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  1. Thanks for the link, Richard. Very interesting read. I am somewhat familiar with some of his more well know designs, but knew nothing of the man. R.I.P Luigi
  2. Re-usable basket style coffee filters make for great fine screen material.
  3. I do something similar, but I brush on some Gunze Mr Surfacer (1000 or 1500) to coat over the final sanded filler. The Mr Surfacer seals everything up nicely, and it feathers out very well.
  4. I am only aware of two kit based options for BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires. MPC included hollow vinyl versions in many of their 80s kits. They were not a really great tire. The sidewall lettering was accurate in style but a bit over sized, and the tread was only fair. With some cleaning up they may look respectable. The other set is the big & littles available in some ARII kits of American cars such as the 71 Mustang, 72 Challenger, early 70s T-Bird, etc. These are a nice tire with accurate sidewall and tread, but seem a bit over sized, even for 1/24 scale. There are probably some better choices in the aftermarket. Scale Equipment Ltd used to sell some BFG tires with accurate white sidewall lettering, but I just visited their site and could find no tires available there.
  5. I don't know if it will be of any use to you, but in the 70s Revell produced the Coors Courier custom pickup. It had an ice chest in the back that fit the width of the bed. Even if the ice chest itself is not to your liking, it had a clear plastic piece that fit into it, molded to represent ice cubes and beer bottles on ice. This part may be useful for whatever ice chest you end up using.
  6. Actually, .080" equals 2.0 mm, a size in which aluminium tubing is indeed readily available through hobby sources. K&S sells it.
  7. The Mustang looks great. You have weathered the trials and tribulations well. Excellent work!
  8. Very nicely done. The weathering really brings this model to life. I like.
  9. Wow, that's pretty crazy. If I recall, in the late 60s Revell held a sweepstakes contest in which the grand prize was a Gemini space capsule.
  10. One of the coolest kit announcements in a long time. At first I thought it would be a re-pop of the Monogram kit, but no. Nicely done, Revell.
  11. Lovely build. Good looking weathering. Nicely done.
  12. I think Steve touched on this a bit, but I always mask off the script or badge as one of the first things I do when starting on a kit, before the first primer or sandpaper hits the body. This maintains the sharpness of the script to the greatest degree possible. I pull the mask off and foil the script just before I start spraying colour.
  13. Another vote for flocking with embossing powder. So simple to apply and get excellent results. I paint the parts beforehand roughly the colour I intend to do the carpeting, though that step may be unnecessary. Once dry, I apply a thin coat of Elmer's white glue (unthinned) with a paint brush, then shake on a liberal coat of the embossing powder using cobraman's salt shaker trick. I roll the interior bucket around to distribute the powder, ensuring good coverage. I usually work on smaller areas at a time, maybe 1/4 of the floor area, etc. and the application is seamless.
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