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  1. I got a 1964 Impala that has the working headlites and it needs the bumpers rechromed, I thought modelhouse did that but all they do is sell parts for the 64 except this paticular part. Is there someone reading this that can give me a website to go to? Thanks, in advance of your replies.
  2. 1963 Nova Convertible by Trumpeter

    I stand corrected, I don't think I've done one from tamiya but if I get the chance I won't hold this experience against it. Thanks for settin me straight.
  3. 1963 Nova Convertible by Trumpeter

    Ok ,Chinese, Japanese, you know what I mean.
  4. I hadn't heard any negative remarks about the kit so I thought I'd try one. Well....this kit basicly went together pretty good.....until, I tried to put the chassis and body together, the dash doesn't line up to the windsheild, the firewall wont meet the cowl, and I had to rework the rear mounting tabs on the rear bumper, where they had it, it looked like it was hanging off the body. And those PI parts for the hood hinge's, forget it. Every time I'd try to cut and trim one of the ends the others would just fall off, so guess what? The're not being used. On top of all this the hood won't lay flat because the front edge is molded wrong. I'v built the 60 Bonneville and have it displayed but this one will stay in the basement I'm afraid.
  5. I just read your signiture statement. That hits the nail on the head. I'm in Lincoln Park so I see all the junk on tv too.
  6. Thanks guys, I got it all cleaned up and I tried the hot water deal, and you were right, it won't straghten out. It doesn't look bad the way it is, just looks different than the rest of what I have. I've posted a pic for your review, what do ya think?
  7. If anybody has done this its somebody on here. Here's the story I just found a 1959 Impala Promo that has some what I'll call minor warpage. Is there a tried and true way to shape this body back to what it once was. this thing is in too good of shape to just let it sit. the chrome after it was cleaned shines like new money, the body is molded in an off white with the trunk the same color and the rest of the body is a light green and it shines very well also. The interior tub is off white w/green accents. Please help to make this a great car once again.
  8. Thanks for all the replies to previous post, I went out and got some super clean, came home found an aluminum bread pan that my wife had bought in the kitchen, went downstairs pored in the super clean put the body of a 1959 Bonneville in it. Went upstairs to watch some tv. After about 2 hours went back downstairs to see if there was any progress, and to my surprize their was, the soappy substance ate the botom out of the aluminum pan and all the liquid was all over me bench, and the body was sitting there with loose paint all over it. Well, needless to say after I cleaned up my mess I found something a little more durable (a plastic lunch cooler).I put the body back into its bath and went to bed, I came down this morning to find the body completly clean with very little scrubing and warm water. Now all I have to do is get the very little amount of glue off the rear 1/4's where I had put some skirts on years earlier. Thanks again gang.
  9. Thanks for the info,tell Harry I'm sorry Ill put a new 1 on here
  10. Ok guys, after a 35 yr absence of not building kits, I've come across a few oldies but goodies that have brushed on green metalic paint from the 60's that I did when I was a kid. Is there a best way to remove the paint without disturbing the feature lines or an easy way that works best? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks
  11. Where Were You In ......72?

    THAT IS AN AWSOME DIO, I was 17 and working in a clark gas station when all you had to do was pull in and say filler up. Those days are gone,gas was 21 cents a gallon and I could fill up my 62 Impala conv. for 4.00. The cool thing was,working at the gas station, I would fill my car up and then open for business with the boss.
  12. Thanks George,I go to the Ryders on northline road they have all kinds of railroad junk.
  13. I bought a built kit of a vintage 1964 Galaxie off of ebay and when I got it I quickly noticed that it had the operating headlights and tailites to my surprise. When I took the chassis off to explore I noticed that the front bulb had a broken wire and have been unable to find one at the local hobby shop. I just got back into the hobby after a thirty year absence and don't know where to look. Any help would be great.