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  1. I'm using a big rig frame from a italeri daf xf super space cab and using a 55 chrysler 300 body/interior to make a apocalyptic vehicle,I picked up a cummins 6cyl diesel for the frame... I'll try and some pics...
  2. I'm moving an engine on a big rig and need help with making some new motor mounts...thanks
  3. very ingenious scratch work...keep it up
  4. really nice detail work,do you have little fairies with really small paint brushes...
  5. good job on the build,wondering where you got the bathtub manifold...
  6. great scratch work,how did you do the splatter paint on the chassis...
  7. im trying to find more detailed pics of the car or who built it i;ve found some pics but none that are detailed,any ideas...thanks
  8. uh yeah,have no idea where the bot came from... thanks for the info
  9. has anyone here or on other forums built a version of the t-bird battlebots #98,#99...thanks
  10. I noticed that the body side end of the bumper wasn't covered,was that just done on some cars or was it done all the time in a certain year...
  11. every time I see this kind of craftsmanship it never ceases to boggle the mind...
  12. been there,done that more times then I care to admit...
  13. great cutting work,looks like it came right out of the mold...
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