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  1. fkuaso added a post in a topic Green is Finished!   

    what a great mistake tim. you can send it out to me being its a mistake and unplanned lol. fed ex seems to be the best for shipping models lol
  2. fkuaso added a post in a topic High HP diesel engine   

    you can always get a marine control box for just about every diesel engine thats placed in a class 8 truck. dont get caught with it in it. and it will surely void any warranty. i guy i used to work for had cat do some tweaking to his c-16 which stock was 600. after some work to timing and drilling out the injectors they got it to 829. then some more programing and last i heard it was 930. with a marine box for it the cat guys were projecting it over 1300. i dont know if the drive line can handle that much.
  3. fkuaso added a post in a topic Flatbed trailers   

    alot of companies make a 53' flatbed. I myself have only seem one 53' flatbed with a spread axle. and it was a 10'2" spread. and the axle is measured from center hub to center hub. it might seem over whelming to scratch build. but after you start getting into it and do your research on what you want to make. its just a walk in the park. its also alot cheaper to build your own.
  4. fkuaso added a post in a topic Big White 379   

    i think it looks good as is. the chicken lights may just be a bit much. you already have alot of detail on it.
  5. fkuaso added a post in a topic Anyone seen these?   

    try going to your local tech school that offers machine shop that has a c& c machine. talk to the principal about that. my local area tech school did a set for me for cost of the material. after all the teacher was teaching " how to do it" . just an idea.
  6. fkuaso added a post in a topic whats the deal   

    fact is you should build to build cause you enjoy it. you show off your builds cause youre proud of them. its not to say you dont build nice things or that your builds are not as nice as someone elses. people like somethings better than others. just cause certain people get 100 replys to their post and others only get 1 or 10 dont mean your build isnt good. its your right to post and be proud of your builds. others may or may not like them. again that dont mean your builds are not good. they just may not tickle someone elses fancy. everyone that posts their builds should be ready for positive and negative feedback. its just a fact of life. the important thing is you build your builds the way you like. if you like the final outcome of your build then thats all that should really matter. its a hobby for your enjoyment.
  7. fkuaso added a post in a topic JADE 389   

    im shocked tim. you used straight pipes on a truck. im beside myself.
  8. fkuaso added a post in a topic Esci Landrover build   

    now thats something you dont see everyday. nice work./
  9. fkuaso added a post in a topic CHROME PAINT   

    mix 3 testors chrome to 1 silver and do a 3 to 1 to thin. use a black primer. its what id did on this trailer.

  10. fkuaso added a post in a topic 379 119" tri axle   

    no worries kurt.
  11. fkuaso added a post in a topic 379 119" tri axle   

    thanks kurt but as I've said theres alot of builders that post builds that are nothing short of amazing.
    p.s. I'm Carl
  12. fkuaso added a post in a topic 379 119" tri axle   

    thank you. i modified a 378 hood.
  13. fkuaso added a post in a topic So blue..   

    nice tim. i like how you mounted the rock guards behind the headlights.
  14. fkuaso added a post in a topic Freightliner Trucks   

    as is? a company making that kit? or someone scratch building a model like that? matt used to make a classic conversion. i think http://www.brlmodeltruckshop.com/ had the hoods now.
  15. fkuaso added a post in a topic 379   

    thank you.its a really dark red metallic.

    thank you the trailer is 2 amt trailers. and soon to be scrap. im working on another drop deck for this.