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  1. Consider removing the dust cap as well then you could just replace the whole center , I'd imagine a plain old hole punch would be pretty close to the size you'd need which you could add the lugs to before gluing the center back in .
  2. That dash looks much harder but doable .
  3. For this conversion I simply made straight cuts of equal size and swapped the glove box for the dash panel this was not a think piece as the dash was pretty symmetrical .
  4. Jeff is good , he's not building much these days .
  5. Here's an excellent video that breaks it down
  6. I don't even know what to do with all of the trophys but they're fun to find . I can't remember which revell kit it was but there was one that had some very nice heather detail it was impressive for the time maybe the original attempt 1 kit or a Roth kit ...
  7. I just checked a couple of kits I thought came with a helmet or two and realized I don't remember or the newer releases I have on hand don't have them anymore . I think the AMT 1963 corvette has one . Finding those little extras in kits is one of the things I've always enjoyed I'd bet someone would just give you one if ya asked , but be specific the ones I have pictured look mostly the same but there's some subtle differences .
  8. I was going through my parts doing a little prep for future projects and came across a pocket of helmets . How many helmets do you have floating around ? Any favorites ?
  9. I think a light box is more about diffusing the light rather than aiming the light . I'd recommend trying different colored poster board as a backdrop set up like a skate ramp with diffused lights around it instead of a box . Here's a link to over 15 years worth of pic taking advice which includes light box construction .
  10. I found these in the ol parts bin they scale to about 14in but look like they were from a 1/32nd scale something . If you think they'll work I'd be happy to send them your way
  11. Thank you . I scratch built the rack out of brass .
  12. Those are the kit flares , all I've done to the body is paint it .
  13. When Amt released this kit I was pretty excited . I thought it was the original AMT rabbit as the box art was so close . I received this kit as a birthday gift when I actually saw the box and opened it up I was a little disappointed. Not because this kit is bad but rather it wasn't what I thought it was . Honestly the subaru brat , vw scirocco , Meyers Manx etc . The OG rabbit seemed a logical expectation . I wanted the amt kit to build a desert racer based on the hot wheels Hare Splitter . That's still the plan but this kit became the rough draft and a slump buster and a reason to try something new .
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