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  1. That’s looking great. I think the weathering is spot on. Nice work.
  2. Nicely done, Noel. You have managed to successfully wrangle a good looking Veyron from the toy-like beginnings. Very cool.
  3. Nice work, Pat. Good looking Toyota. Bummer about the decals, but still looks cool.
  4. Great looking Porsche. It looks even more menacing then usual with the black wheels. Nice photography, too. Well done!
  5. Yet another very cool vintage racer project. Looking forward to watching this come together.
  6. Man, that’s a nice looking truck. The grill mods are perfect. In case anyone is keeping score, I’m in the white bumper camp as well. Black will look good, though. Either way, it’s one fine looking truck.
  7. Good looking GT. It’s coming along nicely.
  8. Your perseverance is paying off. The paint looks great. Nice job on the stripes. It’s going to be sharp.
  9. Another beautiful Bugatti. You did a great job of bringing the humble beginnings to life. A lovely replica of an impressive machine. Very well done!
  10. The windscreen looks fabulous, and I really dig the cycle fenders on the front. Impressive craftsmanship, and a fine eye for a great line.
  11. Beautiful! Nice work on the big Bug. I like these big elegant classics. Very nice.
  12. I like the ‘67 Mustang. Got a couple of these in the stash but haven’t built one yet. Have you chosen a colour yet?
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