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  1. The tires in my pic are original AMT. I have copies of them in resin from Modelhaus. I'm not sure if R&M has them. The first and only kit I've ever seen them in was the Willys/32 Sedan kit mentioned in the other thread. I never had the Willys as a single kit, so I don't know if the tires were in that.
  2. Another track closing

    The tracks that close to put up housing or retail spaces has always bothered me. I've become sort of immune to it now. It's become inevitable. The Fremont Drag Strip ( later Baylands Raceway ) was shut down in 1988 to build a housing/retail complex. 10 years later work started, 10 years after that it had a few auto dealerships, and finally 30 years later it's relatively busy on weekends. They did try to put a ball field there as well as the intended housing complex, but never happened.
  3. Why Can't I Post?

    Just testing here to see if I have a problem. Nope, it seems ok, but then it's only 1 ( now 2 ) sentences.
  4. Whats the weirdest kit in your stash?

    A guy I know from high school would have done this. Really, he would have. He's 63 now, looks like Yosemite Sam, and yes, drugs are involved.
  5. Pics of your Showrods anyone?

    Agreed, that's long been a favorite of mine.
  6. My class of 2017

    I love the AMX and Sand Draggin. Your Moon Scope looks so much like Ira Dahm's I had to google it. Good Job!
  7. Car Craft magazine funny car model article

    I haven't seen the Car Craft article. This one was on BangShift awhile back. https://bangshift.com/general-news/funny-car-folk-art-build-yours-or-buy-mine-helpful-tips-for-building-altered-wheelbase-models/
  8. 1940 Ford Reverse Box Art

    Ha! Your model looks a heck of a lot better on that box than 110% of what Revell uses. Maybe they should hire you. But seriously, I suspect you are just trying to show off that perfect black paint job
  9. AMT Customizing Boat 3'n1

    Too bad these days the plastic is such that there's no such thing as interchangeable parts.
  10. More Vintage Model Car Ads

    I had the Wackie Woodie. My teenage youth and inexperience thought it was an accurate model with way out goofy 60's box art. Boy, I cannot describe the disappointment to find what was inside matched the outsides. So many kits fudged what was in the box, yet this one was accurate.
  11. 36 Ford coupe

    Turning out quite well Jeff!
  12. Memorial build #1, Chaparral 2D Daytona

    Wow, that's coming along great. Love the details you've added to the tub.
  13. 1/24 Monogram Black Widow

    I would have rather seen the original tires myself. The styrene reissue tires are really crummy, so not using those is OK by me. The only logical reason I've read to the new tires is that R/M was using the 1:1 Black Widow for inspiration, and the tires are close to what it runs. The new tires are specific, at this point, to the Black Widow. Perhaps they are/were thinking of re-releasing the Green Hornet at some point and wanted the tires for it, too.
  14. Early Years Resin products

    Yep, that's it. I have some of their wheels/tires and think they have nice products. Steve Kohler at Star Models does a belly tank, but I do not see it on his website currently. http://www.bigdonkeyresin.com/big_donkey_web_site_030.htm
  15. Tamiya 300zx turbo

    That's some great inspiraiton, I love that ZX.