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  1. broch added a post in a topic My resin kits, what about yours?   

    The 387 resin kit looks really good! How much did you have to pay for it? And where did you buy it from?
  2. broch added a post in a topic Internationals I'm Building   

    The Lonestar hood looks really great! Think thats one of the best looking trucks today! Have seen the Harley Davidson edition of it and THAT should have been made as a model truck kit!

    Good luck with the work!
  3. broch added a post in a topic Green and Blue - aero and traditional.   

    I acctually think you do Have seen most of your work and can't say I'm nothing but impressed! Would realy be great to have acctuall lens and pod as you said. Shame that non of the model manufactors make newer american trucks.
  4. broch added a post in a topic Green and Blue - aero and traditional.   

    Thanks for the quick answer Tim! Quess I have to make some stickers myself when I'm getting the hood. Looks like that gives a much better resut then the paintet headlights. No offence! Would be great to make som real headlighst with a glear glass, but think thats to heavy for me
  5. broch added a post in a topic Green and Blue - aero and traditional.   

    Great trucks Tim! Have to say the 386 hybrid is one of my favorits! Just wondering. The 386 transkit from AITS does it also contain stickers for the head lights? Think I have to buy one myself, if they got any more left.
  6. broch added a post in a topic Loads of ideas   

    Hi! Thanks a lot for posting all the drawings! Really helps for all of us that's not trucking!
  7. broch added a topic in 1:1 Truck Reference Pictures   

    Redwood Construction
    Hi every trucklovers out there!

    I'm buildning modeltrucks like many others in here, but need some referances for a prosject I have been planning for a while. It is a Redwood Construction log truck with trailer from the 70's. Have found some referance pictures, but non of the company logo! Does anyone out there know how this looked like??? I have tried to seach the web, but havn't found anything, thats why I need your help!

    Hope someone can help me with a pictures or anything more of thees trucks and this company!

    Thanks a lot!!!

    Here is a picture where the logo is almost visible

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  8. broch added a post in a topic "ORANGE DELIGHT" 1950 CHEVY P/U   

    This is one of the best paint jobs I have ever seen! ######! What kind of paint do yu use? Is it Zero?
  9. broch added a post in a topic 67 Impala SS   

    Think you have manages to build a very nice and clean car. Most models cars end up as custom or lowriders, but it's very nice to see a more stock verson. Love you work on this on. Keep up the good work!
  10. broch added a post in a topic 41 Chevy pannel by RMR   

    This one looks realy cool. What kind of wheels have you used on this one?
  11. broch added a post in a topic Classic 1950's Fire Truck.   

    Great work on this one! Doesn't look like any glue bomb anymore! The finish look outstanding! Hope to se more work form you
  12. broch added a post in a topic GMC Astro wrecker   

    WOW!! This is a excelent build! Havn't seen anything like it! THink you have made the best COE with a wrecker body that I every seen.! Hope to se more great prosject like this from you!
  13. broch added a post in a topic Mack R & doubles--Overnite colors   

    Great prosject you got there! Like the single axel with the dubble trailers! Keep on the good work
  14. broch added a post in a topic Bandag Bandit   

    Great job on both of the trucks!
  15. broch added a post in a topic 1972 Gmc Astro   

    Nice looking truck you got there! Like the daycab versions of this truck. Looks really 70's! Keep up the good work!