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  1. It's from Gone In 60 Seconds ll that never got finished. That's all I know.
  2. I couldn't stand "JJ Da Boss" when he first appeared a on the show. Now I find him entertaining and funny as heck, he seems to enjoy being himself. I like him better than Chief.
  3. That is really cool, I love it!
  4. My favorite of his is Sultans of Swing. 😁
  5. Has anyone bought that DTR '32 coupe kit? Are the decals pictured included?
  6. Some folks that can remember 1977 should be familiar with "Ca Plane Pour Moi" by Plastic Bertrand. I think this one's better.
  7. Hey Rob, you might check with uptownautomotive@mac.com or Bob Cline on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/288010574955760/user/1074104601/ I have no experience with Uptown, but have bought from Bob before, great guy to deal with.
  8. I liked that one and thought it looked pretty good!
  9. On a similar topic-in 2018 I was extremely into the Playstation video game, GT Sport. I was spending at least a few hours every day racing online (like IRacing) At one point I was classified 39th in the north/south America region and had gotten so serious my mental attitude was suffering. I remember hopping into my Durango and for a few moments having that same competitive mindset. I actually had to tell myself it's not a video game. 😵
  10. I've got the Arii wheels and tire sets. While they are lovely, they're 1/24 and way too big to look in scale on smaller bodied 1/25 scale cars unless you want to simulate 16" wheels.
  11. Are the Fireball Modelworks wheels close enough? http://www.fireballmodels.info/fmr-035-37.htm
  12. Here's is my Lindberg "Pickup Rod". It was an ebay rescue that I had to have. Other than some cleaning and significant touch-ups, it's just like it arrived. One of my favorite models!
  13. 1. AMT 1932 Ford roadster 2. AMT 1940 Ford Coupe 3. AMT 1940 Ford Sedan 4. Monogram 1955 Chevy (the first one with the bubble top) 5. Monogram Little T 6. Monogram 1930 Ford Coupe/Cabriolet 7. Monogram 1930 Ford Phaeton (the 1/24 original) 8. AMT 1932 Ford Coupe 9. AMT 1950 Ford Convertible (original 1962 release) 10. Any of the Revell dragster/rail combo kits from the 60's honorable mention is the AMT Studebaker
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