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  1. I love this, great job 👍
  2. Seems (to me) his project was doomed as soon as he committed himself to making it in styrene. I'm sure that excited a lot of folks. I was one of them, just not $50 excited.
  3. What are those things in front of the rear wheels? Something to keep you from driving away if you owe money?
  4. It felt like that yesterday. This morning its better but not great. I'm looking at it as a trade-off for the annoying ads. 🙂
  5. In the late 70's I was in the Northern California Street Machine Association. That car showed up frequently at our yearly MIni-Nats. I've always loved it
  6. Wow! Beautiful work on this one 😄
  7. Draggon

    Jungle Jim

    Great job, good work on the detailing 👍
  8. Beautiful, one of my favorite 'Vettes here on the forum!
  9. The Ramblurr was also released in the Looney Tunes series.
  10. I've used lacquer thinner on that paint. It works, but takes longer to dry than one would expect. I thought it acted like enamel.
  11. Actually it's Modelmartin, but I get the two confused.
  12. That's an excellent point. I used to paint cars (1:1) as a sidejob on weekends. It didn't take too long before I started having trouble keeping up. The last job didn't turn out too good. It was fine for the elderly couple I did it for, but was below my standards. I quit, and had to return some cash I'd taken up front on a couple jobs.
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