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  1. I'm interested in building a diorama. But I have no idea about how to keep dust off of it. I'm curious about what you guys do to prevent dust accumulation in your dioramas.
  2. This is one of my favorite years for a Vette. You nailed it.
  3. Fantastic work, as always. Your metal finishes are stll the best I've seen.
  4. I haven't been around in a while. This is a killer build T, as usual. Your paint skills are off the charts now. Black shows every flaw and you nailed it. Way to go T.
  5. The paint looks great. I noticed that you intend to spray clear over the decals. Are you using a 2 part clear?
  6. I just looked at your Mustang build, which also has a great paint job, and I see that you are referring to Future as your thinner.
  7. Very nice application of Folkart. I experimented with Folkart with mixed results. My results varied significantly from color to color. I might have to try it again after looking at your work. You said that you thinned the Folkart with finish. Are you referring to a clear or the Aztec pearl in the picture?
  8. You could use it for CA Kicker. I don't like spraying the Kicker because I don't want to inhale it. I generally put a drop above the glue joint and let gravity pull it down over the CA. These bottles would work well the the gravity method of applying CA Kicker.
  9. I just came back to this post. Thanks for the offer. I'm good for now.
  10. This is some killer work! I've looked at the entire build 3 times.
  11. You Sir are a madman.I mean that in the most complimentary way.
  12. Robert, great job on chassis and detailing. I would like to see more shots of of the engine plumbing and wiring. Do you have any to post?
  13. Wow... another killer build. This might be your best work. Extremely impressive.
  14. Wow. You nailed the air dam. Where did you source the block, heads, and valve covers?
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