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  1. I'd love that if it had "proper" sized wheels and tires. 😄
  2. If I had a '61 Olds and needed some door handles, I'd be crying about now 😪
  3. The wheel on the left looks like it's from the MPC 71 Mercury Cyclone. I think the one on the far right is from a Maverick promo, based upon the large boss for the axle, and the orange-red color of the plastic.
  4. I'll have to look at my VW kit and check that roof scoop. 😵
  5. Yep the blue one is the '56 Ford. The '29 pickup seat is 2-piece.
  6. #5 is the side window scoop from the original Revell VW bug. This is the pink one, it also came in the Inch Pincher. #7 yes. #8 yes #9 looks more the top to the Revell Buttera 34 Ford Coupe. #11 should be the custom hood from the MPC AMX. #15 you're correct.
  7. Off to a great start! 👍
  8. No kidding, I bought that when it first came out. The frame and running gear wasn't fun, but that body was a nightmare. Even when the molds were new, nothing fit right. I had to glue the doors shut, and when I tried to mount the cab I ended up gluing it in place because there were issues with either the hinges or how it sat on the frame.
  9. No worries on the quality or customer service for this one, Misha does fantastic work. 👍 Everyone should ck him out.
  10. Someone on the forum used zip ties for the finned sections. It's been awhile and I cannot remember who it was.
  11. Just stumbled upon this last week. I'd never heard of Cal Tjader.
  12. I'd love to see the 32 Ford Sedan from the double kit. I know they have one, it was in the background of one of their pics around the time they showed the hanger shots that had the '64 Cutlass. I have enough parts and glue bombs to build on of these, but I'd love to get fresh plastic.
  13. I was reading the "USPS is horrible thread" and it reminded me of current Amazon problem. On Monday I bought some things I needed because it was advertised that I'd get it the following day. Tuesday evening came, and I got notice that it would be delivered Wednesday. I got a "sorry" notice Wednesday morning, and delivery was put off till that evening or Thursday. This morning they say Saturday/Sunday. The last time they did that, after 5 days they cancelled my order. If Amazon had been honest and said it might take a week, I'd have taken my chances in the outside world and bought the things locally. As it stands, I may have to anyway. I know, luxury problems in today's pandemic world are not such a big deal are they. Still, for an immune-compromised person like myself, leaving my home is more than a minor inconvenience.
  14. This barely makes it in, built in 1980. The only thing I've done to it since then is to clean it. I think it's pretty amazing it's lasted through several moves and years kicking around in a box. It even survived a rage attack on my models when the wife found out she was going to be the ex-wife. ? And this one I got off ebay years back. I think it's pretty cool.
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