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  1. 1 hour ago, Mark said:

    The trophies are neat too.  Some of the ones I have were altered a bit by the original builders...like having the bases cut down to make them different heights.

    I don't even know what to do with all of the trophys but they're fun to find . I can't remember which revell kit it was but there was one that  had some very nice heather detail it was impressive for the time maybe the original attempt 1 kit or a Roth kit ...


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  2. 40 minutes ago, CabDriver said:

    I’ve been looking for a 60’s-era helmet for a drag build I’m doing…any tips on which kits come with these?

    I have a bunch of Paddy Wagon police helmets, but that’s not quite the right look 🤪

    I just checked a couple of kits I thought came with a helmet or two and realized I don't remember or the newer releases I have on hand don't have them anymore . I think the AMT 1963 corvette has one . Finding those little extras in kits is one of the things I've always enjoyed I'd bet someone would just give you one if ya asked , but be specific the ones I have pictured look mostly the same but there's some subtle differences .

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  3. I think a light box is more about diffusing the light rather than aiming the light . 

    I'd recommend trying different colored poster board as a backdrop set up like a skate ramp  with diffused lights around it instead of a box . 


    Here's a link to over 15 years worth of pic taking advice which includes light box construction . 


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  4. When Amt released this kit I was pretty excited  . I thought it was the original AMT rabbit as the box art was so close . I received this kit as a birthday gift when I actually saw the box and opened it up I was a little disappointed.  Not because this kit is bad but rather it wasn't what I thought it was . Honestly the subaru brat , vw scirocco , Meyers Manx etc . The OG rabbit seemed a logical expectation .  I wanted the amt kit  to build a desert racer based on the hot wheels Hare Splitter . That's still the plan but this kit became the rough draft and a slump buster and a reason to try something new . 






  5. When I was 4 or 5 ( mid 70s ) my dad worked at a group home that had a canteen that had some display models one was the revell 56 pickup with opening doors they used Terry cloth cut to shape for the interior . I know it doesn't help much but thanks for jogging the memory , it's weird what we remember. 

  6. Thanks guys . 

    I have access to a laser cutter , outside of those tool organizers I have complete writers block on what I could do with it . 

    I figured something along the lines of basic open trailers or different fonts of signage letters . But those seem a little basic for the technology .


    I like the idea of putting the paper model technique onto plastic and that diner looks cool . 


  7. I had a bunch of loose vintage decals that outgrew the cigar box they were in . 

    I got some card stock , a non permanent gluestick, and acid free photo protectors glued the decals to the card stock cut the cardstock to size and put them in the protectors and those went in to a 3 ring binder . It works well but the weight of the entire package means the binders have to be stored laying down rather than upright library style . 

  8. My 16 yo likes to build models .  Enjoys tuner and supercars and more modern cars . His favorite car is the subaru BRZ . He airbrushes and uses  spray cans . We have an NNL event that he's attended most years since he was 3 or 4 . Most adults at the show are very encouraging and he's gotten some pretty good deals on kits . Three things that are negatives for him are 

    1. Hobby supplies add up quickly $$$$

    2. Patience is hard to master , he's definitely getting better and recognizes when he takes the time the model turns out markedly better .

    3. He is not as interested in hotrods and muscle cars so model shows aren't always a great information/idea sharing/motivating scene that they could be . 


    Frankly it's a bit disheartening to read fellow hobbyists judge how people should spend their freetime and it literally can take just one of those talking out loud to ruin it for a kid . 

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  9. I'm not familiar with that kit so this is a general suggestion . Where the axle mounts I'd glue a plastic tube or rod that has been cut to the appropriate angle for the camber then to the wheel I'd attach a brass tube or rod that will fit in or around the plastic tube or rod . I'd use the different materials so the two don't get glued together and it will still roll . 

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