diecast does have the Hurst tops, as do the AMT/MPC kits.
  6. The '68 GTX is my favorite Mopar. I've already got your grill and door panels, and they are excellent! I need to get the trunk lid ordered. I don't suppose you'd want to do the '68 GTX seats, would you? That, and these hubcaps, and we'd have everything we need.......🙂
  7. Looking great! I love the '61-'64 Fords.
  8. All those '57 kits out there, and not a single one has the optional bumper guards I can use to build a model of my very first car. *Sigh*......
  9. roadhawg

    1949 Ford

    Nice!! Love the sidepipes and Moon decal!
  10. Thank you. I did, and he doesn't. I might have to fall back on Plan B with this project.
  11. Does anyone know if the late 60s Plymouth hubcaps in the picture were ever kitted or offered by a resin caster? TIA.
  12. Robert! Man, it's good to hear from you, I was just thinking about you not long ago, wondering how you're doing. Yes sir, still living in the same place for now, but the road widening project might change that lol. And yeah, I haven't been online a lot lately, been working a lot. Hope all is well with you!
  13. Yes sir, I totally get that. I've never been a fan of chopped post-war cars (except for Jimmy Vaughn's '61 Caddy....Oooooo!) but I do know a chopped top is plausible for a gasser. I think some people were planning on kitbashing this one with the stock kit, however, when it comes out, to build a stock sedan.....which would be impossible with the body shown. In the 70s, I had a '64 Nova sedan body on a dirt track car, so I was kinda hoping too. Oh well. I WILL wait and see the finished version.....but at this point I'm not overly optimistic.
  14. Not the greatest pictures in the world, but these manifolds are the auto cast iron spray paint I spoke of.
  15. Very well done, sir. I loved the ASA-All Pro cars from this era. You did good!
  16. As a HUGE fan of The Southeast Gassers Association, I'll probably get a few of these just for parts. But that body will probably end up in the trash lol. Even Stevie Wonder can see the roof ain't right.
  17. Go to an auto parts store (Advance, Autozone, Napa, etc) and get a spray can of cast iron paint. While you'll need to prime the parts first, it's perfect for blocks, exhaust manifolds, and anything else that's supposed to be cast iron. It dries flat.
  18. This is cool! Like you, I have an interest in these things too. If you ever get down to the North Georgia area (NNL coming up in November) give me a shout, we have a real Bigfoot Museum in Blue Ridge GA, I'll treat you to a visit. Your model actually resembles the real one.
  19. I've never been a fan of the SSR, but I really like the way this is looking. If Chevy had made this, I might've bought one! Awesome concept!
  20. Thank you, all! I do appreciate the kind words.
  21. Back in 1973-1974, there was a TV series called "The Magician". It starred Bill Bixby as Anthony Blake, a very wealthy David Copperfield-type magician that used magic tricks to solve crimes and help people that had been done wrong. It only lasted one season but it remains one of my favorite TV shows ever. Tony Blake's car of choice was a brand new white 1974 Corvette (the pilot episode used a '73, the rest of the series used a '74). "The Magician" was responsible for both my interests in mid-70s Corvettes and amateur magic, interests I still have today. Several years ago I made an attempt to build a model of Tony Blake's Corvette, using the AMT '74 annual kit. I've never been a master model builder, and it definitely showed. I got the color right, but that was about it. I was never really happy with it. Recently, I got that model out and said to myself "Dude, you can do better than that!" I tore it apart, stripped everything, and started all over. While the actual car was just a standard Corvette with the L82 350 and Automatic, one thing I really wanted to add was the Italian Grillo telephone that Tony Blake had mounted on the console, which was the great grandfather of today's modern flip-phones (car phones were not cheap in 1974). The antenna at the rear window is for the phone. I'm still not a master model builder, and it still shows, but I'm much happier with the way it came out this time. AMT's '74 annual with a parts box 350/Turbo 350, Tamiya white paint. While some episodes showed the car with the YJ8 aluminum wheels and whitewalls, other episodes showed the Corvette Rallys with Firestone tires which I like better, so that's what I used. There's still a few issues...the hood is kinda weird on on the left side, probably a slight warp, and yeah, the antennas could be a little thinner, but otherwise I'm much happier with it now. The very last picture is the "before" picture. Now....I have a few '73 kits. Maybe I should build that pilot episode car. Thanks for looking.
  22. Pre-ordered a couple. Now I remember why I don't get on here a lot......y'all end up costing me money. 😄
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