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  1. Draggon added a post in a topic Deora - Reissue versus Original kit?   

    This is the version I'd like to see 

  2. Draggon added a post in a topic 78 Cadillac - 10.Oct, the grille   

    That's turning out great. I've got decals from GlobalToy and agree they are nice.
  3. Draggon added a post in a topic AMT Deuce 1970s build. One of my first.   

    That's a neat roadster you've made. Add a windshield, and a spreader bar at the front frame horns and it looks pretty close. 

  4. Draggon added a post in a topic AMT '39/'40 Ford Tudor   

    This one has survived for 30 years now

  5. Draggon added a post in a topic Chaparral 2D Spyder - CanAm?   

    Huh? Never heard that. Look at this pic. 

  6. Draggon added a topic in General   

    Check your muffler fluid, M'aam?
    I've been reading about the VW emissions fiasco. While we may not yet have muffler bearings, we do in fact have muffler fluid. Will wonders never cease.
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  7. Draggon added a post in a topic Now yer cookin'   

    I used to be a construction equipment mechanic. I've seen more than a few setups the laborers put onto exhaust manifolds to heat their burritos. 
  8. Draggon added a post in a topic I just don't know   

    Looks like its got a frame from a pickup truck, or something like that. Weirdness under the headers, and those parallel leaf springs on the front have got to go. 
  9. Draggon added a post in a topic Paint that "cracks" like dry lake bed?   

    It was a hot thing in the 70's show car craze. I think ( key word THINK ) its layering with different speed reducers, so that the top coat dries before the basecoat. I used to know how it was done and surprised by its simplicity. If I remember, i'll let you know. In the meantime ck this out:
  10. Draggon added a post in a topic 1/25 MPC Carl Casper's Cosmic Charger Fuel Dragster   

    This was on Drag List but there's not much else
    Carl Casper from Louisville, Kentucky USA 
    1971 - Category: TOPFUEL, Type: TN, Class: AA/FD, Div: 3
    "Carl Caspers Cosmic Charger Streamliner" Owned by Carl Casper from Kentucky USA
    Dragster by Logghe Stamping Co. | Powered by a 426 cubic inch Chrysler Hemi with direct drive1/4 Mile ET: 6.670 at Unknown | 1/4 Mile MPH: 220.45 at Unknown
    1/8 Mile ET: Unknown at Unknown | 1/8 Mile MPH: Unknown at Unknown
    1000 FT. ET: Unknown at Unknown | 1000 FT. MPH: Unknown at Unknown 
  11. Draggon added a post in a topic Looking for prostock stule rear wings,&Outlaw/cowl hoods   

    Lex's Scale Modeling has mucho hoods
  12. Draggon added a post in a topic Stage Coach Wheelsatnder.......On the workbench 8/11/15   

    Watching the progress on this is fascinating. Yeah, happy birthday brother 
  13. Draggon added a post in a topic So now that Fotki isn't free..   

    Thanks harry, I'm using Google Chrome and its updated. It works OK but a bit slow, I think I exaggerated the "forever and a day". I was more looking for feedback, who uses what and how they like it. DeviantArt is pretty cool, anyone have experience with it?
  14. Draggon added a post in a topic 55 Chevy Loosely a 210   

    I like it, very nice. Why did you sell it?
  15. Draggon added a post in a topic 1963 Baja bug   

    That's great Gaute, brought a huge smile to my face. I love it!