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  1. Draggon added a post in a topic Sources for 1/24 stretch-walls?   

    This fellow on ebay refers to them as "stance" tires. He has them in different sizes, but they all include wheels. Don't worry about him being from Ukraine, I have a few of his items and the quality and service was great.
  2. Draggon added a post in a topic Commission for selling on E-bay for friend?   

    Somewhere between 2% and 5% would be fair I think. It would depend upon how much effort was required on your part. 
  3. Draggon added a post in a topic Vinyl redline placement   

    Darryl just sent me directions!
    Soapy water on the tire to get them into position then dab the excess water then let air dry! http://vinylnationdecals.storenvy.com/contact
  4. Draggon added a post in a topic What Happened To The AMT 32 Ford Kits?   

    You just need to do a little digging, There are so many different releases, but pretty much after the 80's they are all the same except for the decals. The latest versions have been released through Dirt Track Racecars. First link is reasonably priced, the second is pricey but appears to have the original decal sheet replicated.
    And Dirt Track Racecars has the same kit a little cheaper, 3rd item down the page. 
  5. Draggon added a post in a topic "Little Hoss II" dragster   

    Very cool, I dig these old Revell parts pack frames. You've done it up well. 
  6. Draggon added a post in a topic Jaguar XJR-8 Test version   

    That's nice, I like the black. You could also call it an XJR-8 stealth version, to go along with Gran Turismo's line of special cars.

  7. Draggon added a post in a topic Newbie glue/bonding broken windshield support ?   

    You can also consider backing the break with a very thin sheet of brass. You can get it as thin as a sheet of paper and it will hold the joint. If you make it as long as the windshield support, the kit's windshield post wont need to have any strength itself. 
  8. Draggon added a post in a topic 32 Ford Rat Rod - A project of firsts   

    I think the body is great, I'd like to have one myself even if it isn't perfect 
  9. Draggon added a post in a topic Nissan 180SX   

    I like what your'e doing with the interior!
  10. Draggon added a post in a topic 1953 gmc   

    This is from Star Models. I think I read that they closed, or are going to close. 

  11. Draggon added a post in a topic 32 Ford "Vicky"   

    After looking at the AMT 32's for decades, I still think that correct bodies look wrong. 
    I like your work on the chassis David!
  12. Draggon added a post in a topic White latex Glue   

    I've been using Aleen's Tacky Glue for a long time. I've found it useful for a gluing whole bunch of little fiddly things as well as glass.
  13. Draggon added a post in a topic 1st Gen RX7   

    Really nice, looks so good lowered like that. Those wheels area  great touch 
  14. Draggon added a post in a topic Injector manifold for SOHC Ford   

    The 1969 Ford Galaxie has it, and shouldn't be all that hard to find. I'm sure there are others. 

  15. Draggon added a post in a topic Open wheel racers, seeing if I can get photos to work.   

    Your photos bleed over into the banner ads and the reply box like there's a virus or something. The link is fine, you've got some great pictures in there. 
    Edit: fantastic pics. I haven't seen the Tamale Wagon in ages.