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  1. That is a great looking Mustang. Clean look and clean build. Very nicely done. Love everything about it.
  2. Looking good! Really dig the colour.
  3. Cheers sir. It looks perfect for my current project.
  4. Nice looking Charger. What brand of paint did you use?
  5. Heh heh heh Don't know what else to say. Mind continues to be blown. Impressive, as always, Francis.
  6. Many thanks for the reply, Steve. Much appreciated. Thanks also for the comment on particle size MCW vs Scale Finishes. Both paints are very difficult to obtain in Canada, so I have yet to try either, but I've been on their websites and they both have colours that are perfect for a couple of upcoming projects. I'll be trying to get some eventually, but it's good to know of the smaller particle size of MCW so I can concentrate my efforts towards getting the right paint. Cheers.
  7. Great job on the old Ford. Very authentic weathering. You captured the look of the old workhorse beautifully.
  8. Excellent work. Very nice scratch building, and you nailed the look. The C-600 makes it period perfect. Nice work!
  9. The utility box looks great on the Dodge. Nice looking work truck.
  10. Only on the first application, then it's sealed. Cool tip on the CA wells. I use on overturned margarine container lid as a pallet for all glues, paints, and fillers as needed, though I can see some advantages to the wells. I also use the skinny end of flat toothpicks to apply, often with ends manipulated with an exacto blade to hold the glue, but I have been curious about the loopy applicators. I'll have to give one a go. Pete's method of modified sewing needles looks good, too. I apply kicker with a small pipette, but Pete's microbrush method will have some uses also.
  11. In the case of metallic particles settling out quickly, are there different techniques to be used on Gravity feed airbrush verses a siphon feed? Or, with gravity feed, after filling the paint cup, are there issues with shooting a high concentration of the metallic particles at the beginning of the paint session, and gradually working towards less metallic concentration as the paint cup empties? Last year I switched to a new gravity feed airbrush, but have only shot solid colour since then. Though both styles of airbrush draw from the bottom of the paint reservoir, the siphon feed bottle has a broad bottom upon which the metallic sediment may spread out. The siphon hose can only pull so much up at one time. Conversely, the gravity feed funnels all the sediment to a single point, which is the outlet of the paint cup. The gravity feed configuration would seem expend all of the courser/heavier particles first. regular mixing/swirling the paint in the cup will help, but some particles settle out quickly, and you can't 'swirl' the paint constantly whilst shooting. Does this ever become an issue?
  12. Cool stuff, Alan. Nice work on these old, uncommon kits, and that Tonka trailer fits right in there. It's good to see these built/saved. Nicely done.
  13. Excellent build of this old and uncommon race car. Very interesting process for creating the body. The result is fantastic, and speaks loudly of your modelling skills. I dig it!
  14. Sweet T-Bolt. Hubert's stuff always looks cool, and your build nailed the look. Well done.
  15. Gorgeous Jag. Love the colours. Very nicely done.
  16. Beautiful 40 coupe. Very clean, and I love the colours. Love it! Very well done.
  17. Nice, clean, build. Good looking fleet.
  18. Cool build. I can't remember the last time I've seen one of these. Nice save. What paint did you use?
  19. Nice work on the Pinto. This is not an easy kit to make look good, but yours turned out fine. Well done. Need more Pintos. I really wish Round2 had issued the MPC kit rather then the AMT. The MPC is a much better kit, though since the tool has been modified, it would probably mean getting the much less attractive 79/80 Pinto.
  20. Windex (or anything with amonia in it) removes uncured Future. I'd try soaking the hood in it.
  21. A little late to the party here, but Badger has these in-bottle paint strainers that slip over the siphon tube. I have one but never used it.
  22. Buy a package of BBs. They are cheap. Two in a paint jar makes for a great agitator. Been using that trick since I was a kid.
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