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  1. Draggon added a post in a topic Illegal Street Racing..   

    I expect that the defendants knowledge of the consequences as well as this extremely outrageous behavior contributed to this being prosecuted as murder.  DUI is now being prosecuted the same way in California . From the interwebs "DUI murder charges are generally filed where the prosecutor can show that the defendant knew about the risk of impaired driving and consciously ignored this risk when he or she chose to drive while under the influence. Murder charges usually require a showing of intentional conduct, however the California Supreme Court has found that consciously ignoring the risk of impaired driving and subsequently being involved in a DUI fatality meets the criteria for murder. "
    I'd like to think that anyone intelligent enough to obtain a drivers license knows that street racing or driving drunk have potentially fatal outcomes. 
  2. Draggon added a post in a topic Street Roadster Pick Up   

  3. Draggon added a post in a topic decals   

    Mike's Decals. Google is your friend  
  4. Draggon added a post in a topic Gremlins in model building (not AMC type).   

    Everything fits until after the last coat of paint. Even if I've mocked up continually until applying a final gloss coat, I'm probably going to need files and sandpaper to get things together. 
  5. Draggon added a post in a topic Tom McMullen`s: AEE- Big Twin -On The Workbench 11-5-16   

    Holy cow that's something stunning 
  6. Draggon added a post in a topic Favorite Obscure or Discovered Music Album   

    Woah, that's some good stuff. Reminds me of Linkin Park. 
  7. Draggon added a post in a topic The Walking Dead 2/19/2017 Iconic Truck Trailer   

    So I went and googled a bit. I noticed that the original trailer and the dead trailer look slightly different. The sheetmetal sides appear to have different patterns. I can't tell much else, like the frame style or rivit pattern. One of the first sites listed in my google search was "moviepilot" something or other. They said
    "the distinctive truck that Richard and Daryl shelter behind before Richard reveals his plan, a truck that was actually an almost-identical replica of the one used in Smokey and the Bandit!" https://moviepilot.com/p/the-walking-dead-season-seven-episode-ten-details/4209094
    So you might be correct. 
  8. Draggon added a post in a topic The Walking Dead 2/19/2017 Iconic Truck Trailer   

    Maybe they were added so that the Saviors can't see Daryl and Cooper fighting through the space that would be open under the trailer. Maybe the trailer is restored, or in great shape, and they didn't want to dirty up the undercarriage.....the owner of the trailer could have even added the skirts sometime himself for whatever reason. Who knows 
  9. Draggon added a post in a topic The Walking Dead 2/19/2017 Iconic Truck Trailer   

    The girlfriend thinks me silly because I noticed it right away. What I found most interesting was that it was still around, 50 years later. Great little easter egg that was! 
  10. Draggon added a post in a topic Looking for specific wheels   

    Those are Casey Littman's. You guys should really ck his stuff out before you look anywhere else.
  11. Draggon added a post in a topic Revell '34 Ford three window   

    I'm looking forward to seeing this completed. I love the Revell 34, and have a few in progress. If you don't mind, here's where one of mind stands. It's been stalled out for quite awhile now......

  12. Draggon added a post in a topic They shoot horses, don't they?   

    Yes, I live only 10 minutes from what used to be the Fremont strip. I actually got to see the Souza Bros and Dad run in a match race with Brutus, Samson, and the Hairy Canary in 66 or 67. That memory was etched into my 13 year old mind forever.  My dad flew out of the airport that backed up to the strip so I spent a lot of Sundays watching the drags. Kurt, did you ever get to Half Moon Bay Dragstrip? 
    I'm looking forward to seeing progress on this!
  13. Draggon added a post in a topic Where can I get these decals? (2 separate issues)   

    mofobow@hotmail.com has 73 Mach decals. Can't believe I've forgotten his name 
  14. Draggon added a post in a topic They shoot horses, don't they?   

    I've seen decals online for this. I'm not sure where, most likely ebay, but someone has done them 
  15. Draggon added a post in a topic First time using BMF