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  1. To me it looks too nice to risk taking apart. Call it artistic liscence and go with it hoping a Wilson expert never sees it. If it really eats at you than it could be removed with some careful cutting/scoring of the joints. The traiker looks great.What will be pulling it?
  2. I don't know if they are still aroound or not but Mill City Replica's used to offer several C.O.E. s they might have something that would work. I built the 40 ford coe they had and it was a nice clean casting.
  3. I liked the DVD rewinder even better. I still use that line.
  4. My turn, I'm a site superintendent for a commercial construction company. I've been in construction over 20 years but it gives me lot's of refrence material for truck models and weathering. Beer and girls got me out of college and into construction. I spend half the day listening to it can't be done that fast and cheap and the other half hearing why does it take so long and cost so much. On good days it is a blast. On bad days it is adult day care. My wife has the interesting job at our house. She is a funeral director and does the coroner "removals" for the county. She has a new story every night without a doubt. If I had a dime for every time some one saw my models and said"I did that when I was a kid" I wouldn't need a job in the first place.
  5. I've had good luck going the evergreen HO siding route. Once the corners are rounded with some gentle sanding I sand the back(smooth) side of the styrene to make it slightly thinner. Trimaround the edges, and you shouldn't need to counter sink. I like this technique because it is easy to make any lenghth or width. Also easy to follow counters on a decklid etc.
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