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  1. The two at that particular hobby lobby were the same .
  2. I laughed when I read the side panel
  3. That's a great tool . Thank you for sharing !
  4. I received my copy today , I didn't even know I had subscription or if I did that the address is correct since I've moved twice since the last time I had a sub . But hey it was an excellent surprise
  5. I recall seeing a picture of I assume the 63 Ford and or Chevy pick ups converted into a COE by basically folding the hood straight down the grill would be at the bottom and the front portion of the hood would be at the cowl area , does anyone have a picture of one ? I'm sure there was an article in one of the old magazines I've seen them occasionally on eBay but I can't find any pics on Google
  6. I have ordered from him . top notch work . I was completely satisfied with my order .
  7. Nice work . I've had this era thunderbird on my mind lately . I briefly owned a mildly customized '79 . I figure it's about time these start seeing some shine .
  8. I took a brief look couldn't find much by way of vintage racing how about you ?
  9. Be careful with the food dehydrator it's just as likely to make the warp worse .
  10. I always loved the box art that had the appropriate settings for these kits .
  11. The Rockwell's are ok as a starting point but there's no steering knuckle or really anything on the ends of the axle . The body and flip hood is based off the other Datsun kit . The tow stuff maybe a starting point for detailing .
  12. That looks pretty sweet . How many variances are there ? Or could there be I don't see separate fenders very often .
  13. It's a.pretty good kit for it's age , they were ahead of the curve when it came out . I haven't seen the new release yet ive only had the AMT boxed version .
  14. I'll second that this is the modern tooling and it comes with photoetch
  15. randx0

    Favorite kits

    Two of my favorite kits to build are the AMT '40 Ford sedan AMT '53 Ford Pickup These kits have enough extra parts to build several variations which is something I enjoy . My all time favorite kit is literally any kit that I haven't seen or heard of before , because short of building a kit , just looking through the box for the first time is super fun .
  16. I like the pieces you've done so far , what's the time frame for availability ?
  17. This news makes me sad . R.I.P. Harry .
  18. Thanks , nice review/history lesson . I like to find old parts lots I've always liked the grille shell for the ala cart but it almost never shows up , the grille insert however turns up often .
  19. So is there anymore info on the bronco ? Frankly I figured moebius would've been the company to release the bronco .
  20. It's coming along nicely , all I would add is keep it fun on this first one . try not to get bogged down with doing everything "right" . build it , ask questions you want answers to , and then when you're done assess the job you did and decide where you want to improve . good luck !
  21. does anyone know what year and model these are I can't quite nail it down . I think they are around '74 and 250cc but my vintage dirt bike knowledge is limited.
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