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  1. Keep in mind that any Chrysler option will have the opposite cylinder bank off-set.
  2. It seems to me that there are several kits with injected Cammers, but the only one coming readily to mind is the AMT altered wheelbase Mustang, issued in several iterations.
  3. A couple of the Fujimi wheel/tire sets have the GT40 tires, if that helps. I know this set has them Campagnolo Wheel Fujimi 192925 (super-hobby.com) Most places are out of stock right now, but worth keeping an eye out for.
  4. A set of Model Factory Hiro prototype sports car tires should work well for a 917. 1:24 Tyres for 1970 Prototype Cars - P906 | MFH P906 | Model Factory Hiro (hiroboy.com)
  5. Thanks for posting that link. Very interesting read.
  6. Beautiful Charger. This is looking great. Stunning paint.
  7. Coming along great, Kurt. Nice custom mods with a good eye for style. I'm really digging the crafty work integrating the front flares with the 'eyebrow' character line, and the front suspension really looks the business.
  8. Nice Olds. I think it sits just right. As you say, period correct. Nicely done.
  9. What a neat build. Definitely the nicest I’ve seen from this kit. Very nicely done.
  10. Nice Torino. Turned out great. Nothing at all wrong with a fourteen day build. Congrats on getting one done. That will look great on the shelf.
  11. Good looking Mustang. Nice resurrection of the old build.
  12. Nice work. It's good to see one of these old JoHan kits getting the attention it deserves.
  13. Just re-found this build, glad to see it back. Things are looking great. Nice details, and those wheels look fantastic.
  14. Looking good. The thing sits perfectly. Nice work sorting this challenging kit. I'm following...
  15. Cool Caddy! Love the look. This may be the first of this kit I've seen built. I often wondered how these Hasegawa Caddys built up. Looks great!
  16. This is looking great, Jim. Nice attention to detail. Good clean work.
  17. Great photos, thanks for sharing. A very cool collection of cars. Stuff sure is shiny there.
  18. Great looking build. Very nice work on the finish. All round lovely model.
  19. I use the Tamiya acrylic clears for most of my clearing. It's a decent clear without the glaring, unrealistic shine that some clears seem to have, and it is safe over everything, and is non-yellowing. I will sometimes use Alclad clears, mostly because I just happen to have some on hand and the results look good, but they are lacquer, so may react with enamels. However, having said that, I don't use clear coats on many builds if the paint is a solid colour, and most of my builds are solid colours. On metallics I always use a clear.
  20. Roger, I am one of probably a half-dozen or so car modellers on the planet that has never shot Tamiya TS clear over anything. There is no particular reason for this, I just always had something else around when I needed a clear.
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