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  1. I've been waiting for that Luv forever. I've got the Baja Beast version but really prefer this one.
  2. If it looked like this, I would totally drive the volts out of it.
  3. " From the clip: "In a rated power climb with service loading the aircraft is slightly unstable" If that's what the folks that built it say, I'd turn in my pilot's license before flying that 😲
  4. He posted this youtube video of the engine almost 10 years ago. Amazing that the truck finally got done.
  5. I found a youtube on the real one dated 2012 so it pre-dated the kit by a long shot.
  6. It baffles me why some resin casters make those ugly tires with way out of scale sipes wrapping around the sidewall.
  7. Have you looked at Eightyone81? http://www.eightyone81.com/category/products/rims/
  8. Great job! I love the stance, you've got it just right. ✔️
  9. That's coming along great. I like the wheel change too-makes it unique compared to your first version. The way it sits now I think shiny/blingy is not right for it, and rat might put it into "just another rat rod" category.
  10. That's Misha Smarsky. I've purchased from him more than a few times. Outstanding products and fantastic service. It's taken less time to get things from him across the globe than it does my interstate mail.
  11. Shipping up to Boston and Sandman on the Bagpipes.
  12. I got this from John Goschke a few years ago. An amazing model even by today's standards. It was supposedly in a magazine, or on the cover, but I don't know which one. It's the centerpiece in my collection.
  13. This is one of the reasons I don't watch. I can't stand ugly cars. Actually the last time NHRA excited me was when Dick Lahaie won the top fuel championship. I had to google that, it was 1987 😯
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