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  1. Tom/Spotlight Hobbies added a post in a topic Regarding the other Spotlight Hobbies thread   

    Please read the part again about meddling posters.
  2. Tom/Spotlight Hobbies added a topic in General   

    Regarding the other Spotlight Hobbies thread
    Hi guys. I was trying to reply to the rather derogatory thread here about my board, but it says it's "locked," so I guess that means it can't be replied to, hence my starting anew. To clarify, the guy who started the other thread has been a thorn in my side for years and I've been extremely patient, but he finally crossed the line and has now been banned from my board. The only "drama" there is is that which is caused by meddling posters, and I recommend that instead of worrying about it everybody go do something that really matters like kiss your wife and hug your kids, and rest assured that my board... and this one... are in capable hands. Thanks, Tom.
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  3. Tom/Spotlight Hobbies added a post in a topic No More Hobby Heaven?   

    Hi guys. I kicked “CAL†off my message board a couple years ago and I see he’s on here now trying to discredit me with his slanderous posts, which is basically what he was trying to do a couple years ago on my board. Please just ignore him.

    Hobby Heaven was dissolved due to declining sales and limited selections from the manufacturers. My new business is Spotlight Hobbies, and although my sales at this time are primarily on eBay and at shows, I have lots of exciting things in the works and I look forward to serving you well into the future through this new venture.

    Thanks, Tom Carter, Spotlight Hobbies