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  1. The White (Buick?) station wagon in the top row first pic along with the red Chevy Pickup below it. 2nd pic there is a dark blue 59 Buick in the last row, and looks to be some GM products mixed in along with a Red 60 Edsel convertible in the center next to last row. Last pic there's a blue Chevy p-up top row and what looks to be a yellow Ford Pickup 3rd row and a blue one just below it.
  2. Only 20 to get Harley Quinn, 54 to get Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.
  3. When I think of great magazines, what comes to mind are Car Model, Model Car Science, Model Car and Track, Rod and Custom Models, and the old pre-70 Auto World Catalogs.
  4. I'm now a senior citizen, and am retired with medical issues. A friend does 95% of all my shopping. She's a nurse and extremely fastidious, even more so since the outbreak. That being said, my life would almost be no different these days than it was last year, except that I found mold in my home at the end of February. I've been isolating in her home while I have the mold abated. Finding someone to do this was a nightmare that took over a month. Most all the companies that do this are now either completely busy sanitizing commercial buildings, or not working. Getting a housecleaner after the abatement is worse. I've contacted about a dozen companies and it seems that when I tell them I'm sensitive to chemicals they don't want the job. Makes me worry for the old folks in nursing homes that have been sanitized, and the chance the chemicals would be making them sick.
  5. Hobbylinc has the Detail Master ones for $6.09. http://www.hobbylinc.com/detail-master-hose-clamp-plastic-model-vehicle-accessory-kit-1:24-1:25-scale-2480
  6. The '72 Chevy Pickup was the first kit I bought when I got back into the hobby in 2006 (?) I'd sure like to see it reissued. While I've got a few of the 67-72 kits in pieces from the first issues, I'd love to have all new plastic.
  7. Never heard of this band until I got GT Sport. Slow Train Soul "In the Black of Night".
  8. That's pretty darn amazing. Well done!! 👍
  9. Nice job, B. I love that patina. Looks good with the deuce grille and that Olds mill. 👍
  10. I don't know if this is from a game or just a computer rendering, but there are cars just like this running in Argentina these days. While there are mid/rear engine variations like pictured, many of them are front wheel drive with literally nothing past the drivers seat other than the shell and just enough tubing to support motorcycle wheels. Check it out: https://www.dragzine.com/news/video-hey-whered-the-rest-of-that-car-go-all-motor-goes-extreme/
  11. I made up a couple of designs in the video game Gran Turismo Sport. This was an alternate version to the 996 pictured above.
  12. That is really nice! I like the green on the dust caps-is that to simulate E.T. Mags?
  13. August 12, 1979 Blondie at the Oakland Auditorium. Nick Lowe opened. I still have the ticket stubs somewhere. 🙂
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