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  1. I'm not familiar with that kit so this is a general suggestion . Where the axle mounts I'd glue a plastic tube or rod that has been cut to the appropriate angle for the camber then to the wheel I'd attach a brass tube or rod that will fit in or around the plastic tube or rod . I'd use the different materials so the two don't get glued together and it will still roll .
  2. I think 3d resin printing is well on the way of providing the parts you're talking about and at a relatively good price point if you print them yourself . Sounds like a 3d resin printer might not be for you but I think it will be a popular tool for a lot of model builders.
  3. Good call , I didn't even know what was on that sheet , I went ahead and ordered one of the cuda sheets . Between challenger and cuda there were at least 5 sets that included a shaker decal . Thanks for the heads up .
  4. That's the one , thanks for posting the pic . More thanks for the suggestion , I , however am not very good at printing my own decals , and those thin lines that create the blurry effect seems above my pay grade as far as getting a crisp print . if this were something super specific or a one off type graphic it'd be worth the trouble of working out the size and the non smearing . I am hoping there's something that exists already created by someone more better at decals than me .
  5. I'm trying to find a decent " Shaker " decal in 1/24 . Has anyone seen one ? Bonus points for additional under hood stuff
  6. My 15 year old tried a wrap on one of his models , he worked hard on it and got decent results in most areas but in the end couldn't get it to conform on the corners . As a technique I understand giving it a try , I felt bad it didn't work out .
  7. Dirt modeler is back in business I'll post a link http://dirtmodeler.store/index.php?route=common/home
  8. Has anyone seen this at any stores ( in the U.S. ) ?
  9. I never use super glue fast enough to warrant a large quantity so I always get the smallest bottle and just unscrew the nozzle and dip my disposable brush , toothpick , glue applicator into the bottle . I mostly use super glue for tacking things together quickly .
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