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  1. I had a bunch of loose vintage decals that outgrew the cigar box they were in . I got some card stock , a non permanent gluestick, and acid free photo protectors glued the decals to the card stock cut the cardstock to size and put them in the protectors and those went in to a 3 ring binder . It works well but the weight of the entire package means the binders have to be stored laying down rather than upright library style .
  2. My 16 yo likes to build models . Enjoys tuner and supercars and more modern cars . His favorite car is the subaru BRZ . He airbrushes and uses spray cans . We have an NNL event that he's attended most years since he was 3 or 4 . Most adults at the show are very encouraging and he's gotten some pretty good deals on kits . Three things that are negatives for him are 1. Hobby supplies add up quickly $$$$ 2. Patience is hard to master , he's definitely getting better and recognizes when he takes the time the model turns out markedly better . 3. He is not as interested in hotrods and muscle cars so model shows aren't always a great information/idea sharing/motivating scene that they could be . Frankly it's a bit disheartening to read fellow hobbyists judge how people should spend their freetime and it literally can take just one of those talking out loud to ruin it for a kid .
  3. I'm not familiar with that kit so this is a general suggestion . Where the axle mounts I'd glue a plastic tube or rod that has been cut to the appropriate angle for the camber then to the wheel I'd attach a brass tube or rod that will fit in or around the plastic tube or rod . I'd use the different materials so the two don't get glued together and it will still roll .
  4. I think 3d resin printing is well on the way of providing the parts you're talking about and at a relatively good price point if you print them yourself . Sounds like a 3d resin printer might not be for you but I think it will be a popular tool for a lot of model builders.
  5. Good call , I didn't even know what was on that sheet , I went ahead and ordered one of the cuda sheets . Between challenger and cuda there were at least 5 sets that included a shaker decal . Thanks for the heads up .
  6. That's the one , thanks for posting the pic . More thanks for the suggestion , I , however am not very good at printing my own decals , and those thin lines that create the blurry effect seems above my pay grade as far as getting a crisp print . if this were something super specific or a one off type graphic it'd be worth the trouble of working out the size and the non smearing . I am hoping there's something that exists already created by someone more better at decals than me .
  7. I'm trying to find a decent " Shaker " decal in 1/24 . Has anyone seen one ? Bonus points for additional under hood stuff
  8. My 15 year old tried a wrap on one of his models , he worked hard on it and got decent results in most areas but in the end couldn't get it to conform on the corners . As a technique I understand giving it a try , I felt bad it didn't work out .
  9. Dirt modeler is back in business I'll post a link http://dirtmodeler.store/index.php?route=common/home
  10. Has anyone seen this at any stores ( in the U.S. ) ?
  11. I never use super glue fast enough to warrant a large quantity so I always get the smallest bottle and just unscrew the nozzle and dip my disposable brush , toothpick , glue applicator into the bottle . I mostly use super glue for tacking things together quickly .
  12. Rude , I know it was the 70 camaro annual . I just want to see how it was intended to look like , do they go on the sides of the car or across the top ? More importantly was it intended for a black car , yellow car ? I plan on slapping them on the new parts 70 z 28 ?‍♀️
  13. Does anyone have a picture of the box art for these decals ? These are just crazy enough for me to want to use them .
  14. I was very happy to get mine in the mail I didn't even know I had a subscription or that mcm had my new address . Great issue has all my favorite stuff especially that shelby transporter and the Curt Raitz article and a bronco article and new stuff and well just everything I like in a model magazine .
  15. Does anyone know the US release date of the camper ?
  16. I'm thinking the stock chassis , I'm trying to keep the project limited to parts in the box . Right now the only parts not from the kit I plan on using will be the wheels from the AMT dirt hauler/North american vanlines moving truck . I did have to cut off the bottom wheel well front grill area because it was noticably crooked it's back on now tho .
  17. If I we're building a replica I'd definitely be building that dump truck . Once you got those front corners done it looks pretty doable . I like your phantom hauler , what'd you use for the body , my initial thought was the AMT 65 Chev wagon .
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