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  1. Another vote for inexpensive hardware store lacquer thinner. Spray with good ventilation, and preferably a good, half-mask respirator fitted with cartridges for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
  2. Good looking early Vette. Nice, clean build.
  3. Nice T-Bird. Good looking paint, and the interior colours compliment it very nicely. The dry-brushing on the scripts looks great. Nicely done.
  4. Fun project. Everything looks good. Lots of creativity here. Really digging the Vette boat.
  5. Very cool, Rich. Super interesting car, never knew a kit existed. I like the custom paint.
  6. Bainford

    Ford GT

    Very slick. Nice clean work, and the CF decals look to be well done. I bet they were a pain. Gorgeous model. Very well done.
  7. It's great watching all of these small, intricate bits come together into one amazing assembly. Looking good, Francis.
  8. Though, of course, the cylinder bank offset will be opposite, if that matters to anyone.
  9. Welcome to the forum, Edward. Good looking work shop.
  10. Welcome to the forum, Wolf. You do very clean work.
  11. A very nice collection of muscle builds. The Camaro has some cool 70s toughness. I really dig the Challenger, and the colour is perfect. Got to get me some of that.
  12. Great build thread, Jim. Lots of good stuff going on here. You really have a good handle on the 3D printing, and the Deuce is looking perfect.
  13. Very interesting looking kit. I really love the LP400, every Countach thereafter not so much. Looking good so far. I'll be watching.
  14. Excellent! Well done, and good job keeping everything beautifully in scale. Nice design consideration making through-holes for glue.
  15. Wow! Stunning build. Such a clean, good looking Javelin. Just beautiful.
  16. A fine replica, and very well executed. Some nice, clean work, here. Cool!
  17. Very cool '55 gasser, Mike. Great style.
  18. Good looking old school modified, Daniel. Nice detailing. Very cool.
  19. Nice flames. Good looking Merc.
  20. Very nice build of a very cool car. Well done. have always wanted to drive one of these things.
  21. Beautiful custom. Very tasteful mods. Love the steelies.
  22. Nice work on the 0ld Chevy. The cap is very cool. Do any models exist with the correct C/10 badge? I'm wondering if the badge could be foil-cast from another model.
  23. Nice work, Bill. I have a '73 442 project coming up (eventually), to be built from the JoHan '75 Cutlass, and have pondered how to do the hood vents. Your method looks good.
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