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  1. Draggon added a post in a topic Johan? What? Huh? This cannot be real.   

    I wish some of this stuff would make its way to the west coast. I'm feeling gypped. 
  2. Draggon added a post in a topic Best site for parts   

    Here's a great place to get wired distributors and magnetos along with other things. I don't even bother with doing the distributors myself anymore, Kris Morgan's stuff is so nice. 
  3. Draggon added a post in a topic How to lower?   

    Perfect stance on that one
  4. Draggon added a post in a topic 3 model sets   

    I've got the hot rod set with the 40 delivery, 37 chevy convertible and 34 Ford. I got it used and the box was destroyed so Im not certain if the delivery and convert kits are complete with all of the usual parts, but the 34 Ford builds the street rod version only, no stock parts included. 

  5. Draggon added a post in a topic '55 Gasser   

    Yea, I like that mod, plus the fact that the nose isn't pointing to the moon like most we see these days. 
  6. Draggon added a post in a topic Der Beetle Bus   

    Well that interior was a surprise! I like it backwards better. 
  7. Draggon added a post in a topic Late 40's Traditional '29 Ford Roadster on '32 Rails Update: 9/19   

    Great detail on the running gear. I make mental notes on how you set up the steering on your early fenderless cars. I'm not so good, nor creative in that area. Must be because you've built a lot of 1:1's. The detail on the exhaust hangers is something I don't remember seeing before. Looks a lot better than the usual pipes just sitting there in limbo. 
  8. Draggon added a post in a topic Auto ID #223 Finshed   

    It's because I spend way too much time on the internet 
  9. Draggon added a post in a topic Has anyone Lowered the Aoshima Toyota Hilux 4WD Doublecab?   

    The rear will be relatively easy, mount the axle above the springs, and like the 1:1's notch the frame if you need to get it lower. For the front I'd remove the molded in A arms, assemble the spindles, tie rod and wheels/tires, put them on your mock-up and see if you can make some brackets to remount the upper A arms higher. If you can't get it low enough like that you will have to move the wheel mounting point on the spindles higher. The lower A arms will most likely need the slid plate removed and some brackets made to mount them to the frame.
  10. Draggon added a post in a topic No love for the 1/24th scale Model A coupe   

    I don't have the new kit yet but from what I've seen and read it may be more of a parts kit for me. I love the old Monogram kit. I dream of that 6 way kit being released. I've got an unbuilt one as well as the '30 Phaeton. I want to build them both but just can't bring myself to take anything off the sprues. 
  11. Draggon added a post in a topic Trivia and/or Brain Teasers   

    Try "askew" too
    "tilt" made the page go backwards but I could only get it to do it once.
  12. Draggon added a post in a topic auto cutter   

    Dremel makes one. They call it an "Electric Hot Knife" They say its only 30 watts but it gets to over a thousand degrees. Yikes! https://www.dremel.com/en-us/Tools/Pages/ToolDetail.aspx?pid=1550#.V9l3dpgrKhc
  13. Draggon added a topic in Wanted!   

    Early Corvair bumpers anyone?
    I won a 60 Corvair on ebay last week. It's missing bumpers but when I won it I had planned to do a radical custom so that wasn't a problem. However underneath some flaking paint it's in great shape. Since Modelhaus is closed, and before I spend months out of my life scratchbuilding, can someone help me out with front and rear bumpers? The condition and chrome is not important at all, I just need something to start with. 
    My parts box is extensive, dating back to the Trophy series kits so I have a lot to trade. Cash works for me too. 
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  14. Draggon added a post in a topic 1971 Pinto Wagon Street Freak Showcar - New Body Fitted and Mocked   

    Yep, that is much better 
  15. Draggon added a post in a topic '27 T Retro Dragstrip Roadster   

    I love this Dennis. I liked it as a coupe and wasn't so sure about the roadster, but you definitely made a good choice. The no-nonsense down to business nature of this just screams 60's. Excellent clean workmanship as always and I love that engine. Great job on plumbing the carbs.
    I dig your building style, a minimum amount of chrome, focusing on form and function rather than doo-dads and bling, and just enough detail to keep the viewer saying wow. I have noticed to, your evolution over the last 4 or 5 years. Not that any of your models were lacking ( your purple 32 low-boy is one of my all time favorite 32's ) but stepping up the detail on the engines and running gear makes a huge improvement.