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  1. Lovely Lambo, Mario. Looks great in orange, and the wheel paint has just the right look to it. Very nicely done.
  2. Great vision. Great style. Great execution. A lovely custom, Claude. Excellent work.
  3. Welcome to the forum Adelina. Grab a kit and dig in.
  4. Beautiful replica of Bobby's Dodge. You nailed the look. The gold on the decals has the proper reflectivity, which is a nice touch. The comparison with the road car shows just how radical these 'stock' cars were. Nicely done.
  5. Cool Lotus, Lee. Fine looking build with nice paint. Love the colour. What paint is that?
  6. Very cool! One of my personal favourite funnies, have wanted to build one since I was a kid. I have the decals around here somewhere. They seem to fit the MPC Mustang quite well. Nice work there. Looks just right.
  7. Pull the tape after the paint has begun to set up. In other words, not too long after the paint has been laid down. Do not wait until the paint is dry before pulling the tape. When you remove the tape, pull it back on itself; don't pull it straight up, and go slowly. This post may have some useful info for you
  8. Fantastic Countach, Mario. Nice build, and the colour works great on the Lambo. I agree with your thoughts on the Early Countach. The LP400 is the only one that interests me at all.
  9. Fantastic job, Matt. That really looks the part. Nice details, and I really like the look from the front with the nice grill and bonnet strap. Wonderful stuff. Hadn’t heard about Paddy. Sorry to hear. Legendary driver and great guy. R.I.P Paddy Hopkirk.
  10. Looking good. I've not built one of these, but yours is as nice as any I've seen.
  11. Good looking Poncho, Sydney. Nice paint.
  12. I have found the Bic chisel tip marker and the DeSerris black markers don't have the purple tint that some do. I find Sharpie has a distinct purple tint.
  13. Cool Alpine. Nice work. I really like these cars. I was in the market for a 1: 1 a bunch of years ago, until the values rose out of my reach.
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