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  1. And the minimum is (or was) 24". Pat Ganahl had a drastically lowered Cal Look Bug that got cited. Rather than raise the front end, he added 32 Ford headlights on bumper bracket mounts at the approved height. I'm not sure how well it went over, and what he did long term, but in the Hot VW's article I read it was deemed legal by the CHP. Mine were at 25" so I was good to go.
  2. According to the Atlantis facebook page, these will also be reissued. 😁
  3. Has anyone thought of dyeing the plastic another color? There are ways to do this all over the web. I guess it would depend upon how deep the dye was absorbed into the plastic, but it might work as a barrier.
  4. No, actually I haven't used mine yet. They do look good though, colors are great, they don't appear to be translucent, and they are glossy.
  5. Nice to see you once again Dave. I remember you from that "other" place too.
  6. If nothing pans out, perhaps you could check Globaltoy on ebay. They've got an assortment of anime/manga decals. Good service too. https://www.ebay.com/str/globaltoy/Paint-Car-decals/_i.html?_storecat=3028125016
  7. That's looking great Tom, it's got a heck of a mean stance!
  8. Great project RRR! Love that chop, it's looking really swoopy. This will make a great companion to that Mr. Speed funny car you did awhile back!
  9. That's the only song by Muse that I really like. It's also one of my son's favorite groups. 👍
  10. That came together great! I love your choice of wheels/tires, especially the slicks. You've added some things not usually seen on a custom, like the roll bar and front rake, and of course your meticulous skills. I dig it Dennis. And I agree with RRR, do something with a Merc!
  11. Yes, in California at least. I'm working on doing that this week. My son has been gifted a car, but has no license. I can insure it listing me as the driver.
  12. I like it too! We don't see enough Hondas, nor this style of build. Bordeaux red is a favorite color of mine. 😁
  13. I've done that since I got my first airbrush in the 60's. It wasn't intentional-all we had in the house was lacquer thinner, and I'd been using it to clean brushes. Works great. I've even be known to dilute it 80/20 thinner to paint and blow on a quick final coat to get it real smooth and glossy. And yes I do know Don Yost does it this way. 😁
  14. I can see several problems with that shot from the rear. But, that windshield, ugggh.
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