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  1. supernaturalone added a post in a topic Linderg Shuts Down   

    Here's what's going on, Lingberg is still owned by Jody Keener. It is still based in my hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It is still working on and producing kits. And it is not for sale. Two members of our local model club, The Alexander Lippisch IPMS/USA Chapter, work with and for Jody Keener. One member, Terry, builds the trooper cars for the box art photos as well as the dodge l-700 series of trucks and trailers. He has also built a dodge L-700 with a race car trailer bed/with surround for hauling of a Little Red Wagon, both done in candy apple red. It's been in the mags in the show sections. Ernie saw it and liked it, commissioned a second copy for box art and production and the first pops will be in our members hands soon. He is also been asked to build a 1/16 tub called the Bull Horn. It shares parts with the Laramie Stage Ghost which allegedly jody will also try to produce. His philosophy is to produce those kits that collectors want and not just your old 64 impala for the tenth billionth time... Our other member, Scott, started working part time in the company store for Ernie's replacement who has been forthcoming with the current condition of the company. Jody's company is not just a model company, it produces other lines and is run by Jody and around a dozen employees. He's just one man, he's doing the best he can, lets give him some breathing room, I think you'll be surprised what you'll seem coming out.

    -steve larson
    vice president of The Alexander Lippisch Model Club

  2. supernaturalone added a post in a topic Model Museum, Scams and thoughts   

    I made a trip out to Dean Milano's museum after seeing what seemed like years of his ad in the model mags. We live in cedar rapids, iowa (three hours from the museum). I was not disapointed. It was amazing! He had built and displayed almost every model car/truck available. He also sold some rare and hard to finds in the front of the store for sale.(I bought a mustang svo). I mentioned it to my wife and she out of the blue said "lets go" (she normally pays no attention to modeling feelings.) and we went. She looked at all the displays with me and I think was also amazed that someone else really had more of a collection than I. I could have browsed all day, my wife was very patient.

    When we got back to the front Dean got down the svo and let me look it over and my wife, to my suprise said "well you've been looking for it and they don't make it anymore so you better buy it" And with that she turned and continued to look at some antique toys he also had on display in the front. Now that it is closed I am so glad that we went and were able to witness something so rare and cool, I will never forget it. I dream of building enough displays for my own collection.

    I think big poppa is on to something. Our LHS only has a small display for client show and tells(model club) but of the shops i've visited the owners never seem to build or display their own work. Of course museum space takes up valuable retail space I'm sure they would say.
    I seems like having a museum is like building a bar in your basement or garage. Only your friends will visit but know they will appreciate it more than the local bars by far.

    Hard? waste of time? nah, they must not have been real model builders. DO IT! we will come, unless you live in that dang beautiful hawaii, jet fuel is so pricey.