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  1. Curious. Intrigued by this disparity, I measured some of my own. I have ten in stock, and I know eight of them came from two different issues of the MPC early 80s Bronco. A couple measured as small as .610", and several measured between .630" -.640". I also found that the tires feel more firm than when new, and wonder if the vinyl is hardening/shrinking over time.
  2. Beautiful Jag. The XK120 demands a nice, smooth paint to show off those sexy lines, and yours suits perfectly. Very well done. I have this kit in progress, though the project stalled a couple years ago. I am hoping to get back at it in the spring. Seeing the lovely job you have done on yours is helping to inspire me to get back at it once I get through a couple current builds.
  3. Good looking Starliner. Nice conversion. Can't wait to get started on mine.
  4. Great job on this, Matt. It looks fantastic. And I continue to be very impressed with this kit.
  5. Beautiful model. Nicely built. The new Revell Jag seems to build up well. I'll soon put one of these in the stash.
  6. Good looking truck. Nice work so far. Who makes the resin body and grill? I have a '72 Crew Cab project in similar colours coming up sometime. Your build is inspiring me.
  7. Nice work, Jr. The engine looks great. The new carb really brings it to life.
  8. Cool projects. Your foil work is very neat.
  9. Very cool project. The two Jeeps look great together. Nice work.
  10. Looking great. Your textures and weathering is spot on. Nice work.
  11. Cool project, and interesting kit. I have a couple in the stash (though neither one this particular version) and curious how well they go together. Opening the grill makes a big improvement.
  12. That's a thoughtful addition. I likely build mine as a right driver anyway. It seems most of the non-American cars on my shelf are RHD.
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