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  1. Very cool Jawbreaker! I love the body mods. looks very authentic. Has a great period look. This kit gets slagged a lot, but one of my favourite kits when I was a kid.
  2. Great looking Hurst Hairy Olds. And I'm really digging your box display. What a great idea, and it will work well with many kits that have cool or original box art. I built this kit about five years ago. It was the 90s release with the Linda Vaughn figure, but the decals were horrible. I remember when I first opened the box it had two sheets of decals, and I thought "what a bonus". When it came time to decal the car, out of two decal sheets I could not get enough good decals to completely do the car. They just broke up into little pieces. I'm glad to see your decals were usable. I may try to see if I can get a better set from Revell, though I don't know if they still do the parts replacement thing now that they are based out of Germany.
  3. Curious. I've not seen that before. I have been using CA and accelerator for years, both Bob Smith Industries products, and have not seen that reaction. I almost neve use thick CA though, just thin and extra thin. Regarding accelerator application, I remove the lid from the spray bottle and use a pipette to apply a drop of kicker to the joint.
  4. Very impressive work here. I am also wondering what scale this model is.
  5. The SP2 sounds interesting.
  6. Great subject matter and a very nice build. Excellent work.
  7. Hhmmm… if true, this could also mean the end of Model Master Metaliser paints. I will really miss that. I LOVE the Metaliser line.
  8. Bainford

    Fake is Dumb

    One of the worst examples of fakery is some modern performance cars play engine sounds through the car stereo when giving it heck. Some newer BMWs come to mind, but there are others. Most examples of fake dazel the neighbours as much as the owners. Fake engine sounds only dazel the driver. Sad.
  9. Are you stuck on 1/24 scale? I built one of these 1/20 scale kits when I was young. It's pretty simplified, but would make a great start.
  10. Those interior colours look great. The kit may be simplified, but that chassis builds up better looking than I would have thought.
  11. Interesting catalogue of chassis. It must have taken a lot of work to compile and fact check. Also, more chassis built than I would have though. Very cool, thanks for posting.
  12. Yup, everything he said! Especially the shade photos. Nicely done.
  13. Cool looking Dart, both before and after. I really love the 68s. It looks super mean in the 'after' shots.
  14. Thanks Bill, for making the effort to help sort this matter out. And thanks as well to RobDebie for your excellent information. This is all valuable and hard to find (and decipher) information. Much appreciated.
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