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  1. That's the chassis from the AMT Jeep snap kit . The AMT-Top was built for AMT I can't find the proof but I researched it when I discovered this kit and that's what I recall
  2. Working with the clear plastic will be tricky . I think you could even make the side fold down to create a "stage" and be able to display several engines . That trailer is too short for an average sized person to be standing up in so for a flip up side or roll out canvas you'd need to add some height .
  3. Nice work so far ! I love it . I thought mine was neat because I made the steering work , now I see I could've taken it much further .
  4. In case anyone forgot the Ed Roth Surfite has a better than nothing Austin 850
  5. Was it just a revell Germany release or did revell US get it too ? I think I was waiting for the US release . Either way I think I'll hunt one down .
  6. I wonder what other variants Revell had planned and if we'll ever see them .
  7. I'd just add that fabricated chassis would have several different sizes of tubing plus you'll want extras to start over with or keep going so I suggest getting several sizes and get both tube and rod as sometimes one is better than the other . Watch out for warpage if using plastic it doesn't always happen but it can .
  8. You can get these rubber contour sanding blocks and cut them down to a more usable size or even at an angle . Perhaps not what you had in mind but definitely a good tool to have .
  9. That looks pretty good . I think it's kind weird there's not more out there , grilles and badges specifically but I'd guess there's some minor dash board and steering wheel differences .
  10. What's out there or has been out there ? I'm looking for photo etch , decals , wheels , conversions anything really . 1/24 Tamiya or revell
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