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  1. What is the purpose of the rocket? What does it signify?
  2. History, it seems, is indeed doomed to repeat itself.
  3. Still waiting in Nova Scotia as well. Any Cunucks got theirs yet?
  4. The Alfa looks great! Lots of work to bring this one across the line. Very well done.
  5. Beautiful wagon. Very nice work on the wood trim. Very cool!
  6. OK, very cool! Never realised those were the air couplings. Every day day is a school day. And as Len mentioned, the bottom item is a battery connect. I once had a boss that said, "If you learn something new today, you can go home". Looks like I'm outta here.
  7. Well done! You nailed the period look. Everything about it just screams early 70s.
  8. Josh, the Daytona is coming along great! It's looking fantastic up on its wheels. Very nice. Andrew, thanks for the pics of the unrestored engine compartment. Much busier than I would have figured. In the first photo, are those air couplings positioned just outboard of the battery? Presumably for a pneumatic jack system?
  9. Thanks for the link. Never heard of this site. Lots of cool accessories and stuff, and seemingly of good detail.
  10. Cool Caddy. It good to see one of these old Fleetwoods built up. Nice save. The original looks like the model car equivalent of interpretive dance. Very, um, free form, though as someone else mentioned, cool in it's early innocence.
  11. Nice work! It's cool to see these old kits being built. Real nostalgic stuff there.
  12. Beautiful Willys. Very well done. I think you nailed the colour. Nice paint work, interesting the way the gold shone through in the outdoor photos.
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