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  1. Wow, many of the photos could easily pass fora real truck. This is awesome.
  2. Nice start. I have use Archer rivits on 1/32 aircraft models with flat finish and they worked fine. However, I have not tested them on anything that was gloss finish but they should be fine as long as your paint is not laid on heavy.
  3. Ah, sorry to hear that but I wish you the speedy recovery and get back on the wagon soon 😁
  4. I didn’t know they were called stinger until I drove bottom dump for a while and yeah, that will sting real bad 😀
  5. Oh wait, I though you said this website was deplorable to start a thread of your own and share your work. 🤔
  6. Greenie, as a modeler I appreciate what you have achieved with your 1/16. I would advice you to open your own thread and share your work and let everyone judge for themselves if it is indeed the best build model they have seen or not. Everyone has their own taste when it comes to building and scratch building. It doesn’t have to be full blown scratch to call it scratch build. Many love after market items to help with the detail. I see several 3D printed parts in your brake setup that is not scratch build. So, even you have used AM parts to achieve detail. Beside, there is no rule that says we have to make every single component of a working part to qualify as scratch build. Not everyone wants re-engineer a wheel. Also on another point, didn’t your mama teach you to don’t act like dumba$$ when you are visiting someone else’s house? I know I fully appreciate what Ron G. is doing and sharing with us here.
  7. Thank you for the link Ron. They sure have a lot of items for 1/14 RC kits. Boy, those guys are spoiled 😃
  8. Just saw this as it’s been a few weeks since I been on here. You have my attention as I have couple of these big boys in my closet. So, it looks like I’ll be picking a lot of pointers. Btw, who makes those cool AM rubber tires in 1/16? They look super nice compare to the skinny kit tires. Please, share info and link if possible. Thank you kindly.🙂
  9. This is super. I especially like the last pic with the pick up truck with this Fire truck. Very nice ??
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