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  1. I’ve done this sort of thing using the chrome BMF/aluminum BMF method, and the matt texture of the aluminum does indeed shine up a bit. But it is a lighter colour next to the chrome and it doesn’t shine up like the chrome. The effect generally looks good. The trick is to burnish the aluminum evenly over the whole surface.
  2. If you just want to take the edge off the shine without making it appear as flat aluminium, try Alclad clearcoat called Sheen. It's shininess is kind of between satin and gloss.
  3. Check to see if the badge engraving on the front fender says 427. My Minicraft branded version, labelled on the box as a 289, has the 427 emblem on the fender.
  4. Cool looking build of the 'real' and only Eleanor. You captured the vibe nicely. Nice mods. Well done.
  5. I agree. One of the most frustrating things about scratchbuilding, or model building in general, is that the better you do it, the less noticeable your work will be will be.
  6. I use assorted diameters of guitar string for all hard lines. I bend them with various pliers, often holding a pair of pliers in each hand to handle the wire during bending. Some craft pliers, available at places like Michaels, are perfect for this type of work, and are quite inexpensive.
  7. Cool look. I dig the tire & wheel set.
  8. Interesting looking project.
  9. I use a salt shaker for applying embossing powder, though it’s not necessary.
  10. The only thing that I would add is that I first paint the areas to be flocked with a colour similar tot he powder I will be using. Once the paint has dried, carry on as suggested.
  11. The Model Master line has been discontinued. An announcement was made last month to that effect. Flat black, being a very popular, colour, may be the first to go. If it is a paint you use often, stock up when you find it.
  12. It’s not just you. That’s exactly what I do as well. My primer is Tamiya. All sanding done wet.
  13. I'm thinking so. Either way, it's enamel. Try thinning with hardware store lacquer thinner, or Testors airbrush thinner for enamels.
  14. Very helpful, Greg. Thanks a lot for this. I will be contacting them shortly. Cheers.
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