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  1. I'm really digging those beach shots. Very cool.
  2. Beautiful Charger. Very nice paint work. Very cool!
  3. The Mustang is shaping up well, Jim. That battery is seriously good.
  4. Now that's one gorgeous Hudson. Super clean build with seemingly flawless paint, and perfect colours. Excellent work. Nice photography, too.
  5. Good looking Dodge. Love the subtle appearance. The engine looks spot on. Nice work on the foiling. Many say foiling is their least favourite part of the build, but I love it. Sure, it’s frequently frustrating, and I often re-do a bit that I can’t seem to get quite right, but that makes it all the more satisfying when you finally nail it, and the whole thing just pops. You’re off to a great start on yours, and as John noted, particularly tidy around those tricky trim corners. Great work.
  6. The Revell '68 Mustang is not that bad a kit, and builds up into a nice shelf model. It was originally tooled as a metal body kit, so is a bit simplified, but still a decent model. However, if you could do a '66 GTO instead of a '67, then do yourself a huge favour and go for the Revell '66.
  7. Many thanks for the info, Claude. Oct 16 might be a tight schedule for me, but I'll see what I can arrange. I would love to see this show. Cheers.
  8. YES!! We know it would never happen, but man, I would LOVE some Tornado 60s and Tornado 70s. May as well just make the 60s without tread, since almost every one you saw on the back of a muscle car was reduced to puddin' skins.
  9. I love this build. You've captured the look and feel of an era tow truck very well. Great work on the tow body and gear. Very nicely done.
  10. Very cool project. It captures the spirit of the prototype, and of the era nicely. Its the perfect parts-box project, since the 1:1 is itself a "parts-box" creation. I really like what you've done here. Nice work.
  11. Nice looking 944. Those decals look like a real test of patience. Nicely done.
  12. Nice 5 window. Looks great in black. Congrats at dragging one across the finish line. Well done.
  13. Super cool Ford. I’m digging the style on this one. Wicked stance. Love it! rumpety rumpety rumpety…..
  14. Wow! Truly impressive model building. Absolutely incredible. Very cool subject matter too. It's good to see this level of effort put into something off the beaten path. Most excellent.
  15. Gorgeous Lotus! Great paint. That really looks the business. Very nicely done.
  16. Looking good, Steve. Digging the colour, and looks great foiled up. The rocker trim turned out great.
  17. Nice, clean work. Those wheels look fantastic.
  18. Beautiful funny car, Claude. Absolutely stunning paint, and of course the usual clean detailing. I'm really digging this one. Excellent work. Regarding the model show in Quebec, when and where is it. I've been thinking of checking out the Quebec show for a few years now, and this just could be the year I make the drive. I would love to check out some of your stuff in person, and Francis' truck too, if it happens to make an appearance. Cheers.
  19. Nice, classic street Vette. Beautiful finish and colour. Well done.
  20. Very nice Shelby. I'd say you pretty much nailed the Grabber Orange. Nice detailing and clean construction throughout. Nicely done.
  21. I have too. There are a number of 1/20 scale F1 kits that I would buy if they were 1/24, but I just have no interest in building 1/20. When I do see an F1 kit in 1/24, I snap it up. There are a few. As for the Gurney Indy Lotus, with a little care and patience it builds up nicely. I already have two of the MPC Indy Hall of Fame sets, so don't need any more Lotus 29s. Hopefully Indycals will produce more of their upgrade kits for this model.
  22. Good looking Bug, Mario. Excellent weathering, and it looks great lit up. Love the photography. It sets the scene perfectly. I love it.
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